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How to Make a Christmas Tree

How to Make a Christmas Tree


How to Make a Christmas Tree

Christmas is almost knocking on the door! People like to decorate their house with Christmas tree, gift, Santa’s look alike toy and many more. You must have wanted to decorate your house with a  beautiful tree. Today you’re going to learn to make a dazzling Christmas tree, which will make your room brighter. Christmas trees are the symbol of Christmas and happiness. That’s why to celebrate a Christmas Eve property one must have one of them. By doing this craft you can save some money also. So, without any words, let’s get started!

How to make a Glass Christmas tree


  • Glass 4 mm thick
  • Glass cutter
  • A black marker
  • A ruler
  • The bar for sharpening knives
  • Nail polish remover
  • Superglue
  •  A piece of plastic pipe( diameter of 110 mm)
  • A cardboard
  •  Acrylic paint
  • Garland 5 meters.


Reference video:

  1. Take a diamond glass cutter and a glass (4mm thick), use a marker and make a point with a ruler to measure it. The two parts will not be the same, ne will be bigger than the other. It will be rectangular( smaller) and square-shaped( bigger). 
  2. Cut the glass with the glass cutter.
  3. Take the rectangle lar glass shape, cut out two same shaped squares. Before cutting them do not forget to measure with a ruler then cut.
  4. Use the glass cutter and cut the glasses into square shapes sized  13 c.m to 5c.m in 5mm intervals.
  5. Take a knife sharpening bar, shape the glasses with it.
  6. Take a nail polish remover and a cloth, put some remover into the clothes and use it to polish the glasses.
  7. Take a liquid superglue,  put the glasses shape-wise and place them in diamond shape one over another and stick them properly with the glue. Do it carefully.
  8.  After finishing it will look like a Christmas tree.
  9. Measure it’s what if you want.
  10. Take a piece of plastic pipe( diameter of 110 mm), use the marker to draw lines in the bottom of it, that part you will be cut.
  11. Cut the part with a cutter properly.
  12. Take the cut part, clean and shape it with sandpaper.
  13. Take the cardboard place the pipe on it, use a marker and make two circles with it on the cardboard and cut that out.
  14. Use slime nail polish remover and clean the pipe.
  15.  Place the two cardboard circles on the bottom and up of the pipe and stick them with super glue. 
  16. Cut the unnecessary parts of that pipe with the cutter.
  17. Make a hole on it with a drill and put electric lights and stick the electric board on it properly.
  18. Take a brown Acrylic paint and paint the pipe part.
  19. Put the glass tree on it and then turn on the lights.
  20. Your beautiful Christmas tree will be ready!

Wow, it’s so beautiful just look at how beautiful the lights look in it! This will shine in your home. You can easily make it with the materials that are all available in the market. Santa will love it! Without buying anything you can use your creativity to decorate your house. Your relatives, guests and kids will love them. So, hurry up, grab the materials and make a dazzling Christmas tree.

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