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Easy Christmas Tree Craft Ideas For Kids

Easy Christmas Tree Craft Ideas For Kids


Easy Christmas Tree Craft Ideas For Kids

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Decorating your home for the holidays with DIY Christmas crafts usually sounds like a nice idea… until you remember that you still have to coordinate your children’s schedules, make your holiday feast, buy gifts, and, well, everything else. That’s why these easy Christmas projects for kids are a must: they’ll keep your kids occupied until Santa arrives, while also providing you with some new festive decorations to display.

These festive ideas are designed for small hands, making them exceedingly quick and simple to execute (yet still fun enough for adults to complete).

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Easy Christmas Tree Craft Ideas For Kids

Accordion Paper Christmas Tree

Make this Beautiful and simple Accordion paper Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Crafts For Kids Accordion Paper Christmas Tree

Image Source/Tutorial: Easy Peasy And Fun

Making Accordion paper tree craft is like a cakewalk for kids, only you need green bright colour papers, stick and shiny golden star to make it more attractive. Just make this attractive and beautiful Accordion paper tree craft and impress your family and friends with your creativeness.

Christmas Tree Fun Activity

Make Christmas tree winter craft with your friends!

Christmas Tree Crafts For Kids Christmas Tree Fun Activity

Image Source/Tutorial: I Heart Crafty Things

If you love both Christmas and winters so why not try to make a Christmas tree winter craft , it is so easy to make and it looks so beautiful with your Christmas ornaments. All you have to do is cut the cardstock papers in Christmas tree shape and decorate them with your creativeness. You should definitely try to make this craft idea this Christmas.

Simple Paper Mache Christmas Tree Craft

Crumble your worries away!

Christmas Tree Crafts For Kids Perfect Paper Mache Christmas Tree Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Buggy And Buddy

If you’re bored and don’t know what to make for Christmas, don’t worry because we’ve come up with a lovely Christmas tree craft idea that just requires colourful cardstock sheets, glitters, a glittering foam star sticker, glue, and scissors to complete. Make this craft with your pals and have a good time!

Christmas Tree Ornament Craft

Little, Cute and Fun!

Christmas Tree Crafts For Kids Christmas Tree Ornament Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Easy Peasy And Fun

Are you looking forward to putting up your Christmas tree? You claim you’re going to make your own ornaments? Today, we’re offering a felt Christmas tree ornament technique that’s excellent for kids to make, especially if they’re interested in learning to sew. Let us know in the comment section below how did you find it?

Decorate the Christmas Tree Activity

Simply Decorate, redecorate and have a lots of fun.

Christmas Tree Crafts For Kids Decorate the Christmas Tree Activity

Image Source/Tutorial: Buggy And Buddy

Children love making little Christmas activities and crafts for them to do to celebrate and prepare for the arrival of Christmas. They have so fun decorating the felt trees with all the colorful circles. This Christmas activity would also do wonders in a classroom center! It’s very easy to make and set up.

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Felt Christmas Tree Preschool Craft

Play with colors and make this colorful Felt Christmas tree preschool craft.

Christmas Tree Crafts For Kids Felt Christmas Tree Preschool Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: The Nerd’s Wife

Felt Christmas tree preschool craft are so simple to make and perfectly fit for preschool kids. You just need felt  and cut them according to the size of Christmas tree than make circular cut outs of felt and paste them according to your wish and done! This so quick to make and  I’m sure every kid gonna love this craft idea.

Easy Christmas Tree Craft

Paint your Christmas with Happiness and make this alluring Christmas tree Craft.

Christmas Tree Crafts For Kids Christmas Tree Craft

Image Source/Tutorial:  I Heart Crafty Things

If you’re getting bored and you don’t know what to make for Christmas than don’t get upset because here we are with so pretty Christmas tree craft idea and for making this you need colorful cardstock papers, glitters , shiny foam star sticker , glue and scissors.  It is definitely recommended for Kids of 7 to 13 age. Try to make this craft with your friends and have fun!


Popsicle Christmas tree Craft

Let’s be creative by making  Christmas tree Craft with Popsicles.

