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Easy to make Mother’s Day Card Idea

Easy to Make Mother's Day Card Idea

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Easy to make Mother’s Day Card Idea

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Easy to make Mother’s Day Card Idea

Easy Mother’s day card for gifting your mother, aunt, grandma, etc. It’s super easy and you will enjoy making it. On Mother’s day don’t buy gifts from outside instead you make handmade things for your mother as it will be filled with love and care. This beautiful card is very easy as well as it takes very less time. It’s a beautiful piece for decoration as well as for gifting and it does not require a lot of materials to make it. You will definitely going to enjoy making it.

Try it with lots of love for your mother and she will love it. This Mother’s day card is good for attraction as you can place it and decorate your space. Here are some step by step procedures for making this lovely looking Mother’s day card. Try it and gift it to your love one’s, it will surely bring a huge smile of their face.

Materials required:

  • A4 sheets
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pen



  • Take an A4 sheet and hold the top right corner of the paper and fold it towards the lower left side.
  • Being it down until the looks like a right angled triangle, even see that all the corners touch each other.
  •  In the end you will notice a rectangle shape left out, you just have to take a scissor and cut out that rectangle shape.
  • Now unfold the sheet and you will notice a line in between.
  • Fold one side towards the line and do the other side the same.
  • You will notice a triangle shape left out, take the scissors and cut out that triangle shape.
  • Now open the sheet and from the end line cut the top part as shown in the video. DO the same with the other end line.
  • Take a sheet and cut out a circle, take another sheet and put the circle into it.
  • Now fold a little bit of the sheet towards the circle and glue it up.
  • Take a scissor and curve both the sides of the glue up portion, it will look like a face with hair.
  • Now take a pen and draw the face on the circle.
  • Take the head shaped paper and paste it on the triangle shaped paper.
  • Take a sheet and cut out a heart.
  • Now cut the heart from the middle and paste it on both the side of the triangle shaped paper.
  • Take a sheet and cut out a 2 small circles and paste it on the heart.

That’s it! your Mother’s day card is ready for gifting. It’s an easy craft for Mother’s day which will make your Mother more happy. Just try it and the end result will make you fall in love with it. Even your Mother will praise your gift and appreciate your love for her. These cute and beautiful handmade Mother’s day cards will enhance your gift more. Try making these and receiving loads of love.

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