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Rainbow Crafts for Kids

Rainbow Crafts for Kids

DIY and Crafts

Rainbow Crafts for Kids

Activities for Kids

Rainbow are the most favorite among the kids and even among the adults. Seeing the rainbow after the rain area the little memory to be remembered. Everyone have experienced it. To represent the rainbow in the craft is great but creativity is also important to do that. Doing the rainbow craft is not that much easy and not too hard also. It requires quite creative knowledge  and willing to do. Make a try with help of these ideas.

Rainbow Crafts for Kids

Cheerio Rainbow With Color Matching

Image source/Tutorial: HANDS ON AS WE GROW

  • This is the correct platform for kids to get idea, to practice their colors. Try use whatever colored cereal you have to make this colorful rainbow.
  • The rainbows are a great medium for children to practice their own choice of color. The craft looks like the rainbow because different cheerio are lined up.
  • After lining up add cotton at the end of the glued edge. I have seen many rainbow but edible one is here.

Making a Cloud Rainbow By Yourself with Paper and Popsicle Sticks

 Making a Cloud Rainbow By Yourself with Paper and Popsicle Sticks

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

Making a cloud rainbow with paper and popsicle sticks is a fun and creative way to brighten up your home. It can be a great activity for kids, and the finished product is a beautiful, colorful piece of art.

DIY A Rainbow Cloud Out Of Paper

Diy A Rainbow Cloud Out Of Paper

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

DIY a Rainbow Cloud out of paper is a great craft project to do with the kids! It’s easy to make and is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. With just some coloured paper and scissors, you can create a beautiful rainbow cloud in no time.

Rainbow Sponge Painting

Image source/Tutorial: HANDS ON AS WE GROW

  • This is the super cool idea to make rainbow. Take little amount of all colors in the plate or paper where you wish to do, and start rushing with the sponge. All color mixes and blend well gives you the perfectly imperfect rainbow.
  • Once the rubbing is started, do it in the same direction to get the rainbow shape and shade.
  • Add little more rainbow color to your life by doing the craft. Enjoy the doing.

Colorful Rainbow Scavenger

Image source/Tutorial: HANDS ON AS WE GROW

  • I think this is the one of easiest way to do the rainbow activity without much efforts. Rainbow Scavenger is the simple and easy to do craft for kids who wishes to do the rainbow craft.
  • Many items are not needed for the rainbow Scavenger. Rainbow Scavenger stunts everyone with colors on it.
  • Make the cloud shaped design to represent the rainbow scavenger. Classy scavenger is ready to display.

Rainbow Necklace

Image source/Tutorial: HANDS ON AS WE GROW

  • As we grow ,creative also grows, right. Rainbow activities are the super learning activity and awesome to do. This needs much preparation to do the activity.
  • How much you involve yourself in the activity, that much output you will be getting it. You need to concentrate on the items required and preparation ahead.
  • It looks great for kids who are interested in fancy dress competition. Make your children to try it.

Giant Rainbow College

Image source/Tutorial: THE IMAGINATION TREE

  • The craft was did by 5 year kid, can you believe it. Yes, it was did by him. It looks gigantic and beautiful. Making is not that much difficult as you think.
  • Paint the 7 colors,  make your kids paste the little things with help of glue. Add more feathers with different color to look more attractive.
  • Remainder one thing, similar color things is to be pasted on card. Start collecting the things and start doing the craft too.

Pretty Cool Life Wind Catcher

Image source/Tutorial: A PRETTY COOL LIFE

  • See how pretty the wind catcher looking. I wish to have it at my door step. Such adorable kind of thing. Different color in the catcher looks more similar like rainbow. Everyone can hang out it at window .
  • Choose the color wisely .Try to make many different colors at the rainbow dream catcher. Once you try, will come to know the tricks and idea behind it.
  • Simple dream catcher can be done at home without  purchasing the much items. It doesn’t consume much of your time.

Ice Stick Rainbow

Image source/Tutorial: TEACH PRE SCHOOL

  • To make the simple rainbow art, here  is an idea. Take the took of picture above. Ice stick Rainbow which is more simple and easy to do art for kids.
  • Rainbow has seven colors primarily. Color it on the ice stick. I think this craft is perfect  for pre school kids.
  • Simple art and neatly can be done at shorter span.

Rainbow Stained Window

Image source/Tutorial: THE ARTFUL PARENT

  • Creativity at its peak or next level is the rainbow stained window. Can you imagine of the rainbow different color painted at the window glass and early morning gets starts with it.
  • Morning will be super cool ,when  windows are this super amazing. You can try this art at home and perfect for the houses.
  • The window just passes some good vibes to the people whoever sees it. Fresh morning and refreshing evenings  can be earned by it.

Rainbow Sun Catcher

Image source/Tutorial: HANDS ON AS WE GROW

  • This is the rainbow sun catcher  for which I have been waiting to make. I love seeing this rainbow  sun catcher. One can do the rainbow sun catcher and have it turn out just as pretty.
  • The craft is made using the tissue paper in primary color. You can add more colors of tissue paper to it.
  •  This Pretty rainbow sun catcher  is  made with the help of little hands. Paste it on the window  so that from both inside and outside the art can be viewed.

30 Rainbow Kids Craft Activities

These pretty and little rainbow crafts can make you stunt. The crafts  are not much difficult to do but by practice the professionalism can be obtained. Many people have passion to do  these rainbow crafts, but  doesn’t know the idea of making it. This can help them lot. “Try, try, try until you succeed”, likewise try the until you achieve what you except. Let your creativity go wild.

Activities for Kids
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