Christmas Tree Crafts For Kids Popsicle Christmas tree Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: She Saved

If you want to make something new than I definitely recommend you to make these simple yet so Attractive Popsicle Christmas tree Craft. For making this you need to assemble bunch of popsicles, glitters , painting colours and a shiny star. Just follow some basic steps and embellish your Christmas decorations with these Popsicle Christmas tree Craft.

Easy to Make Handprint Christmas Trees

The entire family can get involved!

Christmas Tree Crafts For Kids Handprint Christmas Trees

Image Source/Tutorial: Blitsy

This easy DIY Christmas ornament using recycled paper bags is the cutest keepsake craft for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and school aged kids. Making this handprint Christmas tree is very easy. Start by painting the jumbo craft stick with brown paint. Set aside to for the paint to dry.

Apply glue on the top part of the craft stick. Stick on the hand outline on the craft stick. Decorate the tree! Glue a shiny star on the top of the tree. Make little baubles out of buttons or gemstones (or any handy mini bauble like material). All done! Your Handprint Christmas Tree ornament is finished and ready to hang on your tree or give as a gift to relatives and friends (we know grandparents are going to love this one).

Easy Paper Christmas Tree Craft

Christmas Tree Crafts For Kids Easy Paper Christmas Tree Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Red Ted Art

The technique itself is very easy. You can use holiday wrapping paper (the most inexpensive option) or use patterned scrapbooking paper. Putting three together in a group. Some sort of embellishment will be required for the top.  You could use a star, a ball ornament, a silk poinsettia flower, etc. Let us know in the comments below, how easy this is for you.

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Paper Loops Christmas Tree

A fun way to add dimension and sparkle to your Christmas crafts.

Christmas Tree Crafts For Kids Paper Loops Christmas Tree

Image Source/Tutorial: Easy Peasy And Fun

Nothing beats frugal and kids love construction papercrafts. You may make it entirely out of paper OR add pom poms or jewels, to make it a little more festive. Use traditional Christmas colors. The project is simple to prep – it just takes a little time. Let children do all the work by themselves. You can sit back and relax.

Paper Christmas Trees Craft

Simplicity is the key!

Paper Christmas Trees Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Krokotak

For kids and adults of all ages, making these paper Christmas trees is a lot of fun. Construction paper and glue are all you’ll need. You just need a square piece of paper and fold it into a triangle and cut strips (not all the way to the fold), open it up and bend the strips down to a point, and glue. You can dress it up with stars, a stump, Christmas tree decorations, or whatever you wish!

Paper Plate Christmas Tree

Ready to have fun crafting this one, let’s do it.

Paper Plate Christmas Tree 

Image Source/Tutorial: Simple Living Mama

Start by painting the paper plate green. Let them dry completely and then cut them into thirds, then cut one of the sections a bit smaller. When you layer them together with the smallest one on top, you have a Christmas Tree shape. Complete your paper plate by Stapling (or attaching) a brown tree stump cut out of brown paper and a foam star sticker to the top makes a Christmas tree craft. Don’t forget to let us know how did your kids find this idea.

Pine Cone Christmas Tree

Decorate Pine and Stay Out of the Line.

Pine Cone Christmas Tree

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafty Morning

Allow the pinecones to dry after painting them green. Add snow to the bottoms of the pinecones and glue them to a little coaster. Decorate your trees as you see fit! Please do share your creativity too in the comment box and tag us when posting online.

Spring it On!

Who says the Christmas tree should only be an evergreen conifer tree?

Spring it On!

Image Source/Tutorial: Wesens Art

The most effective decorations are those that you create yourself. The options are unlimited, from turning light bulbs into snowmen to producing hand-print Santas’, and will keep the kids entertained for hours.

Decorate to your liking with glitzy pipe cleaners and snowflake cut-outs. After you’ve made the tree, the sky’s the limit in terms of how you may decorate it! You may embellish them with buttons, ribbon, pipe cleaners, pom-poms, and even rhinestones! It’s a simple Christmas craft that kids of all ages will enjoy!

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Oooo! Sparkly! Christmas Tree

You can’t go wrong with having a bit of extra sparkle at Christmas time!

