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How to Make a Paper Rose

How to Make a Paper Rose

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How to Make a Paper Rose

Do you know what is the most beautiful flower? It’s a Rose! Everyone adores this flower for its beautiful structure and fragrance. I mean who doesn’t like roses right!  From anybody’s birthday to any happy moments people give roses to each other to show their respect, love and happiness. The roses are the symbol of love, happiness and prosperity. Today’s you are going to learn to make an origami rose. How amazing, right! So, without waiting, let’s get started!

How to Make an Origami Rose


  • A pink colour square shape paper ( any shape)
  • A 9*9 c.m green colour page
  • A 21*9c.m green colour page
  • A bamboo stick
  • A ruler
  • A black marker pen
  • A sellotape.


  • Take a pink colour square shape paper, fold it from up to down by making a fold line in the middle. Unfold it.
  • Fold the whole page by making eight same shape straight fold lines. Fold from up to bottom and make it. Then unfold it. 
  • Repeat the same folds by turning them on the other side.
  • Take a scale and marker and make two lines corner angle wise from the fourth and fifth line’s middle.
  • Fold it from one corner to the opposite corner like a triangle shape.
  • Repeat the same on the other two corners.
  • Fold both corners exactly over the little lines you draw in the page’s middle previously. Then unfold it.
  • Fold the right side of the paper sidewise a little. The middle square is the limitation of this fold.
  • Took the scale and marker, draw an angle with them corner-wise in the bottom to lower middle of the folded side. 
  • Fold the paper from inside over that drawn angle. Do the same on the upper part of the folded side. Just fold the drawn angle from outside.
  • Follow these same steps on the other three sides. Then unfold it.
  • Fold the page from the second straight fold line to the middle fold line.
  • Took the scale and marker, draw an angle on the right bottom corner. Fold that part over the drawn corner by folding it.
  • Repeat the same process on the other sides as well. Unfold them.
  • Take the paper, hold it on the middle fold line follow the folds on the middle and fold by lifting it.
  • Follow the folds and lift all four sides together, fold them together according to the reference video and make it look like a Rose.
  • Take a 9*9 c.m green colour page, fold it corner-wise like a triangle shape and unfold it.
  • Place it like a diamond shape, fold it from the right cornerwise by making an angle leave the middle fold line.
  • Fold the left side of this page over the previously folded angle.
  • Follow the process on the opposite side as well.
  • Fold the whole piece right to left from corners making a converse triangle.
  • Fold the bottom two edges of the triangle and then put that folds under it. It will look like a leaf.
  • Take a 21*9c.m green colour page and a bamboo stick, roll whole the page over the bamboo stick from the corner.
  • After you reach the middle of the page, place the leaf in between the stick and then finish rolling it.
  • After you are done, put out the bamboo stick and attach the end of the paper stick with a sellotape.
  • Your flower will be done after this!

Just look at this beautiful flower!  It’s amazing! As you can see it’s required so few materials all you need to do is to follow these steps properly. Kids will love it. So, grab your stationers and let’s make a magnificent rose!

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