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DIY Leaf Art Fish Making Easy Tutorial for kids

DIY leaf art Fish making Easy Tutorial for kids

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DIY Leaf Art Fish Making Easy Tutorial for kids

Learn how to make an easy and fun DIY leaf art fish with this step-by-step tutorial. Perfect for children of all ages, this craft is sure to brighten up any room! All you need is some leaves, paper, and a few other supplies to get started.

Are you ready to dive into the ocean of creativity? In this easy tutorial, we will learn how to make a fish using colorful leaves. Get your artistic skills ready because this DIY leaf art fish project is perfect for kids. With our steps, you can transform ordinary leaves into vibrant underwater creatures. Let’s explore the wonders of nature and create a masterpiece that will swim its way into your heart! Get ready to make a splash with this fun and creative leaf art fish tutorial!

Make Your Own Adorable Leaf Fish Art Idea For Kids

DIY leaf art Fish making Easy Tutorial for kids

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Materials Required

  • Multicolored Leaves
  • Scissors
  • Black Sketch Pen or Marker
  • Green highlighter
  • Glue
  • Googly Eyes


Step 1: Preparing the Materials

Prepare the Materials-Crafting Leaves into Fish - A Simple Guide for Children

Start the craft by preparing a cut circular white pastel sheet. Thereafter, take a multicolored leaf and cut its stem as shown in the picture. This is going to be the trunk of the fish we are going to create in our further steps. Make sure to handle scissors with care and caution. It is advised to seek help from an adult if you are not able to do so properly.

Step 2: Glueing the Trunk of the Fish

Glue the Trunk of the Fish-How to Create a Fish from Leaves - A Kid-Friendly Guide

After the cutting is done, glue the trunk to the left side of the plain white sheet. You may have a look at the above image for directions. Stay tuned as our further steps are going to be more enjoyable.

Step 3: Attaching the Tail

Attach the Tail-Make a Fish with Leaves - A Step-by-Step Tutorial for Kids

Thereafter, take three more leaves and paste them accordingly as shown in the picture. These are going to represent the gills and the tail of the fish. Do not lose hope and keep trying until you get it perfect. Since we are done with the first fish let now proceed.

Step 4: Adding Googly Eyes

Add Googly Eyes-Leaf Art Fish - A Kid-Friendly How-To Guide

To give your fish a more realistic touch and make it look alive paste googly eyes on the head of the fish. We have made this step easier by providing an image for the same. Follow the image and jump onto the next very step of ours.

Step 5: Creating the Second Fish

Create the Second Fish- Turn Leaves into a Fish - An Easy Tutorial for Children

This step covers the second fish made aside from the main one. You just have to repeat the previous steps for the additional fish. After both of these are done it is now time to add some fine details and make it a beautiful marine art.

Step 6: Adding the Googly Eyes Again

Add the Googly Eyes Again-DIY Leaf Art Fish - A Guide for Young Crafters

But wait, do not forget to add the googly eyes. This is because it is the main element that is going to make this craft more prominent and alive.

Step 7: Decorating with Fins and Bubbles

Decorate with Fins and Bubbles-Make a Fish from Leaves - A Tutorial for Kids

Finally, let’s decorate this craft of ours. Start by drawing small fins for the fish on both sides. Take help from the above image if there is any sort of confusion. Also, try making some bubbles as you have to challenge your creativity to get better at crafting.

Finally, Your Leaf Art Fish Craft is Ready!!

Use the Green Highlighter-Crafting a Fish with Leaves - A Step-by-Step Guide for Children

And we are one step away from our wonderful fish craft. Lastly, use a green highlighter as directed in the above image. You can also add your creative touches as our crafts do not have any set boundaries.
You are always welcome to add your imaginative ideas and make this craft even better. We hope you like this craft. See you shortly, and happy crafting!

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