Oooo! Sparkly! Christmas Tree

Image Source/Tutorial: One Little Project

Is it possible that this year’s Christmas will be even greater than last year’s? Yes. These Christmas trees made out of popsicle sticks are So Easy to make and So Beautiful! The kids will need your assistance in cutting the popsicle sticks, but they should be able to handle the rest on their own. I’m sure they’ll have a blast putting the rhinestones on their small trees! Let us know what do you think about this.

Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree

Christmas and Creativity both are loved by children equally.

Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree

Image Source/Tutorial: Make And Takes

This one is a keeper, whether it’s for a school Christmas craft, a holiday break activity, or a DIY gift that youngsters may give family and friends. This craft is suitable for both younger children (kindergarten and preschool) and older children (since it provides excellent fine motor work) and older children (because it can produce stunning results). You can also make this one into an ornament by adding some thread for hanging. Please let us know below what are you doing for the holidays!

No sewing Christmas Tree

With just a few supplies, anyone can accomplish it.

No sewing Christmas Tree

Image Source/Tutorial: Fireflies And Mud Pies

People enjoy making no-sew crafts for a variety of reasons, but the fact that they don’t have to get out of the sewing machine is certainly at the top of the list! This Festive No-Sew Tree Craft is excellent for getting you in the Christmas spirit, and it’s just in time for the holidays!

Note: it’s not possible to make these trees without enjoying every second of it! Plus, they are beautiful, rustic, and country, which is a great look.

Stringy Christmas Tree

Make the most of Christmas this year.

Stringy Christmas Tree

Image Source/Tutorial: Domestically Blissful

These are made out of string and homemade starch, and they’re super easy to make! You would really like these small decorations since they are festive but still minimalist. Corn flour (or corn starch) and water are all you need. 2 tsp cornflour or corn starch + 2 tsp cold water in a small saucepan 1 cup boiling water, poured from a kettle Bring to a boil, continually stirring. Do not forget to share the final pictures with us!

P for Perfect Papercup Christmas Tree

Perfect, minimal, and inexpensive.

P for Perfect Papercup Christmas Tree

Image Source/Tutorial: Totally The Bomb

If you’re just too darn busy this season with work, sports, and holiday travel to bring out the paints. This Paper Cup Christmas Tree craft couldn’t be any easier! This lovely Christmas tree ornament is not only adorable on the tree, but it’s also absurdly easy to make, making it ideal for school holiday parties, community activities, and lazy crafternoons at home. What to wait for? make it now!

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Starry Christmas Tree

Perfect Start for homemade Christmas decorations.

Starry Christmas Tree

Image Source/Tutorial: Kinder Craze

Make a small free-standing cutout out of this design by turning it into an ornament, embellishing a card, or reinforcing it with cardboard. You may also group these cutouts together to make a Christmas forest as a holiday centerpiece. The paper Christmas trees come in three distinct color schemes as well. Green with yellow stars, red with green stars, and yellow with red stars are all options.

Spiral Christmas Activity

Let your kids decorate a spiral tree this year.

Spiral Christmas Activity

Image Source/Tutorial: Educació Infantil

This is not only a fun Christmas craft activity, but it also allows kids to practice cutting-scissor skills, which will help them develop their fine motor abilities. So not only will this resource help you make your Christmas decorations look great, but it will also aid in the growth of your children. It’s also an excellent technique to stimulate creativity.

After completing this Christmas tree art activity, children will have a great sense of accomplishment. If you enjoyed this wonderful activity, we also recommend checking out our other creative activities.

Easy Clothespin Christmas Tree

Superfun! Supereasy! All you need is a few clothespins and it’s done.

Clothespin Christmas Tree

Image Source/Tutorial: Raising Whasians

This is the simplest of all crafts, take a few clothespins. Cut out the shape of a Christmas tree on a piece of green or of your choice paper, paste on the clothespin in a manner it resembles the tree and it’s done. They also make great gifts for family members. Kids have a blast making this craft and meanwhile you can enjoy some alone time. Be sure to find more!

I hope you like our Crafts ideas and try to make some of them this Christmas. For more crafts ideas, read more posts and also let me know in the comment section which Christmas tree craft idea you like the most.

Thank you!

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