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How to Make a Paper Earthworm Craft

How to Make a Paper Earthworm Craft

Paper Crafts

How to Make a Paper Earthworm Craft

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Hi guys! We are again coming with a new interesting craft idea. Today’s craft is about a creature that is very close to our mother earth. You must be guessing it right! The craft will be an earthworm. This creature must be disgusting or sound unhygienic to some of you, but let us tell you some facts about them that will blow your mind and you will love this nature-friendly creature too.

They are called the friends of the farmers as the holes they create on the land help them grow crops more easily. By doing this they also made the land more habitat and rich with nutrients. They also have five hearts. It sounds unbelievable for such a tiny creature. But it’s true! They have no particular sex but two features of the male and female.

You can see them in red and grey colour but there are many types of earthworms on the earth. So, let’s make this cute nature-friendly creature for yourself. Why waste time? Let’s get started with the process.

How to Make a Paper Earthworm Craft


  • Two long bamboo sticks.
  • A white piece of paper.
  • A long-wide pink colour paper strip.
  • A black marker pen.
  • A glue stick.
  • Cello tape.


  1. Take a long-wide pink colour paper strip, cut the paper’s both side tips roundly with scissors.
  2. Fold the paper strip from its one side tip by leaving some space to create a fold line.
  3. Fold the paper again from this fold line by leaving a space and creating another fold line.
  4. Twofold lines will be made.
  5. Fold the paper in between the previous two fold lines.
  6. Repeat this step two more times or until it comes to the end of the paper like the opposite side.
  7. Remember the opposite side of the strip should be the same as the previous side.
  8. After all the folds are done, it will look wavy in the middle.
  9. Turn over the paper strip.
  10. Take two big bamboo sticks, attach them to the top and bottom of the strip with a cellotape and scissors.
  11. Turn the strip over.
  12. The body of the earthworm will be ready to move with the sticks.
  13. Take a white paper, cut out two same size circles with scissors.
  14. Grab a black marker and draw cute eyeballs in the middle of the circles.
  15. Attach the circles on the tip of the earthworm like its eyes with a glue stick.
  16. Grab the black marker, draw nose holes and cut simply under the eyes.
  17. Your cute earthworm will be ready!

It looks amazing right! The best part is that it is moving! Go through this easy process and make many of them. It also needs so few materials. Tell people about the usefulness of these creatures. They are a true friend to us. You can also run an educational session at your school with the help of your teachers. Everyone would be so happy to know about it. Your teachers will praise you too. Play with them with your friends. So, hurry up! Grab your stationery and make a cute paper earthworm.

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