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How to Make a Swinging Paper Monkey

How to Make a Swinging Paper Monkey

Paper Crafts

How to Make a Swinging Paper Monkey

Activities for Kids

Hi dear readers! Let’s make a cute plus quirky animal today. You might be thinking about which animal has both qualities. So, before you get confused let’s roll up the certain. It’s a Monkey! Who doesn’t love this quirky animal right! They are cute, smart and bring joy with their funny actives. You can see them in zoos, streets. Kids love to watch them. You might not fulfil their wish to pet a monkey but you can make them right! And the best part of this monkey will be its swinging quality. So, without wasting any moment let’s start the process!

How to Make a Swinging Paper Monkey


  • A long -wide brown colour paper strip.
  • A long brown colour paper strip.
  • Two small brown colour circle papers.
  • A small white oval-shaped paper.
  • One very small white oval-shaped paper.
  • Two eye buttons.
  • Two very small white circles.
  • A green straw.
  • A green rectangle shape.
  • A pencil.
  • A black marker pen.
  • A glue stick.
  • Scissors.


  1. Take a long -wide brown colour paper strip, cut it from bottom-middle to top-middle a little with scissors.
  2. These cuts will be used as the monkey’s hands and legs.
  3. Fold the inner sides of the bottom, middle cut the opposite way like a converse triangle shape a little.
  4. To understand the fold more properly look at the reference video.
  5. Take a green straw and place it over the upper-middle side of the paper.
  6. Apply glue on the bottom cut sides of the upper-middle part of the strip with a glue stick.
  7. Paste the cut sides on the straw by rolling them on the straw.
  8. Take a small white oval-shaped paper, attach it to the middle of the piece with the glue stick.
  9. It will be the monkey’s belly.
  10. Take a small brown colour circle paper and a very small white oval-shaped paper, place the oval paper vertically over the bottom of the brown circle.
  11. Attach the vertical oval shape over the brown circle with the glue stick.
  12. It will be the monkey’s face.
  13. Take two eyeball buttons, attach them over the vertical oval shape as the monkey’s eyes with the glue stick.
  14. Take two small brown colour circle papers and two very small white circles, place the white circles on the bottom of the brown circles.
  15. Attach them with the glue stick.
  16. These will be the monkey’s ears 
  17. Attach the ears on the top-back sides of the money’s face with the glue stick.
  18. Grab a black marker pen, draw nose holes and a cute smile on the vertical oval portion of the monkey’s face.
  19. Attach the monkey’s face over the money’s belly with the glue stick.
  20. Take a long brown colour paper strip, attach it to the back of the monkey-like its tail with the glue stick.
  21. Roll the tip of the tail with scissors to give it a curve shape.
  22. Take a green rectangle shape, fold it from sidewise.
  23. Grab the pencil and draw bush like a tree in its middle.
  24. Cut the draw lines with scissors.
  25. Two bush-like tree shapes will be made 
  26. Attach the shapes on the tip of the front and backside of the straw with the glue stick.
  27. Your cute swinging monkey will be ready!

Swing the monkey in the straw and enjoy it swinging. It’s so cute right! Your kids gonna love them. All our monkey lover readers can hang them in their rooms. Kids can use them in their craft classes as the process is very easy. So, hurry up and get a hold on of your staff and make a cute quirky friend!

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