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Stone, Rock DIY Crafts to Beautify Your Life

Stone, Rock DIY Crafts to Beautify Your Life

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Stone, Rock DIY Crafts to Beautify Your Life

Stone, Rock DIY Crafts to Beautify Your Life are one of my favorite DIY projects. They are cheap, easy to source and can be used so many ways. Rock Craft Ideas are an ideal Spring and Summer activity. Sharing some Stone, Rock DIY to Beautify Your Life below that are sure to get inspired to start creating.

DIY Stone, Rock and Pebble Crafts

Do you have the habit of collecting different kinds of stones whenever you visit places? Does different kinds of stones amaze you? We can make use of the stones and make many DIYs that can be used in our day to day lives.


Take piece of felt cut in a circular shape. Gather flat stones from your collection. Stick the stones to the felt using hot glue gun. Stick all the stones such that the felt is covered completely. Sticking flat stones on the felt create a flat surface that support any item to stand. We can place hot tea pots while serving tea. Checkout the Rock DIY to Beautify Your Life video below:


We can make beautiful rings using pebbles. Select some small pebbles and paint them using spray paint. Make patterns on pebbles using paper tape. For example take pebble and cover half of it with the tape and spray gold paint. Spray black paint in other half. Stick the pebble onto a ready made ring holder using hot glue gun. In similar way we can make many patterns on rings. Spray black paint on a pebble. Tie a rubber band on the pebble and spray gold colour or a contrasting colour. Stick it to the ring holder. Checkout the Rock DIY to Beautify Your Life  video below:


It is fun trick you can do when you are bored. Fill a tumbler with normal water and add nail polish drop in it. Take another 2 colours that are contrasting and add them one over the other. The nail polish start spreading in the form of rings. Go on adding in a sequence till we get huge circles. Using a toothpick create a pattern like flower. Initially paint the rock with white colour. After it dries out, dip the rock into water where there is a good pattern. Using cuticle of an ear bud remove the polish on remaining part of water. Dry the rock and we can use as paper weights. Checkout the Rock DIY to Beautify Your Life video below:


Take some flat pebbles that resemble cactus. Paint the pebbles with dark shade of green. After the paint dries, paint spots of light green on it. Using a whitener pen highlight the light spots. On another dark green stone paint thin lines of light green and draw stars along the lines using white colour. Make more 2 of these cactus of different patterns and arrange them in a pot of mud like a cactus. Checkout the Rock DIY to Beautify Your Life video below:


Make jewellery of your own and customise different designs. We need a thin wire, rock, pliers, hook pair and a chain. Make a loop using a piece of wire and place the rock in the loop. Tightly secure the rock by wrapping the wire around a couple of times. Make sure to make a small loop on the top with at the end. Pass the chain throw the loop and fix the hook set to the chain using pliers. With the help of pliers fix each part of hook set on either side of chain to the jump rings. Make chains out of your favourite stone and carry it with you on special occasions. Checkout the Rock DIY to Beautify Your Life video below:


Take an old plastic mat and start sticking the rocks to the mat. Stick the rocks to the mat using glue. Make sure you stick the rocks uniformly and they cover the mat completely. There it is our rock mat is ready. Place it at your door step and dry your legs before you enter your room.


Rock with a flat base can be used as support for photo holder. Take thin wire and wrap it around the rock twice. With the same wire make small circular loop at other end such that there is a gap between two turns. The gap is enough to hold the photo in place. Checkout the Rock DIY to Beautify Your Life video below:


Take an empty tall plastic can. Paint it with white colour. Apply hoy glue gun uniformly and stick small rocks and cover the tin completely. Place flowers in it and keep on your side table.

Cover the inner part of bowl with a plastic wrap. Arrange the flat pebbles along the inner surface of bowl on the wrap. Cover the inner surface completely. Take super glue and stick the contact points of all the stones. Let it dry for some time. Later slowly remove the pebble bowl from the bowl and use. It can be used as soap holder because when soaps are placed the excess water is drained from holes in between.


Take some flat pebbles and heat them in oven for a few minutes till it gets hot. Now try to draw concentric rings with different colours on rock using crayons. The crayons melt as you draw on the hot surface. When we draw concentric circles the colours blend in and create a beautiful design. Let it dry and place candles on them later. Checkout the video for Rock DIY to Beautify Your Life below:

Aren’t these Rock DIY to Beautify Your Life great? Try these yourselves and have fun while doing. Just with basic things we can make amazing decors and art. Make sure you do not forget collecting more stones when go out next time.

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