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20+ Easy Fall Craft Ideas To Celebrate This Autumn

20+ Easy Fall Craft Ideas To Celebrate This Autumn

DIY and Crafts

20+ Easy Fall Craft Ideas To Celebrate This Autumn

Activities for Kids

Autumn also is known as fall, so-called as the trees shed there leaves. Leaves turn from green to orange and then yellow eventually before they fall. It is a season which comes post-summer, preceding the winters. Acknowledging the beauty of nature’s canopy, In this week’s DIY we bring to you an array of DIY crafts to make your season and festivals following it, fun and crafty.

Easy DIY Fall Craft Ideas

1. Pumpkin Stamps

Fall Craft Ideas for Kids Pumpkin Stamps

Image Source: Frugal Mom Eh

As you can see, the following craft represents the art piece for Halloween day. We have made use of apples and some paint to give pumpkin stamps on the paper. You can use this for festive greeting cards or homemade decorations. It can be easily made through the material available at home.

2. Spray Paint Hen

Fall Craft Ideas for Kids Spray Paint Hen

Image Source: The Resourceful Mama

The following craft is made using the fact in my mind that it can be made easily by the kids but of course under the guidance of teachers and parents. It’s a creative way children can make innovative crafts through easy spray paint using easily available brushes at home and some paint. This craft can be used as little fancy decorations or DIY project for your little one

3. Leaf Ring

Fall Craft Ideas for Kids Leaf Ring

Image Source: Happiness is Homemade

Autumn season is symbolised mainly by yellow and orange leaves that eventually fall out of trees. In this craft, you can use those leaves or simply use some colour papers to make the same, for wall decorations or as decorations for your doors. These craft items can be used as a wall hanging at home or craft projects for students at schools.

4. Autumn Leaves

You must have seen maple leaves in red, yellow or in orange colour during autumn season before they fall. The autumn season marks beauty for many individuals owing to the fact how colourful and vibrant these colourful leaves on the trees look. In this craft, we have used some coloured and design papers to make some innovative and creative paper maple leaves for decorations in cards, walls and doors.

5.  Leaf Person

Fall Craft Ideas for Kids Leaf Person

Image Source: My Mommy Style

As we promised you, in our every craft we will be using pocket-friendly and easily available material to make an art piece here we have used leaves to make a leaf man. You would simply need to gather up some fallen leaves of different sizes and stick them on the paper. Children can easily make these without much supervision, so teachers and parents can motivate their children to make this craft as the autumn season arrives.

6. Paper Hen

Fall Craft Ideas for Kids Paper Hen

Image Source: Housing a Forest

The best way to teach children about things around their daily life is through art and craft. Curiosity among children can easily be put into constructive art pieces if the teachers and parents allow their children to be more open and creative with ideas to use things around them to make something innovative and new. The following art piece can be made using everyday household items, at home or at school very easily.

7. Flower Basket

Fall Craft Ideas for Kids Flower Basket

Image Source: Easy Peasy and Fun

We have made the following flower basket using some jute, packing leftovers and nonetheless some leftover household material. This weekend spends some quality time with your little one to carry out this craft and place it as a decoration or DIY project that you did with your little artist. You can be more creative by using some fancy decoration items on the art piece if you please.

8. Paperplate Hen

Fall Craft Ideas for Kids Paperplate Hen

Image Source: I Heart Crafty Things

In the following craft, we have used a paper plate and some colourful papers to make a paper hen. This craft is easy to make as the items are easily available and it can be made independently by the child. It can be used as a decoration or be pasted in the scrapbook of your DIY projects.

9. Fancy Candy Jar

Fall Craft Ideas for Kids Fancy Candy Jar

Image Source: Local Adventurer

Running short of ideas for your next DIY? Here we have brought a very simple and creative idea, where you can simply enhance your candy jar by sticking some coloured papers to make it seem more attractive and fancy. And of course, as a treat, you will receive candy for making this jar so creative and beautiful.

