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Newspaper Decoration Crafts for Diwali


Newspaper Decoration Crafts for Diwali

If you’re searching for newspaper decoration crafts for Diwali to do at home, you’re in right place! Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of newspaper decoration crafts like peacock candle stand crafts with newspaper & cardboard, handmade Diwali decoration ideas, newspaper lantern decoration crafts at home, and how to make a wall hanging decoration ideas.

When I say Diwali, crackers may come into your mind as the first thing if you are a kid but we use Diyas (light candlesticks) which will brighten houses and adds beauty. Every festival has a story behind it, right? In the same way, the actions we do at that festival has also a reason. Diwali comes in the new moon period (called Amavasai) so lighting up Diyas removes the darkness and evil. Kaarthikai Deepam is a festival which is celebrated in Tamilnadu where people light up lights for 10 days. If you are Tamil people try this craft on that day.

Why not, you can replace this with candles to light up in churches if you won’t celebrate those listed festivals.

If you are looking for an adorable Diya stand for Diwali then you are in the right place. Here we have listed various innovative ways of making Diya stand and YouTube links too! If you look closely at all the crafts listed below the main thing you need is the newspaper and sometimes cardboard. Scissors and glue are the supporting elements. Stones, lace, and small mirror stones are decorative parts. With these three-part combines, we made these crafts. Besides, these 3 sections of things are easily available and cost-effective.

Newspaper Decoration Crafts For Diwali

Newspaper Decoration Crafts For Diwali

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Newspaper Diwali Diya Stand Decoration Crafts

Pooja Plate Craft Activity With Diya

Pooja Plate Newspaper Decoration Craft Activity With Diya

Image Source/Tutorial: K4 Craft

Materials required: Thermocol, colour papers, newspaper and old Diya.

Difficulty level: Easy

Cut the Thermocol in a circular shape. Colour the newspaper or use colour paper to cover the Thermocol. Decorate the old Diya in the same way and place it at the centre. To decorate it more cut the colour paper in any shape and decorate it around the Thermocol. This craft is less time-consuming and even children can do this. The decoration part is up to you. The more you engage in the craft work the more your creativity develops.

Easy & Simple Diya Stand Craft With Cardboard

Easy & Simple Diya Stand Newspaper Decoration Craft With Cardboard

Image Source/Tutorial: Craft Cinema

Materials required: Cardboard, newspaper, colour paper(any colour), lace, decorative stone, scissor, needle or long stick to roll newspaper, glue, small glass mirror(for decoration) and acrylic colour.

Difficulty level: Moderate

The image may give the feel of difficulty but it’s not. Split the process and you will come to know it’s doable and the materials are also easily available. The short note of the process is: make 3 different sizes of round cardboard and cover it with coloured paper and lace. Make 4 pieces of arc-shaped cardboard with decorative papers and stones. Now comes the work of the newspaper. We are making stand for candlestick with the help of newspaper. That’s it. Watch the video to get elaborate details. Moreover, videos will help us to understand much better than reading text. Easy and adorable isn’t it? Try this on Diwali, Kaarthikai Deepam or other festivals with slight modifications and Have a blast celebration!

Handmade Diya Candle Holder Craft With Newspaper

Handmade Diya Candle Holder Decoration Craft With Newspaper

Image Source/Tutorial: Punekar Sneha

Materials required: Cardboard, scissors, glue, colour paper, pink ribbon or woollen, Tealight candles, white beads, newspaper and glitter.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Making rose and leaves may feel a little bit tougher but once you practice a few rose and leaves you will feel comfortable making them, other than this every other process is easy peasy! You can gift this craft to your neighbours and relatives as this is adorable. This background ring is made on newspaper and then it is covered and designed with ribbons, rose petals and leaves. You can use your bangles too instead of newspaper for the background ring. School and college students and housewives are fit for this craft and you can sell it online too! If you are a working professional and have a keen interest in making crafts and decorating home with your creative mind then try this craft and make your home beautiful.

How To Make Diya Stand With Newspaper

How To Make Diya Stand With Newspaper

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafting Hours

Materials required: Stones, glue, paintbrush cutter, newspaper, metallic colours and wooden stick.

Difficulty level: Moderate

When I look at this I thought it’s difficult and we need more materials needed and time too. But to make it simple the protagonist of this craft are newspapers, stones and paint. For this Diwali make your home brighter and stunning with this Deepak stand. To say the process in simple terms you need to make many circles shaped by different sizes of newspapers. Show your talent in converting that circle shape into mud light(In Tamil it is Agal Vilakku) shape. Paste it together and paint it. Finally decorate with stones. TaDa! we are ready with our craft.

