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How to Make a Paper Rose for Mother’s day

How to Make a Paper Rose for Mother's day

Mother’s Day

How to Make a Paper Rose for Mother’s day

Activities for Kids

Today you’re going to learn to make a beautiful paper rose for your mother. Our mother is the most precious person in our life. We love our mother more than anything. They are the most beautiful flower for us on this planet. Mother’s day is the perfect day to show your love, respect and gratitude to your mom with this beautiful paper rose.

Roses are the most beautiful flower we all know that. All you will be need just some colour paper. You can transform those papers into a beautiful flower. This rose is something so little to do for your mother but your effort will make her more than happy. Amazing right! So, without wasting any time let’s get started with the process!

How to Make a Paper Rose for Mother’s day


  • A red colour A4 paper.
  • A green colour paper of 8*8 c.m.
  • A circle tea plate.
  • A glue stick.
  • Scissors.


  • Take a red colour A4 paper, place it over your desk in a rectangle form.
  • Take a tea plate, place it over the red paper.
  • Grab a pencil and draw the outline of the plate over the paper.
  • It will be a circle shape.
  • Draw a curved circle inside the circle.
  • To understand the middle circle properly look at the reference video.
  • Cut out the pencil outline with scissors.
  • Roll the circle from the side like an ice cream shape.
  • Pertain glue at the end from a glue stick.
  • Pull the upper portion a little with your hand.
  • Fold the piece with your hand.
  • Take a green colour paper of 8* 8 cm, roll the paper from a corner like an ice cream stick.
  • Pertain glue at the end from the glue stick.
  • Apply glue on the top of the inside of the green paper with the glue stick.
  • Put the red piece inside it.
  • Your beautiful paper rose will be ready!

P.S- You can use different shades of colour paper as per your need.

Look how beautiful it looks! Almost like a real rose! Wish your mother a ‘ Happy Mother’s Day with this flower made of your own hand. Not only on mother’s day you can also use them on other days as well. The receivers will love it. You can also make a rose bouquet of flowers with it. There must be many more interactive ideas in your head also. So, hurry up, grab your stationery and make a beautiful paper rose. 

FAQ’s on Paper Rose for Mother’s day

1. What supplies do I need to make a paper rose?

Answer: You will need tissue paper, wire, scissors, a ruler, and glue.

2. How do I cut the tissue paper for the rose?

Answer: Cut the tissue paper in a square shape. You can make the square as big or small as you’d like.

3. How do I form the petals of the rose?

Answer: Start at one corner of the square and cut a triangle shape. Then fold the triangle in half lengthwise and cut a half circle along the top. Repeat this process to make all the petals.

4. How do I put the petals together?

Answer: Take one petal and wrap it around the wire. Secure it with glue. Then take the next petal and glue it to the first petal, overlapping it slightly. Repeat this process until you have all the petals attached.

5. How do I make the center of the rose?

Answer: Once all the petals are attached, take a thin strip of tissue paper and curl it around the center of the rose. Secure with glue.

6. How do I make the stem of the rose?

Answer: Take the remaining wire and twist it into a stem. Secure with glue.

7. How do I make leaves for the rose?

Answer: Cut a few small triangles out of green tissue paper and glue them to the stem.

8. How do I make the rose look more realistic?

Answer: You can use a marker to make small veins on the petals for a more realistic look.

9. How do I give the rose a pleasant scent?

Answer: You can add a few drops of essential oil to the center of the rose for a pleasant scent.

10. How do I preserve the rose?

Answer: You can spray the rose with a protective sealant to help preserve it.

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