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Wall Decorator DIY-Newspaper Dolls

Wall Decorator DIY-Newspaper Dolls

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Wall Decorator DIY-Newspaper Dolls

Today’s you are going to learn to make paper dolls. There must be many of you who are amazed by this. Who doesn’t like dolls! Right! But this doll will be a little different as you are gonna make it with a newspaper. Without throwing them I will be great right if you make something beautiful with them. How can you do that? Just follow these simple steps and a beautiful doll will be in your hand. So, without any words, let’s start!

Wall Decorator DIY-Newspaper Dolls


  • Newspapers
  • Bamboo sticks
  • Black poster colour/watercolour
  • A small colour brush
  • Cardboards
  • A scissor
  • Glue gun
  • Golden Fabric/cloth
  • Red stones


  • Take a newspaper to fold it like a big rectangular shape, then take a bamboo stick and roll it in the paper from its corner.
  • After the rolling is done, take out the bamboo stick from it and secure its end by applying a little glue.
  • Follow this procedure and make as many sticks as you can. It will help to make your dolls head. So, make them according to how big you want to make them.
  • Leave four sticks for your dolls hands and legs from the sticks you make for the head.
  • Then take one paper stick and roll it like a coil and when you come about to end the coil take another paper stick and put it into the hole on the previous paper stick and again roll it together.
  • Do this process until it becomes a big circle coil. Attach its end with glue. It will be the doll’s head, so make it the size of the doll.
  • Take the big circle coil and black poster colour,put the black colour all over it with the help of a brush.
  • Take the four paper sticks and put the black colour on them also. Dried it.
  • After the colour is done, take cardboard and draw a skirt like a triangle shape and cut it out with a scissor.
  • Put the black colour under the cardboard.
  • Take the circular coil and a paper stick, cut the stick short, place it over the coil and cardboard by leaving q space between the coil and cardboard and attach the stick in them with a glue gun.
  • Take another paper stick and cut it into the same two pieces.
  • Attach the two pieces besides the two sides of the cardboard with the glue gun, making them look like the doll’s hands.
  • Take another paper stick and cut it into the same two pieces.
  • Place it in the bottom of the cardboard-like x shape and attach them with the glue gun.
  • Take a golden fabric cloth, put on the skirt shape cardboard and make straight folds sidewise all over the cloth. 
  • Attach the cloth with the cardboard with the glue gun.
  • Take the red stones and glue, put the stones on the cloth. Make it look beautiful and dazzling.
  • Your beautiful newspaper doll will be ready!

Isn’t it amazing! You can decorate your room’s walls with them. Also, use any walls you want to make beautiful. Use your creativity to make these dolls more beautiful. Make as many as you. Kids will love them. So, grab your newspaper and make a shiny doll.

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