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Accordion Paper Craft Ideas for Kids

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Accordion Paper Craft Ideas for Kids

Activities for Kids

Wondering what you can do with colorful papers? Rather than assuming just make your craft with colorful papers. You can make many things with paper and can decorate them, in your home. Kids use to love these types of simple and attractive Papercraft ideas, So get ready with scissors and papers and make your creative innovation with colorful papers, let’s read our simple and creative ideas then try to make your ornaments by using papers.

Accordion Paper Craft Ideas for Kids

1. Paper Doll

Make your pretty dolls with the help of colorful paper.

Paper dolls are so easy to make, just make some paper dolls and gift them to your friends as a positive charm, for making these you have to take paper and fold them in a criss-cross manner. Now, paste it on ice cream sticks and then make the doll face add some detailing to make it more beautiful.

2. Paper Peacock

Bring Positive vibes by making the most alluring paper peacock.

Peacocks are so attractive, they are the prettiest among the birds. For making the beautiful peacock all you need is bright different colored papers, sketch pens, glue, and scissors. Try to make one and put it in your room to make your room decoration more beautiful.

3. Paper Cartoon Dogs

Make and enjoy playing with paper cartoon dogs.

Fold your paper in a criss-cross manner and get ready to make the most Amazing paper cartoon dogs, they are so easy to make and look very cute, every kid should try to make these paper cartoon dogs of their favorite colors.

4. Paper Fish

Amaze your friends by showing them your handmade Paper fish.

Fish are so innocent and excite the kids, follow our splendid idea to make attractive paper fish and show it to your art teacher. For this, you need to gather some colorful papers of your choice, sketch pens, glue, and scissors.

5. Paper Fox

Create your paper fox!

Foxes are known to be clever, but you don’t have to be clever to enjoy playing with a paper fox with your friends and tell them the whole procedure for making it so that they can also make their paper fox. For this, you just need orange colored paper, a black sketch, glue, and scissors.

6. Green Paper Fan

Be creative and make beautiful paper fans.

Paper fans are fun to make, they are so useful and joyful, but now make your paper fans beautiful too by adding some flowers and ribbons on them. Just flaunt your beautiful paper fans over your friends simple and boring paper fans.

Add some colors to your life and Your paper fans too.

If you don’t know what to construct, in your upcoming Art & craft period, then don’t get confused just follow our beautiful yellow paper fans’ idea. Cut some flowers and butterflies and add them to your bright yellow color paper fan, trust me it looks so beautiful that you will love this idea.

7. Bunny Papercraft

Bunnies are cute, so are these Bunny Papercrafts!

Make your Bunnies and play with them or add them to your room decor, for making this you have to fold the paper in a criss-cross manner and make them in a circular shape, and then paste the bunny face and ears on it and done!

8. Animal Craft

Which bird or insect do you like the most? Now Just make your favorite bird or insects Papercraft

Make your favorite bird or insect Papercrafts the most beautiful and adorable ones. These paper crafts are so easy to make and when they’re Fully ready trust me they look splendid. So just grab some paper and start making your favorite bird or insects.

9. Paper craft door decoration

Embellish your decoration by making beautiful Papercrafts

Now we are here with an Amazing tree Papercraft which you can paste on your door and make your environment happier. For this, you need to assemble some brown A3 size paper for making trees and their branches, now add some colors on the tree by adding the circular folded papers of different colors, also add some more details for making it more alluring.

Hopefully, you will like our Paper craft ideas, I will recommend you to make some paper crafts to enhance your creativity and if you like our ideas then do read more posts on, also let me know in the comment section which paper craft idea you like the most. Thank you and have a good day!


What’s an accordion fold?

An accordion fold, also known as a zigzag fold or fan fold, is a type of fold that results in a series of parallel folds. Accordion folds are often used in brochures and other types of printed materials.

How do you fold an accordion for kids?

To fold an accordion for kids, first fold the paper in half lengthwise. Then, fold the paper in half again, this time widthwise. Next, fold the paper in half again, widthwise. Finally, fold the paper in half again, widthwise.

How do you make an accordion out of paper?

To make an accordion out of paper, start by folding a sheet of paper in half lengthwise. Then, fold the paper in half again, and then fold it in half once more. Next, cut two slits into the paper, about an inch apart, starting at the fold. Finally, open up the paper and accordion-fold it along the two slits.

What can you make with tissue paper for kids?

There are a lot of fun things that you can make with tissue paper for kids. Some of the most popular crafts include paper flowers, tissue paper pom poms, and paper lanterns. These are all relatively easy to make, and they can add a lot of color and interest to any room.

How do you make an accordion paper chain?

To make an accordion paper chain, you will need a strip of paper that is twice as long as you want your finished chain to be. Fold the paper in half lengthwise, and then accordion-fold it by folding it back and forth in a zigzag pattern. Once you have your accordion-folded strip of paper, cut it into equal-sized pieces. To turn your paper strips into a chain, take one strip and thread it through the center of another strip. Repeat this process until all of your strips are threaded together to form a chain.

How do you make paper accordion pleats?

To make paper accordion pleats, start by folding a sheet of paper in half lengthwise. Then, fold the paper in half again. Next, fold the paper in half once more. Finally, cut the paper along the folds to create eight equal strips.

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