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Peacock Candle Stand Craft With Newspaper & Cardboard

Peacock Candle Stand Decoration Craft With Newspaper & Cardboard

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafty Nest

Materials required: Newspaper, stones, scissors, cardboard, glue and paint.

Difficulty level: Difficult

If you are awesome at drawing and stone works then you may not feel this craft as difficult. I’ll draw but not much. I didn’t hone my drawing skills it’s because I didn’t spend my time drawing but you don’t leave your skills unnoticed. In my childhood, I’ll trace the characters with the help of carbon paper and use them to showcase that to everybody as my drawing. The cups for candles are the newspaper part and peacocks are the cardboard part. After you had done with the craft, in excitement don’t pour oil and light it with matchsticks then your whole work of craft will burn into ashes. Use strong glue to hold the weight of tealight candles. Happy Diwali.

Creative Diya Stand Decoration Craft For Diwali

Creative Diya Stand Decoration Craft For Diwali

Image Source/Tutorial: Punekar Sneha

Materials required: Cardboard, foil paper, Shilpkar or mould clay, acrylic colour, thread, paintbrush, colour ball chain, scissor, glue, tealight candle and stones

Difficulty level: Moderate

I wondered when I saw how to make the foot. Once we are ready with this foot we can do the rest decoration using stones and glue. Damn! clay’s work didn’t strike my mind. Yea it’s clay work. Are you thinking will I get a good shape like in this image? Don’t overthink! It’s a pack of foot-shaped cardboard, foil paper to make a bulge and clay over that two combos. Hence it’s all about ideas. Once you started to explore more crafts you’ll get more ideas. Without control, ideas will get pop up in your head. Don’t just stop the craft with little decoration, toe rings (for married women) and anklets are the beauty of women so make them here too, to add extra beauty to your craft. And try making innovative crafts and showcase your talent.

Reuse Newspaper Diya Stand Art & Craft Step By Step

Reuse Newspaper Diya Stand Art & Craft Step By Step

Image Source/Tutorial: All Type Videos

Materials required: Newspaper, cardboard, scissor, glue, mud lamp and small God statue.

Difficulty level: Easy

Are you wishing to build a temple for God? But it’s impossible as the budget is too high. Ok at least let us build a temple in craft and it’s free of cost. Because newspaper and cardboard are the main things which are available easily. Take over the decorative part. The work is less compared to other crafts listed here. This image and the video just had shown us the idea of making the craft and you show the decorative one. Use less weighted mud light as it is built up of paper and glue. The only thing you need to spend on this craft is your time. If you worship Ganapathy then use this for Vinayagar Chaturthi and sing as Ganapathi Bappa Moriya… Based on whom you worship, place that god’s statue.

Handmade Diwali Decoration Idea For Kids

Handmade Diwali Decoration Idea For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Nidhi Jain

Materials required: Newspaper, scissors, glue, lace, stones, small god’s statue, tealight candle, paint and paintbrush.

Difficulty level: Easy

Are you keen on making crafts and thinking about what craft can we make by having a God statue at the centre? In most homes, the puja room is filled with God’s frames and statues. So why don’t we take our craft work into the puja room? We all love to see God’s statue after decoration (Alangaram) which will happen at temples. What if we make that at home? Start this process from this Diwali and enjoy the beauty. You can also gift this craft to your parents and old age people. The works and things behind this beautiful as well as simple craft are combinations of cardboard, newspaper, paint and different thinking!

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Newspaper Lantern Decoration Crafts

Newspaper Lantern Decoration Craft At Home

Newspaper Lantern Decoration Craft At Home For Diwali

Image Source/Tutorial: MC Crafts

Materials required: Newspaper, balloon, paint spray (preferably golden colour), golden thread, glue and small electrical led lights.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Nowadays this kind of lamp lantern is trendy. Are you in the thought of “it looks difficult but you’ve mentioned this as moderate” and “maybe it is difficult for us and moderate for others”? No buddy, It’s not that difficult but this gives pro look isn’t it? You should be careful while handling the balloon. You just need to make lots of newspaper rolls with a wooden stick to make the lid and body part. Once you are done with the newspaper part you are going! Make medium-sized balloons and roll the paper around them. After constructing a web-like crisscross structure you are almost done. Make 2 lids with the help of detailed video instructions given in the image and colour them with paint spray. Finally, insert the lights and glow them. TaDa! we are ready with a beautiful home décor lantern.

