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How to Make a Cute Paper Flower Card for Mother’s Day

How to Make a Cute Paper Flower Card for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day

How to Make a Cute Paper Flower Card for Mother’s Day

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Hello guys! Today, like always, we came up with some great craft ideas that must give energy in your mind and as you might know, the craft is very good medicine to remove stress and tension so, fulfil your wish to do something new and creative. Today’s craft is a gift card for mother’s day.

Our mothers are the most important and precious people in our lives. The sacrifices they made for us will never be repaid by us. Mother’s day is the perfect day to show your love, respect and gratitude to your mom. As we know that you love your mother more than anything. This card will be so cute and lovely and your mother will. This card is something so little to do for your mother but your effort will make her more than happy. Amazing right! So, without wasting any time let’s get started with the process!

How to Make a Cute Paper Flower Card for Mother’s Day


  • A blue colour rectangle paper with small length and long breadth.
  • A purple colour paper.
  • A big yellow colour paper.
  • A brown piece of paper.
  • A big green paper.
  • A white paper.
  • A black marker pen.
  • Colour sketch pens/ markers.
  • A glue stick.
  • Scissors.


  • Take a blue colour rectangle paper with small length and long breadth.
  • Put the rectangle paper straight on your desk.
  • Fold the paper in half from right to left to right sidewise.
  • Draw two curve straight lines from the bottom sides to the middle side like a flower pot with a pencil.
  • Cut out the draw lines.
  • A flower pot with two slides will be ready.
  • It will be the card base.
  • Take a purple colour paper, cut out four same size circles from it with scissors.
  • Take a yellow colour paper, cut out two same size circles from it with scissors.
  • Take a green colour paper, cut out a straight stem-like shape from it with scissors.
  • Take a yellow colour circle, apply glue on its sides and attach the purple circles on the sides covering the yellow circle like a flower a the glue stick.
  • Take the green colour stem and attach it to the bottom middle of the flower with the glue stick
  • Take the other yellow circle and attach the circle to the middle of the purple circles with the glue stick.
  • A flower will be ready.
  • Turn over the circle.
  • Attach the flower on the top middle of a flower pot card base side with the glue stick.
  • Take the green colour paler, cut out two big leaf shapes with scissors.
  • Attach the leaves under the sides of the flower and on the card base with the glue stick.
  • Take a small brown colour rectangle piece of paper, attach it under the leaves with the glue stick.
  • Remember a little brown portion should be seen after folding the card.
  • Take the yellow colour paper, cut out a small square shape as a message writing portion with scissors.
  • Write some heartwarming message on it.
  • Attach the shape under the brown paper with the glue stick.
  • Fold the card.
  • Take a white paper, draw two same size small circles on it and then draw cute eyeballs on it with a black marker pen.
  • Cut out the circles and attach them in the middle of the yellow circle of the flower. 
  • Grab some colour markers, draw a smile and nose on the yellow portion.
  • Your cute mother’s day flower gift card will be ready!

P.S- Use different colour paper if you don’t have these colours as per your help.

Look how adorable it looks! It’s the best way to wish your mother a ‘ Happy Mother’s Day. Your message on this card will make your mother very happy. More importantly, your effort and hard work will definitely melt your mother’s heart. As you can see the process is so easy and requires fewer materials that you can easily make it. Make many of these by using different colours and sizes of paper. Use your sense of creativity and highlight them. The flower can be in any shape. Hurry up, grab your stationery and let’s make a beautiful paper flower gift card. 

FAQ’s on How to Make a Cute Paper Flower Card for Mother’s Day

1. What materials do I need to make a paper flower card for Mother’s Day?

Answer: You will need construction paper, scissors, glue, and a pen or marker. You may also want to add additional decorations, such as ribbon, glitter, or sequins.

2. How do I make the paper flower?

Answer: Cut several petal shapes out of construction paper. You can make them any size you want, but make sure they are all the same size. Glue the petals together, overlapping them slightly. Once the petals are all glued together, glue the flower onto the center of the card.

3. How do I make the card?

Answer: Start by cutting a piece of construction paper to the size you want your card to be. Fold the paper in half. Then, write a message to your mom on the inside of the card. You can also decorate the card by adding ribbon, glitter, or sequins.

4. What kind of message should I write for my mom?

Answer: You can write anything you want! Some ideas include, “Happy Mother’s Day,” “I love you, Mom!” or “Mom, thank you for everything you do.”

5. Can I use other materials to make the card?

Answer: Absolutely! You can use other craft supplies, such as buttons, fabric, or stickers, to decorate your card and make it unique.

6. Can I give the card to anyone else besides my mom?

Answer: Yes, you can give the card to any special person in your life.

7. How should I store the card after I make it?

Answer: You can store the card in a sealed plastic bag or a cardboard box. This will help keep it safe and make sure it lasts a long time.

8. Do I need to use a special type of paper for this project?

Answer: You can use any type of paper you like, such as construction paper, cardstock, or even plain printer paper.

9. How long will it take to make the card?

Answer: The time it takes to make the card will vary depending on the size and complexity of your card. Generally, it will take about 30 minutes to make a basic card.

10. What can I do with the card once I’m finished?

Answer: You can give the card to your mom or someone else special to you. You can also keep it as a special memento.

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