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DIY Christmas Ornament Crafts for Toddlers to Teenagers

DIY Christmas Ornament Crafts for Toddlers to Teenagers


DIY Christmas Ornament Crafts for Toddlers to Teenagers

Christmas Ornament Crafts for kids of all ages to celebrate the holiday this winter. Make Christmas Tree, Reindeer, Snowmen, Wreath & more!

As the air gets drier and leaves start to shed, is becomes gradually prominent that winter has started to set in. The end of October marks the onset of the drier fall season, thus begins the countdown to the great winter carnivals, fetes, fairs, and other celebrations. The biggest and brightest of which is probably Christmas, the celebration of the birth of Christ.

This festival can be celebrated in various ways as one likes-lights, the iconic Christmas tree, festoons, having cakes and dry fruits to relinquish the flavours of the season. Also, a great way to celebrate Christmas and the winter season is to make crafts to pay homage to the same, which is an amazing option to spend time productively.

Christmas Ornament Crafts for Kids

Christmas Ornament Crafts for Kids

1. Star-studded Christmas trees

DIY Christmas Crafts for Kids Star studded Christmas trees

Image Source: Creatiful Kids

These Christmas trees made from glossy green paper with yellow tiny stars stuck onto them are absolutely gorgeous in every sense of the word. These being really easy to make and can be used as pretty decorations at doorsteps to amp up the festive factor of the season.

2. A tree out of family handprints

DIY Christmas Crafts for Kids A tree out of family handprints

Image Source: Mama Smiles

This Christmas tree is truly unique as it is made up of the hand measurements of the members in a family, young and old alike. So this tree holds a special place in the heart of the family as it contains something sentimental yet fun like measuring out their hands on paper. Thus, this adds a whole new dimension to the spirit of Christmas.

3. Fluffy Christmas cones

DIY Christmas Crafts for Kids Fluffy Christmas cones

Image Source: Creative Family Fun

Above we spot two cute conical Christmas trees with multicoloured fluffy balls adorning it. The cones seem to be made of paper with the colour green made possible by simple watercolour. This seems to be a great pastime activity for young children aged 8-13 years, and not to mention, the end result looks really pleasant!

4. Reindeer 0rnament cups

DIY Christmas Crafts for Kids Reindeer cups

Image Source: Happy Hooligans

Reindeers are another indispensable part of the Christmas season, symbolizing safe travels, endurance and longevity. Thus these bearers of happiness definitely deserve this pretty tribute in the form of brown cups with spiky springs representing their antennae, along with pretty red noses to match.

5. Tinkly reindeers with googly eyes

DIY Christmas Crafts for Kids Tinkly reindeers with googly eyes

Image Source: The Melrose Family

Another group of adorable reindeers we spy here, this time with even livelier eyes and tiny red tinkling bells in the place of a nose. Making these are easy and extremely fun and can be an engaging activity to spend time in the Christmas holidays. Not to mention the golden antennae add a lot to the cute cuteness factor.

6. Two Santas 0rnaments chilling on logs

Who would have thought that two tiny Santas hanging along with each other would be such a unique craft idea? The simplicity of the craft makes it even the more appealing as these adorable Santas hang from a tree in your garden to greet you any time of the day.

7. Santa ‘Cone’ Claus

DIY Christmas Crafts for Kids Santa 'Cone' Claus

Image Source: Hey Let’s Make Stuff

Again an adorable Santa makes an appearance in the form of an offbeat blue costume with a cute conical hat to sum up the look. This craft is quite easy to make as it requires a tube, a cone, coloured paper cutouts for the beard and costume, and seems to be great for children aged 10-15 years.

8. Wreath with a red ribbon

DIY Christmas Crafts for Kids Wreath with a red ribbon

Image Source: Happiness is Homemade

Wreaths in Christmas serve a special meaning as they are constructed of evergreens, which symbolize eternity and everlasting life. They have been hung on doors throughout history for different significances, oftentimes representing victory. As we look at this one above striking a neat picture with ruffled paper for the leaves and three berries, a sense of joy and hope fills the mind.

9. Wreath of hand measurements

This wreath is really aesthetic, with hand measurements making up for the green leaves, adorned with berries occasionally. This can be particularly fun to make, especially the hand measurement process, and the result looks great as well, combining the different shades of green to make for a pretty piece.

