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Bell Card – From my Christmas Crafting Book

Bell Card - From my Christmas Crafting Book


Bell Card – From my Christmas Crafting Book

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Bell Card – Christmas crafting

It’s an easy craft as Christmas season is near and we love to decorate our homes on Christmas. This craft takes very less time and yet a beautiful piece for decoration. You can make these with your kids as well, they will pretty much enjoy it and will surely love to decorate their Christmas tree with it. You can hang it on walls or on your Christmas tree it will look very stunning.

You will enjoy making it as well as your kid will also enjoy and will love to play with it. Bell card is a perfect decoration piece for Christmas and making it with your hands will enhance the bell more as with love and joy will be added to it. You will required very less materials for making it which is a good thing and a easy way to proceed your work because you will not require many things.

Christmas celebration will be more enjoyable if you will make crafts with your hands and decorate your house, it will be filled with lot’s of love and people will be attracted towards this. Try it with full of love and give your best and it will give you best result. There are the steps provided for making the bell, do follow it and enjoy making the beautiful piece with love.

Bell Card – From my Christmas Crafting Book

Materials Required:

  • 2 color A4 sheets
  • Pencil
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  • Take an A4 sheet and draw a circle with a Pencil.
  • Now with the help of the scissors cut the circle.
  • Take another A4 sheet and fold it in half.
  • Now fold the half of one side such as 1/4 of the A4 sheet.
  • Fold the half of half again like 1/8 of the A4 sheet.
  • Now cut both the strips separately of 1/8 of the A4 sheet.
  • Take the circle and fold it from one side and do the same with the other side, it will look like a triangle from the top.
  • Now after folding it’s looking like a bell.
  • Take one strip and fold it and paste the end in the middle, do the same from the another end as well.
  • Now take another trip and fold it and make it a “V” shape.
  • Take the scissors and cut the ends of the V shape stripe to make it look like the ends of a ribbon.
  • Now paste both the strips together and you will see the bow is ready.
  • Take the ribbon and paste it over the bell.
  • Now take a pen and make a circle in between of the bell and color it.

That’s it! your bell card is ready for Christmas celebration. It’s a good piece for Christmas decoration. Try it and you will definitely going to love the end result. It’s a easy and simple way of attraction. You can put it anywhere for decoration and it will not disappoint you and you will need very less time for making it.

Activities for Kids
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