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How To Make Fall Leaf Princess Artwork For Kids

How To Make fall leaf artwork for kids

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How To Make Fall Leaf Princess Artwork For Kids

This article will tell children how to make a cool Fall Leaf Princess artwork project. They will learn how to make a princess figure out of leaves and then make a scene around it. It’s a perfect activity for a fun day!

Need a royal craft idea for your little artist? Don’t worry we have got you covered!! This craft idea is the perfect one to cure your kid’s boredom and can be used as an example of the best out of the best. This princess craft using fall is both creative and eco-friendly, killing two birds with one stone!! Suitable for children of 5 to 7 years of age, this can surely act as a fun bonding activity for kids and their parents. So what are you waiting for, step into your garden and collect the leaves to get started with this one!!

Easy Fall Leaf Artwork Tutorial For Kids

How To Make fall leaf artwork for kids

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Materials Required

  • Fall Leaves
  • A Pair Of Scissors
  • A White Colored Sheet Of Paper
  • Double-Sided Tape
  • Fake Pearls Or Decorative Beads


Step 1: Cutting A Leaf

Cutting the Leaf. To Make fall leaf artwork for kids

Firstly, mark the outline of a circle on the leaf and then cut this crease using a pair of scissors.

Step 2: Pasting The Double-Sided Tape

Pasting the double sided tape. Step-by-step guide To Make fall leaf artwork for Amateurs

Now, cut a piece of double-sided tape and paste it on the circular cutout.

Step 3: Placing The Cutout On The Paper

placing the cutout on paper. Complete tutorial on making the fall leaf artwork for Children

Now, paste this cutout on the white-colored sheet of paper.

Step 4: Pasting Leaves To Create The Dress

Pasting leaves to create dress. Step-by-Step procedure to create fall leaf artwork for kids

Next, take more leaves and paste them on one side of the circle. Make sure you paste them close to the circle.

Step 5: Pasting Leaves To Complete The Dress

pasting leaves to complete dress. Creating the craft of leaf artwork for beginners

Next, paste some more leaves on the other side of the circle too. This will be the dress for our princess!

Step 6: Cutting Another Leaf

Cutting the leaf. Creative artwork of fall leaf for Kids

Take another leaf and cut it as shown.

Step 7: Pasting The Leaves For The Hairstyle

Pasting leaves for hairstyle. Complete tutorial on how to make fall leaf artwork for kids

Now, paste the cutout as shown in the picture below.

Step 8: Pasting The Hair Bun

Pasting hair bun. creative arts & crafts for kids

Now, cut another small circle from the yellow leaf and paste it on the top of the cutout you just pasted, this will be the hair bun!

Step 9: Making The Outline Using a Marker And Adding Facial Features

Making the outline and adding special facial features. To Make fall leaf artwork for beginners

Now, take a marker or a sketch pen and create an outline for the hands, neck, and face. Don’t forget to add facial features, and most importantly, a smile!

Step 10: Pasting Beads

Pasting beads. Step-by-Step tutorial on how To Make fall leaf artwork for kids

Now, using the adhesive, paste the beads on the hair bun and also add some blush to that sweet smile!

Hurray !Your Fall Leaf Craft Is Ready!

Finally, take some colored beads and paste them on the neck, this will be the necklace for our princess!

This Fall Leaf Princess Artwork is a great way for kids to create a fun and unique art piece for the autumn season. With a few simple materials, children can create a beautiful princess with a colorful array of fall leaves.

Some More Leaf Dall Craft Tutorial

Simple To Make Fall Leaf Crafts For Children

Simple To Make Fall Leaf Crafts For Children

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

Fall leaf crafts are a fun and easy way to keep the kids occupied and entertained during autumn. With a few basic supplies and some creativity, children of all ages can make beautiful decorations and keepsakes to enjoy.

How To Learn Boy Craft Using Fall Leaves

How To Learn Boy Craft Using Fall Leaves

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

Fall leaves are a great source of craft material, especially for boys! Learning how to make crafts using fall leaves can be a fun and creative activity. With some simple supplies and a bit of creativity, boys can create beautiful art projects with fall leaves.

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