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Easy To Make Ornaments for Kids to Celebrate Festivals


Easy To Make Ornaments for Kids to Celebrate Festivals

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Craft is another mode through which an artist communicates with the world. Not only that it can give rise to beautiful and eye-catching creations, but also evoke the minds of people to think about its origin and hence give a try of their own. This time we are here with a few videos that contain the tutorials for making ornaments for you to watch and familiarize with.

Easy To Make Ornaments for Kids

We expect that it would help you to learn making ornamental crafts with fewer efforts. It includes a number of easy to catch up tutorials which are presented by experts in the field of craft and design. Mostly, children can take advantage of these sessions and consider this as a wonderful opportunity to enhance their skills in craft and designs.

Unicorn Christmas Ornament

Learn with full tutorial

This video tutorial includes the instructions to make an elegant unicorn Christmas ornament. As the name indicates, this is mostly preferred to be used at the occasion of Christmas to decorate Christmas trees and cribs. The glittering balls can also be used as perfect home décor as well. The craft is easy to work with and would give you the expected results if done with the guidelines as defined in the video attached.

Hershey Kiss Ornaments

Learn with full tutorial

This includes another set of gift balls which can serve as a chocolate holder. This can be brought to sight as birthday presents or on festive occasions like Christmas.  More than being easier to make, it proves to look attractive in with simplicity. Watch the video to learn more.

Paper Ball Reindeer Craft

Learn with full tutorial

Here, we introduce you to a very simple but attractive craft which can be tried within no time. Mostly preferred for kids, the video tutorial can help them familiarize the basic cutting and sticking activities along with building ideas on cartooning with creative eminence.

Trolls Christmas Ornaments

Learn with full tutorial

This is another set of Christmas balls that comes under the festive décor. Rather than being creative, it brings a glow of joy and fun to the eyes of the viewer. It gives a simple but attractive makeover which can be done on easily available raw materials.

Disney Princess-Inspired Christmas Ornaments

Learn with full tutorial

This video tutorial includes the detailed steps of making yet another set of charming balls. Inspired from the hue of the Disney world, these would add more colors to the occasion as it holds some more added elements like sequenced patterns and roses.

Pom-Pom Photo Christmas Ornaments

Learn with full tutorial

Here is another impressive idea of craft that could be used as a hanger. This again would come under the festive décor category. It can attract both kids and elders as this idea is rare as it serves as a photo holder as well.

LEGO Ornament

Learn with full tutorial

This is another set of smile transparent ball with a silver top. This can hold chocolates, play blocks or any other kind of light weighed apparels of the same kind. Mostly preferred as a type of gift material; it can also serve as attractive home décor. The tutorial illustrates the steps involved in the making of this beautiful decor ornament.

Frozen Olaf Salt Dough Ornament

Learn with full tutorial

This is a foot printed dough ornament made inspired from Disney Frozen. On the dough, a simple sort of artwork is made to bring its main attraction. This craft would help children familiarize with the dough craft and its procedures. The video explains the key points to work on the dough and the basic knowledge to make it attractive with colors.

Star Wars Ornaments

Learn with full tutorial

This video tutorial involves the making of balls with classy and elegant looks. There is a silver top given for each of them which makes it classic along with its boyish fillers. Mostly attracted by boys of the age group 7-18. These can serve as both festive and as home decors.

DIY Glittering Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree Ornaments

Learn with full tutorial

Easy but elegant Christmas trees can be made with fewer efforts by following the steps mentioned in the video tutorials. The tutor skillfully explains the sharp cutting of stars and rectangular pieces which itself serves as the main attraction of these ornaments.

Easy Christmas Wreaths

Learn with full tutorial

These are some wonderful Christmas wreaths made out of thin satin ribbon. With less raw materials, the very idea of Christmas can be brought out using just two colors of green and red. The tutorial explains the method of crafting this with all the necessary steps.

Matchbox Car Ornaments

Learn with full tutorial

This one is a combination of art and craft made with a different idea. The main material used is a matchbox. The artwork gives it real charm. Here, the kids are taken to another world of imagination where they would develop skills on integrating ideas and implementing them taking advantage of their surroundings and the available materials.

So far we have seen various kinds of crafty ornaments used on festivals and for casual decorations which are compatible with all age groups. Thank you for watching our sessions. Hope the video tutorials did enrich you with the basic skills on craft and proved to be useful. If you liked the sessions, do visit again. Give a try and let us know what do gain from it. We would also like to hear from you as we believe that you are our strength. So please do post your comments and queries without reluctance.

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