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How to Make a DIY Paper Bee Puppet

How to Make a DIY Paper Bee Puppet

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How to Make a DIY Paper Bee Puppet

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Hi guys! Today you are going to make a very interesting and loving insect. You must be thinking about what it might be? Do let’s reveal it! It’s a honey bee puppet. You can arrange a bee play with it. This insect can be scary and useful at the same time. They provide us, honey, you must know that. But let us tell you some more interesting facts about them that you might not know.

They have five eyes and six legs. They are the only insects that provide food eaten by man. They can fly fifteen miles per hour. They also swat their wings 11,400 times in one minute. Female bees or queen bees can sing as well. Interesting right! So now that you know so many facts about them. Let’s make one of them!

How to Make a DIY Paper Bee Puppet


  • A square-shaped yellow colour paper.
  • Three long black colour paper strips.
  • A white paper.
  • Two white small paper circles.
  • A red colour sketch pen.
  • A black marker pen.
  • A glue stick.
  • Scissors.


  1. Take a square-shaped yellow colour paper, roll it from top to bottom straightly from the side.
  2. Apply glue on the end of a side with a glue stick to secure the paper.
  3. The inside of the roll will be hollow.
  4. Fold the top side of the piece a little straight.
  5. Apply glue on the fold and attach it with the glue stick.
  6. Cut the side edges of the glued fold part roundly like a head with scissors.
  7. It will be the head portion of the bee.
  8. Take two black colour long paper strips, roll them on the paper by leaving a little space from the top head portion.
  9. There should be a space between the two strips.
  10. Pertain glue on the end of the strips with the glue stick to secure them properly.
  11. Take two small paper circles and a black marker pen, draw cute eyeballs in the middle of the circles to create two eyes.
  12. Attach the eyes on the middle of the round head portion of the bee with the glue stick.
  13. Take a white paper, cut out two same size honey bee’s wings shapes from it with scissors.
  14. Fold the end corner of the wings a little.
  15. Attach the wings with the folds on both sides of the top black strip with the glue stick.
  16. Take a red colour sketch pen, draw a cute smile under the eyes of the bee.
  17. Take a black colour paper strip, cut it into two pieces.
  18. These pieces will be the head strings of the bee.
  19. Fold the tip of the pieces a little and attach them with the folds on the top of the eyes with the glue stick.
  20. Make some curves on the strings by rolling them with a sketch pen.
  21. Your cute puppet bee is ready!
  22. Put the bee on your finger and play with it.

It’s so cute and amazing right! With this easy procedure, you can bring so much joy. Your friends are gonna love them. It also requires fewer materials that are easy for you to get. So, without wasting any time, grab your stationery and make a cute little craft!

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