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Easy to Make Fall Leaf Craft Ideas for Kids

Easy to Make Fall Leaf Craft Ideas for Kids

Fall & Autumn

Easy to Make Fall Leaf Craft Ideas for Kids

Activities for Kids

Use these simple yet creative Ideas to watch Autumn in its wonder with leaf craft ideas for kids!

If we want to make something with colours and pictures around us, and what is a better way to deal with craft this fall than with Autumn leaves?

Most of these leaf craft requires the leaves without any cuts, fresh, straight off the tree or nearly fallen on the ground. While others require leaves that are crushed and dried first.

Fall Leaf Craft Ideas for kids


  1. Autumn leaves- pressed, fresh and dried.
  2. Metallic/coloured markers
  3. Glue
  4. Sheets of your choice
  5. Artificial eyes
  6. Scissors

Leaf Drawing and Doodling

Leaf Drawing and Doodling

  • After we collected the leaves we’ve been pressing and drying.
  • Decide the faces/expressions that you need to draw on each one of them on a rough sheet of paper to get an idea.
  • Now directly draw, form, and doodle on them with your choice of colours. Black would be preferable.
  • The leaves are simple yet beautiful and look Super Cute!

The king of the jungle

The king of the jungle - Easiest Fall Leaf Craft Ideas for kids

  • The first step to designing this amazing lion face is to go outside with your child and collect Autumn leaves.
  • Try and find a wide range, with different textures and colours.
  • Spiky leaves will be very useful, as will leaves with orange, brown and yellow tones; they’ll look fabulous!
  • Draw the face of a lion on the paper with the help of a marker and colours of your choice then carefully cut out the lions head.
  • Now apply glue on the area around the lion’s face adding more as you go and pressing the leaves on it. Leaf by leaf, all around.
  • Give it some time for the glue to set! And we are done!

Cute Lil’ Porcupine

Cute Lil' Porcupine

Be(leaf) it or not but this porcupine can be made from the fallen leaves!

We will make fun porcupine from all of the fallen leaves.

  • You need to collect the dried brown coloured leaves for the porcupine.
  • Take a paper, crafty eyes and a red bead for the porcupine. Outline and cut it out. Once done, paste the eye and nose on the right place.
  • Attach your leave favourite porcupine with your favourite white glue and let dry.
  • To help keep the leaves flat, try covering them with a magazine and then a book for weight. The porcupine is ready!

Mr.Leaf Owl

Mr.Leaf Owl - Easiest Fall Leaf Craft Ideas for kids

This wide-eyed little owl has some pretty autumn leaves on his chest instead of feathers.

  • First, you need to go for a walk and collect leaves.  You can collect them from small shrubs and bushes, not just trees.
  • Outline a paper to paste leaves. Draw legs and nose for the Owl.
  • Glue the leaves all over the owl’s chest to cover it up. Paste the eyes, nose and legs on their right place.
  • Let the glue dry.
  • Overtop and a heavy book on top
  • The owl is ready!

Leaf Mice

Leaf Mice - Easiest Fall Leaf Craft Ideas for kids

  • Collect green leaves then put the leaves between two sheets of wax paper, and press in a heavy book until flat.
  • Place the leaves as you’d draw the mice and see how it looks. Once you are sure then move to the next step.
  • Now, Glue the leaves to the paper. Let it dry.
  • Paste the black eye on his face. Your mice are ready!

The Insect group

The Insect group

  • Collect all colours of leaves and few flower petals along with few red beads.
  • Now start placing the leaves separately in the shape of different insects: Butterfly, bug, caterpillar, spider, bee and a ladybird.
  • Once you are sure about the shapes and the placing, start pasting them one by one.
  • Start from the bug and then keep moving to the other one.
  • Once done, let them all dry.
  • Your insects are now ready to crawl, fly and move everywhere in your house!

We hope these fall leaf craft ideas for kids helped you and your kid to come up with something new and creative!

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