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How to Make a Cute Elephant Mask

How to Make a Cute Elephant Mask

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How to Make a Cute Elephant Mask

Let’s bring the elephant into the room! You all might hear this English idiom! Today’s craft is related to this idiom. You all might guess it right! We are going to learn how to make a paper elephant mask. We all love to play with animal-shaped masks. We all bought them from fairs. The speciality of this elephant mask will be its moving trunk. Amazing right! Children love to see elephants at zoos. In Hindu, culture elephants are worshipped as Lord Ganesha. So, We all kind of realize the impact this kind of creature has. So, let’s grab your stationeries and bring life to your new friend.

How to Make a Cute Elephant Mask


  • A big blue sky blue colour paper.
  • A big pink colour paper.
  • A long-wide sky blue colour paper strip.
  • Two straws.
  • A glue stick.
  • Scissors.


  • Take a big sky blue colour paper, cut out two big same size circles from it with scissors.
  • Take a circle, fold it in half to make a middle fold line.
  • Cut the circle into two pieces from the middle fold line with scissors.
  • Two half circles will be made.
  • Take another circle, apply glue on its side with a glue stick.
  • Attach the half circle’s from their sides into the sides of the circle with the glue stick.
  • Grab a pencil and draw two small circles like an eye on the middle of the circle.
  • Cut the portions of the circles carefully with scissors.
  • Draw a line under the circle holes and a small circle in the middle of the line.
  • Cut the line and the circle carefully in the elephant with scissors.
  • The small hole should be the straw hole.
  • Take a pink colour paper, cut out a small circle from it with scissors.
  • Fold it in half to make a middle fold line.
  • Cut the circle into two pieces from the middle fold line with scissors.
  • Two half circles will be made.
  • Turn over the elephant shape.
  • Attach the half circles on the middle sides of the elephant’s ears with the glue stick.
  • Turn over the elephant.
  • Take a long- wide sky blue colour paper strip, fold the tip of the strip straight a little.
  • Enter the unfolded tip of the blue strip inside the straight cut you made previously on the elephant’s face.
  • Attach the pop out fold part on the elephant after inserting the whole strip into the cut line with the glue stick.
  • If any edges of the paper are shown from the holes cut the edges with scissors.
  • Take a straw and cut out the tip part of it by making a very small straw.
  • Insert the straw from the hole under the cut line then look at the other side and attach a little trunk part of the elephant within the straw with the glue stick.
  • Put the straw from that you can blow the trunk.
  • Turn over the paper, roll the trunk of the elephant with a pencil.
  • Take a straw and attach it to the backside of the elephant to hold the elephant with the glue stick.
  • Your cute elephant mask will be ready!

You do like an elephant by wearing it! Jokes apart! Just look at its moving trunk by blowing wind in it! It’s quite rare to see a moving mask. Surprise your friends by wearing it. This process is so easy that anyone should easily make them, by going through this process. You can also decorate your room with it. You should use your own creativity and add some extra design to this elephant mask. It will be so good we know. So, let’s hurry up, make these cute friends and decorate your room and stuff.

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