10.  Pine Rabbit

You must have seen many pine cone art and craft but of course, this art piece we have brought in the tutorial is simple and can easily be made at home. You can hang it or place it as decoration on your table which will remind you how you can use even the simplest of items to your fancy.

11. Craft Apples

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apples are good for skin and carry tons of antioxidants which are beneficial to your body. Now make your own creative and colourful apples using some fancy paper and your creativity, through this tutorial.

12. Apple Art

Apple Art

Image Source: Made to be a Momma

Here we have another apple art piece. You can make little apples using colourful papers and paste them over sticks or pencils, find more information in the given tutorial. It’s colourful way to learn something new.

13. Paper Bird

Paper Bird

Image Source: A Girl and a Glue Gun

Birds usually have beautiful and interesting patterns on their wings and of course on their bodies. The following tutorial gives you an idea on how to make a paper bird using decorative papers. This craft is easy to make, using some used decoration papers which are of no use now at your home, you can now make an array of new crafts.

14. Paper Plate Owl

Paper Plate Owl

Image Source: Huppie Mama

Yes you guessed it right it’s an owl that too a paper owl. You can make many crafts using material easily available at your home, as we used paper plates here.  You just need to have an eye to bringing to life some creative crafts. Follow the tutorial to make this owl, you can make it even more interesting by using some innovation.

15. Halloween Ghost

Halloween Ghost

Image Source: Happiness is Homemade

As the Halloween is near you might need some easy and affordable decoration ideas for your home or school. This tutorial will teach you how to make a ghost hanging for your door, walls, ceilings or decorations to place at a table. Surprise your teachers and parents through this creative Idea this Halloween.

16. Spider Candy

Spiders are like essence to Halloween decorations. Now you can use some lollipops to make the spiders but of course, you will need to follow the whole tutorial to know the trick. Now you can even decorate your candies to scare the little ones and also bring to life the fear and fun.

17. Paper Pumpkins

Paper Pumpkins

Image Source: It’s Always Autumn

There is a certain symbolic representation to every festival, for Halloween, we usually have pumpkins, spiders, white ghosts etc. We have brought to you this tutorial, where you can make paper pumpkins to be used as decorations for your doors ceilings or at your schools in the classrooms. You can easily take them along with your friends and family to make your festival more fun and vibrant.

18. Ice-cream Stick Scarecrow

Ice-cream Stick Scarecrow

Image Source: Somewhat Simple

These ice-cream stick scarecrows are easy to make. you will simply need to be a little creative in decorating them else the tutorial will give you an idea on how to make the basic but to make it look fancy you have to use your own innovation and fancy material.

19. Apple Stamps

Apple Stamps

Image Source: Made to be a Momma

In the following tutorial, you will be needing some apples and paints to create these stamps over the paper. You can use these stamps for your greeting cards or simply as decorations. Children can easily make this along with their teachers or parents which will get them excited about the upcoming festival and the world of art.

20. Paper Roll Monsters

Paper Roll Monsters

Image Source: Happy Hooligans

Monsters need not be scary every time. This Halloween creates your own little monsters using easily available paper roll at home. This paper roll can be used by putting on some paint colourful papers etc to be decorated and used as Halloween decorations at home or school. Make it along with your family and friends and enjoy your Halloween.

21. Glowing Broomsticks

Witches use broomsticks to travel from one place to another, we all know, don’t we? Here is another decoration idea for you that can make your Halloween decorations even more attractive and creative. You can use glow sticks to make little brooms along with Happy Halloween tags to be used as decorations. Follow this tutorial properly and start making these, using your innovation and skills.

So, we are finally up with the daily craft ideas. Every week we bring to you the best of ideas for every occasion and festival. Do let us know how it turned out for you. We’d be waiting! Liked the craft?

Amazing! Ping us on our mail with your suggestions or comment down below, we will get back to you positively. CHECKOUT our other craft ideas for your special occasion on our website below, HURRY!

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