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DIY Christmas Tree Crafts To Celebrate Festival with Kids

DIY Christmas Tree Crafts To Celebrate Festival with Kids


DIY Christmas Tree Crafts To Celebrate Festival with Kids

Are you in the mood to make some Creative DIY Christmas tree ideas? Christmas Tree Crafts will keep the you busy. Here’re 8 really Cool Christmas tree ideas Creative DIY you can have a try!

With cold at its peak, the festive season is also approaching. Christmas being one of the most celebrated and warm festival in the year. Who doesn’t love to decorate Christmas trees? They look so cute and what would be more amazing is that if we make some cool crafty things to decorate the tree.

Creative DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

Here I am going to tell you some awesome cool ideas which you can try while decorating your Christmas tree. Let’s get started.

1. Wizard hats

First one would be a cute wizard hat. Why always make those santa caps when we can try something wizardry? This one’s really easy and you can even make it on the day of Christmas if you get too busy. Just take a cardboard piece and cut it in the middle up to 2-3 inches. Now start wrapping it with yarn. Better to use white yarn as it would resemble with the wizard’s beard.

After you are satisfied with the amount, tie it with a piece of yarn and take it off from the cardboard. Now, cut both the ends so that you would get a big ball of pom-pom. Trim it a bit to give it a perfect shape and don’t cut the extra piece with which you had tied the pompom. Take a felt and draw the shape of the hat and cut it out. You can either sew the end or apply hot glue. After that, cut the tip of the cone so that the thread can pass through it. Turn the hat inside out. Now take the pompom and pass the thread through the hole on the tip. Secure the pompom to the hat with hot glue and tie the thread on the tip. Decorate your wizard hat with some cotton balls. Your perfect magical wizard hat is ready.

2. Small lanterns for the tree

Christmas is also about light and hope. Won’t it be amazing if the Christmas tree also glows in the dark? No, I am not talking about decorating it with fairy lights, though it would look good but why not try something crafty so that it would create a bond among the family members in Christmas. We can even decorate the tree with some small lanterns. These are super easy to make.

We need a balloon, glue and some yarn and yes fairy lights at the end. Blow the balloon till it acquires a medium or less than that size. Tie the knot. Now, apply glue all over the balloon and start wrapping it with yarn in an uneven manner. You don’t have to follow any pattern, just cover the balloon with yarn till you are satisfied with the result. Let the yarn dry. After it has completely dried, burst the balloon and take it out. Tie a string at one end and make a loop to hang the lantern in the tree. Don’t forget to put fairy lights or tea lights in the lantern and then dim the lights to see the effect.

3. 3D star for Christmas

A Christmas tree is considered incomplete without the symbol of North star. It is said that the North star guides the lost and the travellers back to home during Christmas due to which they are put as a symbol of hope in the Christmas tree. During Christmas, the stores are filled with stars and ornaments for decorating. We can even make a 3D north star for the Christmas tree that too from cardstock. How to make a 3D origami star?

4. Christmas Angel ornament

There is a tale about Christmas angels that parents say to their kids during the Christmas. It would be really nice to have a small angel ornament for the Christmas tree. Making an angel ornament is easy. Cut out some paper strips from around 15-20 cm of length, having two pieces of each cm. Now, take a strip and apply glue at one end and stick it with the other end. Apply glue at the middle and stick it in such a manner that you would get an infinity shaped paper strip.

Do this with all the paper strips. Take one infinity shaped strip and apply glue on the mid point. Stick another infinity shaped paper to it. Do these in a specific pattern as shown in the video below so that at the end it would look like the wings of the angel. Keep it aside to dry. Take a paper and fold it to make a cone. Cut out the excess for the perfect shape. Cut the tip of the cone and pass a string through it. Make a hole in the wings that we had made earlier and pass the string through it. Take a pearl and pass it through the thread and tie the knot. Don’t forget to make the loop. Secure the wings by sticking them to the cone. The perfect Christmas Angel is ready to grace the Christmas tree.

5. Unicorn ornament

Unicorns are a mystical creature who are considered to have magical powers. Though it’s a myth but unicorns are the most beautiful creatures. Here we are going to make an unicorn ornament for Christmas. We need a plastic ball with a lid on the top or even a glass ball would do. Take some clay and make balls. Now, roll them in a longitudinal way and then twist them around each other so that it would appear as if the horn of the unicorn. Bake it according to the instructions given in the packet.

Now, tame some mod podge in a container and add some water. Mix it properly. Add this in the ball and then roll it so that the mod podge covers the whole area of the ball. Unicorns are glittery too, so why not add glitters? Add glitters inside the ball and roll it like you did in the previous step. Now, add glitters to the horn too. Make the ears from glitter foam sheet and start sticking all the parts in the ball. Make the eyes with a marker. You can even add those plastic roses for extra effect. Close the lid and pass a strong aluminium string or copper string and make a loop.

6. Cheap and Cool Christmas tree ideas for decoration

If you are on a tight budget or have forgotten to decorate your Christmas tree due to a busy schedule then these diy ideas are perfect for you. All the crafts shown in the video below are really cute and are not so costly to even make. You can even make it at the last moment.

It won’t take much time and would still make your Christmas tree look really amazing. Below in the video are seven amazing cheap and easy diy ideas which you can apply for decorating your Christmas tree this festive season.

7. Plastic balls for decoration Cool Christmas tree ideas

These are really easy and super cool Christmas ornaments which can be made at the knack of time. Take some old plastic bottles and cut out circles of equal size from it. To make the surface even, press the plastic circle to a warm iron. Now apply some hot glue at one point in the circle and stick a ribbon. Wrap the ribbon in any pattern you want. Repeat the process with other circles too.

Take 3-4 circles and stick them together in a crisscross manner so that it would appear like a ball. Take strong string and apply some hot glue at one end and stick it to the ball. Leave it to dry. After that make a loop from the string and hang it in your Christmas tree.

8. Ornaments from styrofoam balls

Styrofoam balls can be easily bought from a general store. Ever thought that you can even decorate your Christmas tree with these styrofoam balls? Yes it’s possible and is really easy to make. Take a styrofoam ball and insert several toothpicks in random manner. It would appear like a snowflake. Attach a string and hang it in the Christmas tree.

Another method would be covering the styrofoam ball with glitters and then decorating the Christmas tree with it. You can even take those glitter stickers and cover the styrofoam ball with it. One more method would be taking small pearls and covering the whole ball with these and then attaching a cute red ribbon on top to make it look more cute.

These were some cool Christmas ideas that can be done easily at any time. You can even reuse it for other festivals or use it for decorating your room. Do try these during Christmas.

Easy Christmas Tree Art & Crafts, Kids Can Make

We hope you loved all these Cool Christmas tree ideas . We are sure these Cool Christmas tree ideas will make your kids happy and satisfied. You can check out other related articles on Kids Art & Craft. We would love to hear from you. You can leave your opinion and feedback in the comments section given below. We will come up with more such useful content for you. Until then keep smiling and creating with Kids Art & Craft.

Christmas Tree For Kids Using Egg Cartoon

Christmas Tree For Kids Using Egg Cartoon

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

This DIY Christmas Tree craft is the perfect way to get kids to join in on the holiday fun! Using a few simple materials such as egg cartoons, paint, and other decorations, they can create a beautiful tree that will light up any room. Let their creativity take flight and let them have a fun and unique holiday experience!

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