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Christmas Origami Ideas That Kids Can Make


Christmas Origami Ideas That Kids Can Make

Activities for Kids

If you’re searching for Christmas origami ideas that kids can make to do at home, you’re in right place! Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of Christmas origami ideas like cute origami Santa Claus, Christmas tree,  reindeer corner bookmark, wreath Christmas, Christmas baubles, Christmas crackers, and how to fold a DIY napkin.

What Do We Do During Christmas?

The birth of Jesus Christ is remembered during Christmas. It’s uncertain where exactly the date December 25 was chosen as Jesus’ birthdate. Jesus’ conception was dated by the Roman Christian historian Sextus Julius Africanus.  People of various religions join in the celebration in addition to Christians. All around the globe, people go shopping for new clothing, cut cakes and make cookies, and spend time with their families and most institutions close for two to three weeks, with the exception of the most crucial ones. Roads are illuminated, residences and shops are adorned with Christmas trees and lights during the holiday season and the worst traffic imaginable can be found on the highways.

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Christmas Origami Ideas That Kids Can Make

 Christmas Origami Ideas That Kids Can Make

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Cute Origami Santa Claus

Christmas Origami Ideas That Kids Can Make Cute Origami Santa Claus

Image Source/Tutorial: The Spruce Craft

The traditional Christmas patron, Santa Claus, is a legendary character who brings gifts to children. His well-known image is based on customs related to Saint Nicholas, a Christian saint from the fourth century. When kids hear the name “Santa Claus,” they picture him riding an elf-drawn sleigh in the frozen North Pole. The red and white paper is required to make this origami. Stick the cut white paper on the red paper after folding it according to the video’s instructions. The ideal origami is complete once the face is drawn with a black pen.

Easy Origami Christmas Tree

Easy Origami Christmas Tree Ideas That Can Make Easy Origami Christmas Tree

Image Source/Tutorial: Origami Craft TV

As part of Christmas celebrations, a Christmas tree, an evergreen tree, usually a pine or fir, is enhanced with lights and decorations. Freshly cut, potted, or fake Christmas trees are used as decorations both inside and outside. Although the trees have historically been used as Christian symbols, their use today is mostly secular. Many households today purchase artificial trees and decorate them. According to legend, the trees shed their snow and turned green, signifying Christ’s enduring power and immortality.

Origami Reindeer Corner Bookmark

Christmas Origami Ideas That Kids Can Make Origami Reindeer Corner Bookmark

Image Source/Tutorial: Easy Peasy And Fun

Santa has nine reindeer in all. The reindeer came to stand for creativity, resourcefulness, and wisdom as well as for safe passage and durability on journeys. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is a song that practically everyone has heard because it is played almost every Christmas and because the tune is too captivating to forget.

3D Origami Christmas Tree Tutorial For Kids

3D Origami Christmas Tree Tutorial For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: The Crafty Angles

Sometimes, we may not have the room or funds to purchase a Christmas tree. We have the ideal answer for that. Origami Christmas trees take very little room to complete—probably just a corner. They are cute and can release the boredom during Christmas holidays.

Origami Wreath Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Origami Ideas That Kids Can Make Origami Wreath Christmas Ornaments

Image Source/Tutorial: Paper Finger Cuts

The wreath used for Christmas stands for eternal life. Inviting the spirit of Christ into the home by hanging one of these on the door is another representation of faith. This origami is created by shaping a wire into a circle and folding scraps of paper into the shape of leaves. Bells and other items can be used to further adorn the wreath.

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Origami Christmas Baubles For Home Decoration

Origami Christmas Baubles For Home Decoration

Image Source/Tutorial: Paper Chase

Bauble represents harmony serving as a bridge between heaven and earth. Simple paper folding and patterning can be used to create sophisticated Christmas baubles. The bauble has a short thread hanging from the top so that it can be displayed.

Beautiful Origami Star

Christmas Origami Ideas That Kids Can Make Beautiful Origami Star

Image Source/Tutorial: Gathering Beauty

The Bethlehem star, which according to the biblical account led the three kings to the infant Jesus, is symbolized by the Christmas star. The star also represents humanity’s bright hope and a heavenly symbol of a long-ago promise. We’ll need scissors, glue, and colorful paper to make the star. To create the star, the paper should be folded, and the ends should be glued together.

Origami Christmas Cracker Tutorial For Kids

Origami Christmas Cracker  Tutorial For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Paper Kawaii

Christmas cracker, originally made of cardboard and red in color, can be as colorful as you want it to be while making its origami version. Paper and first folded in the shape of a box and then its ends are glued with the ends of the other similar boxes made.

How To Fold A DIY Napkin

Christmas Origami Ideas That Kids Can Make How To Fold A  DIY Napkin

Image Source/Tutorial: Love Decorations

Green paper napkins are required to make this DIY napkin. The folded napkins are stacked on top of one another as depicted in the link. Brown paper rolls, which will form the branch, are inserted into the napkin and other decorations of choice are included.

We hope you like our list of Christmas Origami Ideas and will surely try to make them. If you liked our Christmas origami ideas that kids can make, read more crafts ideas at our website. Please let us know in the comment section which Christmas Origami Ideas you like the most.

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