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How to Make Paper Moving Fireworks

How to Make Paper Moving Fireworks

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How to Make Paper Moving Fireworks

Everybody loves to watch fireworks. The fireworks are so colourful and lightning we enjoy watching them. Today’s craft is related to fireworks. You must be excited already! Today You’re going to learn how to make moving fireworks with paper. So, hurry up! Let’s get into the process!

How to make paper moving firework for Diwali


  • Six 10*10 c.m colour paper (Blue)
  • Six 10*10c.m. colour paper (Yellow)


  • Take a 10*10c.m colour paper (blue), fold it cornerwise from both sides and unfold it, which will make an ‘X fold line in the middle.
  • Place the paper like a diamond shape on your desk, fold the left and right sides sidewise like a converse triangle shape.
  • Fold the other sides as well and it will make a square shape. Then unfold it fully.
  • Take the paper in its square manner and fold it from up to down. Making a straight fold line in the middle. Unfold it.
  • Fold the bottom of the page straightly under the middle fold line.
  • Do the same with the upper part. Then unfold them.
  • Fold the bottom of the page straightly and slightly.
  • Do the same on the opposite side. Then unfold them.
  • ¬†Press both sides from the middle by making a triangle shape.
  • Fold the upper part by put your fingers on the hollow space of that part and make a house like a shape.
  • Do the same on the under part.
  • There will be straight space in the shape, fold the bottom of the lines on both sides in a converse triangle.
  • Do this on the upper and under part of the paper. Then unfold it.
  • Follow these steps and make five more blue colour shapes and six more yellow colour shapes. ( Blue and yellow colour is mentioned for your better understanding. You can use any different colours)
  • Take a blue and a yellow colour, put a blue colour under the yellow colour covering the middle hollow spaces of these shapes.
  • Repeat this step until the papers are finished.
  • Take the whole shape, fold the papers side-bottom following the triangle fold lines.
  • After doing it on all papers, repeat it on the other side.
  • Fold the middle of the paper leaving the first two slides. Follow to the next slides after leaving two slides, and repeat them.
  • Do the same with the opposite parts as well.
  • Attach the tip and end of it by putting the eyes on the hollow spaces. It will make a flower-like circle shape.
  • Look at the under of the circle, there must be different styles.
  • Remember to apply the previous folds on the end parts of the circle.
  • Your moving paper fireworks will be ready!

Isn’t it amazing! Look how beautiful it changes. You need to change the folds to see it changes. Use different types of colour papers to make them more colourful. You can decorate your house with them by hanging them on walls and decorating projects and notebooks. Encourage your kids to make them. By understanding the folds properly they can easily make them. It will gain their concentration. So, hurry up grab your stationers and make beautiful fireworks.

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