Beautiful Lantern Craft With Newspaper

Beautiful Lantern Craft With Newspaper

Image Source/Tutorial: Shivani Creations


Materials required: Newspaper, OHP sheet, cardboard, black marker, scissor, glue, paint and brush, stones, pom for decoration, glitter glass colours, white beads, yarn and needle.

Difficulty level: Easy but moderate.

The process is easy but you may feel tired of rolling lots of newspapers. If you are done with the newspaper rolling part then half of the work is done. Draw 2 diamond shapes on the cardboard and cut the centre part. Keep the centre part aside where will decorate later. Paste the newspaper rolls in the diamond shape to get a beautiful appearance and colour it. The role of the diamond part is for measurement. With the help of rectangle-sized cardboard all 4 separate pieces. To make it more attractive let’s add pom poms and newspaper cups with beads. Place this near the window to taste the beauty.

DIY Lantern Decoration Craft Tutorial For Diwali

DIY Lantern Newspaper Decoration Craft Tutorial For Diwali

Image Source/Tutorial: Charvi Ashtekar

Materials required: Newspaper, OHP sheet, acrylic paint and a black marker.

Difficulty level: Moderate

The requirements are simple but you need different colour shapes of paint. The concept is the same for this and the previous craft, it’s all about creating different versions of the craft. The difference is this craft is a hanging lantern and the previous one is a hanging decorative craft. Without using cardboard we have made this craft. You can gift this to your beloved one. Always making things by ourselves is the best gift ever than buying from stores. Because everybody knows that TIME is the most valuable one in the world. Not all people will spend time with others in this fast-moving world. But if you did this, it signifies your love and cares towards them. Have a happy Diwali with your family and friends!

Newspaper Wall Hanging Decoration Crafts

Newspaper Wall Hanging Festival Decoration Idea

Newspaper Wall Hanging Festival Decoration Craft Idea For Diwali

Image Source/Tutorial: Nidhi Jain


Materials required: Newspaper, wooden stick to roll, scissor, glue, yarn, needle, green paper, stones, lace, acrylic paint and brush.

Difficulty level: Moderate

The process and materials required are simple but you need patience to finish this craft. Based on the number of pots you’ll get a t more spiral shape. You can use any shape instead of a pot. To get a spiral shape cut the thread into different lengths. This pot reminds me Pongal festival so you can make this newspaper wall hanging pot during the Pongal festive. If you feel pot making is kind of overwork and looking to replace then do it and hang it in your house.

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DIY Wall Hanging Diya Decoration Idea Using Paper

DIY Wall Hanging Diya Decoration Idea Using Paper

Image Source/Tutorial: Preeti Chauhan

Materials required: Newspaper, paint, scissor, glue, red and yellow paper beads and thread.

Difficulty level: Easy

Are you the laziest person like me? I like making crafts. I’ll watch lots of craft videos but I won’t take action in the thought of “this craft needs lots of materials or work” and so on. If I wanna work on DIY then it should be simple and good. If you are a person like me then this craft is perfect for you. And others can also do this craft. The work is also less here. It’s just enough to make 8 newspaper rolls and paint them a black colour. You can paint in any colour but black is the apt colour for white walls. Cut colour papers in Diya shape and tie them with beads on the black frame. That’s it! you are done.

How To Make Wall Hanging Decoration Idea

How To Make Newspaper Wall Hanging Decoration Craft Idea For Diwali

Image Source/Tutorial: Art and Ideas

Materials required: Newspaper, acrylic paint, beads, yarn, glue, lace, needle and pom pom.

Difficulty level: Easy

On Diwali lights will give a special glow to our house but what’s the point of stopping there? Let’s add beauty to our house with some more craft decorations. It can easily be done, 12-year-old kid. If you have a newborn baby in your house then do this craft and hang it above the baby’s wooden cradle. This colourful craft will entertain your newborn babies. You don’t wanna spend money to buy pom poms, simply using a spoon or scale you can make them yourself. In short makes newspaper cups, paints and adds beads. That’s it!

When I was a school kid I didn’t get internet availability, so though I had the time and interest to do the craft I didn’t get the idea to start. I didn’t know we can make a beautiful stunning craft with just having newspaper and paint. When I have the accessibility I don’t have time but still do craft things whenever possible. So don’t lose the opportunity guys! Try all those and comment on your favourite one. Be in touch with K4craft friends.

We hope you like our list of Newspaper Decoration Crafts and will surely try to make them. Read more crafts ideas at our website if you liked our newspaper decoration crafts for Diwali. Please let us know which Newspaper Decoration Craft you like the most in the comment section.

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