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Cute 3D Paper Craft Ideas for Kids

Cute 3D Paper Craft Ideas for Kids

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Cute 3D Paper Craft Ideas for Kids

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Paper crafts are an easy way to create something new. What if you can make a simple paper flower into a 3D flower just by folding it a few more times?

Today we bring some of the amazing and super easy DIY 3D papercraft ideas for the kids. All these things are very easy to make and look amazing at the same time. And most importantly, you don’t have to spend so much money to buy the materials. You can get all of them in your house. So, just collect all of them and you’re good to god.

Cute 3D Paper Craft Ideas for Kids

1. Popsticks Popcorn

Everyone loves popcorn. I’m sure you also love it. These DIY 3D popcorns are easy to make and look very delicious too.

  • Level: Moderate
  • Materials required: Cardboard, pop sticks, green and yellow color paper, popcorns, green marker, glue, scissors

These popcorn sticks are easy to make and look delicious. Anyone can make these sticks.

Take the cardboard and cut it in the shape of leaves as shown in the picture. Cut the remaining cardboard in an oval shape to make the center. Then, cut the green paper in the shape of leaves and the yellow paper in the oval shape. Now paste the green paper on the leaves and yellow paper on the oval. Paste the oval cardboard in the center of the leaf to create the base. On the oval part, start pasting the popcorns with glue. You have to be careful here. After pasting the popcorns, paste the pop stick at the back. Your pop stick popcorn is ready. You can do the outlines of the leaves if you want.

2. 3D Pineapple

Pineapples are a great source of vitamins for the body. Let’s make this super good food in a super-easy way to show our creativity.

  • Level: Easy
  • Materials required: Cardboard or white paper, yellow and green color papers, scissors, glue

This DIY is very easy to make and looks beautiful. Children of any age group can make it easier.

Take the yellow sheets and cut them into long strips. Cut it in small rectangular shapes. Then roll the rectangles and paste them at one place to form a circle. Do the same with all the rectangles. You have to create the shape shown in the picture. Now, cut the upper leaves of the pineapple with the green paper and paste it on the cardboard. Now, start pasting the circles in the shape of a pineapple. Make sure to apply too much glue. Just arrange the circles and your  3D pineapple is ready!

3. Zig- Zag Carrot

Rabbit loves carrots, right! We too love carrots. So today let’s grow some carrots on our own.

  • Level: Easy
  • Materials required: Orange and green color papers, cardboard or white paper, glue, scissors

This DIY craft is really easy to make. All you have to do is cut and paste the papers.

Cut the orange sheets into long and wide strips. The strips should look like a ‘C’. Then cut the green sheets in ruffle type to make the leaves. The leaves should be in an irregular shape. Now start pasting the orange sheets on the cardboard. After pasting, it should look like

4. Toilet Paper Roll Fox

The kids will love to play with this 3D fox. It is easy to make and looks beautiful at the same time.

  • Level: Moderate
  • Materials required: Toilet paper roll box, orange, white, and black color papers, scissors, glue

To make this fox, you have to cut different colored papers and paste them. Easy to make and very attractive.

Take the paper roll and fold it in a curved shape as shown. Cover the roll with orange color paper. Make the eyes, nose, and hands with black and white paper. For the tail, take a piece of cardboard and cut it. Paste the color paper on it. Paste everything on the fox and in the end put the tail. The fox is ready.

5. Rolled Colorful Tree

Do you love the autumn season when all the leaves of the trees are dried up and give an amazing look to the tree? I’m sure you love that view. So, let’s recreate that same beautiful tree with our super easy creative ideas.

  • Level: Easy
  • Materials required: White chart paper, different color papers, scissors, glue

This autumn tree will give a very good feeling. You will not be able to stop yourself once you start making it. Also, it is super easy in making.

All you have to do is collect all the colored papers and cut them into different shapes and sizes. Cut a long brown paper for the bottom part of the tree. Then cut long strips of brown paper for the branches. Now take all the different color sheets and start cutting your leaves. Once you are done with the cutting part, start pasting them. First of all, paste the bottom part on the white paper. For the branches, you have to roll the strips to give a beautiful effect. Roll the strips as shown here and then paste them. After you are done with the branches, paste the leaves on the branches to give them a complete look. Your beautiful autumn tree is ready!

6. Multicolor Hot Air Balloon

Have you ever gone on a hot air balloon ride! It feels amazing. Today, let’s make a hot air balloon of our own. It is easy to make and amazing.

  • Level: Moderate
  • Materials required: White paper plate, cardboard, sketch pens, ice- cream sticks, A3 size sheet

This DIY hot air balloon is very easy in making. Children of any age- group can make it.

Take the white plate and make different color small circles on it. You can use any color of your choice. Next cut the cardboard in the shape of a parallelogram. Make a black chess design with the help of a black color pen on it. Now, paste the plate on the A3 size sheet. Paste the pop sticks parallel to each other. Finally, paste the cardboard and your hot air balloon is ready to fly.

7. 3DSwimming Kids

Swimming makes you feel very fresh during summers. Everyone especially children loves swimming. Make these 3D swimming kids re-live those swimming memories.

  • Level: Moderate
  • Materials required: A4 size colorful sheets, pop sticks, sketch colors, straw, shells, stones, designer sheets, scissors, glue, googly eyes

These 3D kids are enjoying the summer in the water. Let’s make these swimming kids and enjoy.

First of all, you have to male the boy. Make the face and hair by cutting color paper. For the innerwear, cut the designer sheets. Cut the sheets in a circle to make the tube. In the center of the A4 size, a sheet pastes the body of the kid. For the hands and legs, paste pop sticks. Paste googly eyes and straw. Paste the shells and stones on the sheet. Draw water waves and you are done.

8. 3D Corn

Corns are delicious in taste and good for health. They look yummy and also very inexpensive.

  • Level: Easy
  • Materials required: Watercolors, paintbrush, green and white color sheets, scissors, glue

This super easy craft is easy to make and looks creative.

Cut the white sheets in the shape of corn and paint them black, yellow, and orange. Let it dry. Cut the green sheets in the shape of leaves. Paste the corns on the leaves and it’s done.


9. 3D Bonfire

This bonfire looks attractive and 3D. Easy to make and anyone can make it.

  • Level: Moderate
  • Materials required: Color papers, toilet paper rolls, cardboard, scissors, glue

This 3D fire is easy to make and the different colors in the fire give a special effect.

Cover the paper roll with brown sheets. Cut the red, orange, and yellow sheets in irregular shapes to create the fire. Paste all the fire shapes on one another. Put the rolls on the cardboard and place the fire on it.

So these are some of the easy 3D papercraft ideas which anyone can make without much effort. All of these projects are simple yet effective and will help in enhancing your creative skills.

Don’t forget to drop your valuable comments so that we keep on providing you with easy craft ideas. Also, you can visit our website to get more such DIY easy craft ideas.

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