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How to Make a DIY Paper Moving Spider

How to Make a DIY Paper Moving Spider

Paper Crafts

How to Make a DIY Paper Moving Spider

Activities for Kids

Hi guys! Today you are going to make an insect that somebody scares and somebody feels interesting about. You must be guessing what it might be? So let’s reveal. It’s a spider. Some of you might be a huge spiderman fan, for you guys this insect is not a matter to freak out right!  Some of you find this insect scary and disgusting. Still, you will be fascinated to know some interesting things about this insect that’s unknown to most people.

These insects have blue blood. They can also fart, likely humans and they can also swim. These tiny creatures are almost like humans! These facts might attract your attention right! And the most interesting fact about making this craft is moving the spiders. So, let’s not waste any time and time making a cute spider.

How to Make a DIY Paper Moving Spider


  • Two black colour paper circles.
  • A small grey colour circle.
  • A small white piece of paper.
  • Four long black colour paper strips.
  • A long bamboo stick.
  • A black marker pen.
  • A red sketch pen.
  • A glue stick.
  • Scissors.


  1. Take a black colour paper circle and a glue stick, apply glue on the circle.
  2. Take four long black colour paper strips of the same size, paste the strips into the middle of the circle in a criss-cross way.
  3. To understand the process more properly you can see the reference video.
  4. Grab a bamboo stick and paste it on the bottom-middle side of the circle.
  5. Grab a black colour paper circle, the same size as the previous circle.
  6. Apply glue on the circle with the glue stick.
  7. Paste the circle over the previous bamboo stick added circle.
  8. Take a small grey colour circle and a white piece of paper.
  9. Cut out two same size small circles from the white paper with scissors.
  10. Grab a black marker pen, draw two cute eyeballs on the circles as the spider’s eyes.
  11. Apply glue on the eyes with the glue stick and paste it on the grey circle.
  12. Grab a red sketch pen, draw a smile on the bottom of the grey circle.
  13. Apply glue on the top of the previous black circle’s top with the glue stick.
  14. Attach the grey circle on the top of the glued black circle.
  15. Fold the paper strips inside the circle.
  16. Fold the strips outside of the circle.
  17. Fold the middle of each strip or the spider’s legs.
  18. Your cute paper spider will be ready!

How cool, right! You can move the spider by the stick so easily. It will look so real! And also this process is so easy to make. You just need a few materials and give the paper a fascinating shape. Make them and play with your friends. You can also make them at your craft class, your teachers gonna love them. But don’t scare your spider phobic friends. Gift your spider loving friends this. They are gonna love them. So, grab your stationery and make a cute DIY moving spider.

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