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Easy and Amazing Santa Craft Ideas

Easy and Amazing Santa Craft Ideas


Easy and Amazing Santa Craft Ideas

Activities for Kids

The season of festivals is here and we have come up with some incredible ideas to help you celebrate it in a fun way. It is very important that children should not only enjoy the festivals but also know its importance. It might bore children if they are made to just listen to the stories but they will certainly love it if you use the craft for the same. That way you can work and make amazing crafts together and also learn about the festivals and its significance.

Easy and Amazing Santa Craft Ideas

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1. The Cute Santa

Easy and Amazing Santa Craft Ideas The Cute Santa

Make this cute and easy Santa craft using colorful craft papers. The most interesting part of this craft is the beard and moustache which you have to make by cutting out a flower shape and paste the face and cap on it. Use a sketch pen to make the facial features and decorate it where you place Christmas gifts for the children. They will love it.

2. The Unique Beard

Easy and Amazing Santa Craft Ideas The Unique Beard

Create this Santa with an extraordinary beard. You have to only stick circular cuttings of white craft paper on the Santa’s face for the beard. Tell your kids about the circle and teach mathematics and art at the same time. Ask them to place stars on Santa’s hat. Decorate your house with many such cute Santas on Christmas eve.

3. The one with a bow

Easy and Amazing Santa Craft Ideas The one with a bow

Make this extremely unique Santa Claus using different kinds of scrap paper. Make this bow like beard following the photo given below and place a big round nose on it with tiny round eyes. You can place this on your Christmas greeting cards and also use them to decorate the doors of your home.

4. The Exquisite Ones

Easy and Amazing Santa Craft Ideas The Exquisite Ones

Make these exquisite crafts for Christmas and Halloween. You are required to fold a long rectangular sheet of paper in an “in and out” manner and then pass a stick through it. Make the faces by painting small balls or by painting paper balls. This is a very new idea and you can decorate your house with these on Christmas and Halloween and also give each to the kids at the party.

5. The one with the socks

Easy and Amazing Santa Craft Ideas The one with the socks

Create this amazing Santa Claus sock art. You can use socks and then use scrap paper to make the craft or you can make the entire craft using scrap paper as shown in the picture below. The kids can hang these on the gate instead of their regular socks on Christmas eve and receive Santa’s gifts. Tell them Santa stories and try to improve their knowledge of vocabulary.

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6. The simple one

The simple one

Make this cute little Santa by assembling craft paper as shown below. For the beard use long rectangular strips of paper and fold it at the end. This will give a new and nice look to the simple Santa craft. Tell the students/children that why do we have Santa Claus. Ask the children to make such more crafts. This will enhance their imaginative and creative skills.

7. The one with shapes

The one with shapes

Create this amazing Christmas trio of Santa, reindeer, and snowman using hard craft sheets and scrap paper. Fold the craft sheets in a manner so as to make the cylindrical body and the conical Santa cap. Cover the cylindrical body using colorful crafts sheets and paste small pompoms on it for the nose or you can also use wool. This is a very interesting craft as this not only teaches children about Christmas but also mathematics, symmetry, and shapes. It helps to develop the spatial skill of children.

8. The Triangular  Santas

The Triangular  Santas

Make these small Santas using colorful craft sheets. Cut two triangular pieces and then join them from the top so that the ends can support the Santas. Make plenty of these and decorate them in your house. You can give each to your guests and make them put it on their dresses or costumes to make a more fun party with a Christmas theme.

9. The Triangular Santas

The Triangular Santas

Make these amazing Santas in the same way as described above. These are very easy to make and you can teach your kids about the shapes and symmetry and hold a healthy competition among the kids and ask them to make Santa clauses using different shapes for the base. This is a method of fun teaching where children can learn and will also retain what they learn because of these interesting ways of teaching things.

10. Amazing Home Decoration

Amazing Home Decoration

Create this exquisite decoration of Santa Claus and the reindeer for Christmas at your homes. Use craft papers to make the Santa Claus and reindeer and put them on the door. You can make complementary starts or diamond dust to add to the beauty. Your guests will definitely admire you for your amazing work and creativity. This way you can not only decorate your homes but also save yourself from the extra expenses of decoration.

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11. The perfect Santa

The perfect Santa

Create this lovely Santa Claus by cutting a flower-like shape out of scrap paper and then paste Santa Claus craft on it. Teach your kids the same and about colors, shapes, and its features. Ask the students/kids to make more such crafts and use them to decorate your kid’s room and make many of these and hang it on the roof of your hall. It is a lovely decoration idea.

Try all these amazing ideas and teach your kids about so many things, not only the craft but colors, shapes, symmetry, and geometry. Tell them about the reason for celebrating festivals and develop their cultural knowledge as well. Apart from all these benefits, it also gives economical benefits as it will help to cut down the extra decoration expenses. Develop your child’s abilities and other skills using these crafts. Go on and take advantage of all these craft benefits.

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