10. Cinnamon sticks for Christmas 0rnament

DIY Christmas Crafts for Kids Cinnamon sticks for Christmas

Image Source: This Grandma is Fun

Cinnamons smell amazing themselves and often remind us of Christmas. The warm, spicy scent fills our senses with familiarity and longing, reminding us of the joy the season of Christmas brings along with it. As shown above, these beautifully crafted sticks capture that sentiment.

11. Christmas tree watercolour prints

DIY Christmas Crafts for Kids Christmas tree watercolour prints

Image Source: A Dab of Glue Will Do

The three pieces of art shown above depict Christmas trees in a comparatively much unique way, that is, by coloring the surroundings, thus making the trees stand out in an uncommon manner. This blocking and printing method is thus a really fun and productive activity for vacations.

12. Paper socks cutouts

DIY Christmas Crafts for Kids Paper socks cutouts

Image Source: Bugaboo City

This couldn’t get any cuter than it already is, two cardboard model socks having ‘daddy’ and ‘grandma’ written onto them with a snowy friend and a Christmas tree drawn upon them. The illustrations further boost the spirit of Christmas, matching with the bright colours and snowflakes.

13. You are ‘deer’ to me

Christmas ornament crafts

Image Source: Kids Craft Room

Reindeers make yet another return again here in the form of cutesy cards. These cards can be an excellent gift idea for Christmas in between family or among friends. Given the unique nature of the gifts containing uplifting messages, the recipient will beam with happiness in no time.

14. DIY snow globes

DIY snow globes

Image Source: Crazy Little Projects

Snow globes are considered really precious items as they contain treasured mementoes trapped inside them. For those who do not have access to commercially made snow globes, these DIY alternatives can prove to be really great and many times, carrying more meaning than their industry made counterparts.

15. DIY paper lights for decorating rooms

DIY paper lights for decorating rooms

Image Source: Munchkin Time

Another homemade, cute, yet meaningful gift is added to this list of Christmas gifting posts. These pretty colourful lights can be used as fairy lights to light up the rooms on Christmas, to add a magical, otherworldly glow to otherwise regular rooms.

16. Thumbprint reindeer 0rnament

Thumb print reindeer 0rnament

Image Source: Little Bit Funky

These blue baubles with Reindeers with faces made up of thumbprints are truly captivating as the vibrancy of the colours adds to the charm of it. It is simplistic, yet eye-catching. We cannot just get enough of this one.

17. Paper ornaments for the season

Paper ornaments for the season

Image Source: Twitchetts

A simple gift idea for those who struggle to find much time is paper ornaments for hanging or keeping suspended on walls, windows. cars wherever wished. These are a sight to behold, and the green, orange colour palette adds to the mood of the season.

18. Wreath ornament with portrait

Wreath ornament with portrait - Christmas ornament crafts

Image Source: Honey + Lime

Ornaments can be great to celebrate the season, and this one is no exception. As we see that this wreath ornament effectively utilizes tablet sachets to create something more meaningful instead of adding to the waste. This move, added to the picture of the boy in the centre, is genuinely thoughtful.

19. Making use of cardboard rolls

Making use of cardboard rolls

Image Source: Meaningful Mama

Cardboard rolls are often discarded and left ignored to later end up in the waste, adding to environmental pollution. In the vein of the previous image, won’t it be simply amazing if we put to use discarded items for joyful purposes like these?

20. Here comes Olaf from Frozen

Here comes Olaf from Frozen - Christmas ornament crafts

Image Source: One Creative Mommy

Those of us who have watched the Frozen series, know how adorable Olaf the snowman was. Olaf loved warm hugs more than anything, so let’s show him the same amount of love he deserves by placing him somewhere open so that everyone can see!

21. Ah yes, reindeers at it again

Ah yes, reindeers at it again - Christmas ornament crafts

Image Source: Vicky Barone

We just can’t seem to get enough of Reindeers for Christmas season. This one, albeit the last reindeer and the last craft of them all, holds a special place in our hearts in all their adorableness, especially with the sparkly silver antennae. The best way to wrap up Christmas!

So in this post and series of pictures, we saw many thrilling Christmas ornament crafts to spend the Christmas season happily and productively. The gifts and crafts that were illustrated above make for perfect pastimes if made at home with young kids, making use of their endeavour. Also, the recycling concept here takes into account that no piece of good is discarded, thus being eco-friendly too!

If you enjoyed this, kindly visit other posts and this website again. Also, please leave your thoughts about this post in the comments down below. Thank you, have a great day/night!

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