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DIY Pencil Holder Crafts to Make at Home

DIY Pencil Holder Crafts to Make at Home

DIY and Crafts

DIY Pencil Holder Crafts to Make at Home

Use your skills and free time to make DIY pencil holders!

Time to make space for your stationery tools by making pencil holders for them with the help of your DIY skill to make everything out of anything.

Time to utilize all the free time you have and put them in use by making some handcrafted holders for all your pencils because let’s agree, you are tired of playing hide and seek with them. To prevent your pencils and other tools from losing and finding make a DIY pencil holder because it will save time as you no longer have to search for your pencils or pens under the bed or behind the sofa and it will explore your skill in DIY skills.

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DIY Pencil Holder Crafts

Handcrafted Holder For Your Pencil

DIY Pencil Holder Crafts Handcrafted holder for your pencil, sketchpen

Tired of losing and finding your pencil and stencils? Why not create a bunch of holders for them on the same base so that you prevent them from losing again. Using this will be beneficial for not only you will find storage for your pencils but also the space your DIY holder will occupy is small.

A Handcrafted Rabbit Crayon Holder

DIY Pencil Holder Crafts A handcrafted rabbit crayon holder


Lost the packet of your crayon collection? How about creating but with a stir of creativity. Give your handcrafted pencil holder some legs an ears and a bunny face to make it look interesting and hence add some appealing view to your study table.

Fun DIY For All Those Scattered Pencils

DIY Pencil Holder Crafts Fun DIY for all those scattered pencils

Time to stop carelessly scattering those pencils and art pens that you have and using some time and investing in making some of those absolutely adorable holders of pencils and stuff because your they deserve better. Also because making this craft comes in handy and is full of fun.

DIY Pencil Holder For A Book Nerd

DIY Pencil Holder Crafts DIY pencil holder for a booknerd

A great bookend you are you say? So how about radiating some book nerdiness in your craft as well. Make a DIY pencil holder and use those torn pages of books to give your pencil holder a great cover. By this, you can learn the art of representing yourself in every craft that you build.

Handcrafted Pencil Holder For An Artist

DIY Pencil Holder Crafts Handcrafted pencil holder for a artist

If you are a great and vivid lover of art, then we got an idea for you. Create a pencil holder and color and shape it like a collection of pencil colors. For reference, you can see above provided picture. In this way, your craft will resonate a part of yourself giving out the vibes of “artist lover”.

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Some More Handcrafted Holders For Your Pens

DIY Pencil Holder Crafts Some more handcrafted holders for your pens

Here are some more idea provided in the above picture that will help you in the idea of how to decorate the pencil holder that you handcrafted. For testing your skills, you can try something out of your comfort zone and start decorating your holder.

Gift A DIY Pencil Holder To A Friend

DIY Pencil Holder Crafts Gift a DIY pencil holder to a friend

Gift your friend something that is handcrafted. You can write his or her name on the holder. Making this craft and gifting your dear ones will emphasize on the fact that how much they mean to you for you took time and thought of something creative and made for them instead of buying something materialistic from retails.

A Pencil Holder For A Marine Lover

DIY Pencil Holder Crafts A pencil holder for a marine  lover

Like fish or something that resonates with ‘ marine ‘. Make a pencil holder and place it on your study table. For more variations, colour each holder with the design of different fishes and learn the concept of bringing out possible variation in everything you love.

Add Some Fusion To Your DIYs

DIY Pencil Holder Crafts Add some fusion to your DIYs


If you love everything with some fusion, do the same with the pencil holders that you craft with your hands. Draw some of your favorite fusions on them to make them look more attractive and also to make them mirror your personality.

A Pencil Holder Handcrafted For Your Younger One

A pencil holder handcrafted for your younger one

Tell your younger one to collect some cardboards and chart papers and other tools and teach them to make a holder for their pencils that are scattered all around the house. Teach them the concept of filling their surrounding with crafts that can be made by hand to explore one’s skills and suppress excess expenditure.

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Some Basic DIY Pencil Holder

Some basic DIY pencil holder

Not much of an art person, don’t worry we still got you covered. The reference image provided above is easy to make. No advancement in craft skills, just some proper assistance and the required tools and you are good to go. Anyone who is above 8 years old can easily make it.

A Butterfly Crafted Pencil Holder

A butterfly crafted pencil holder

Give some butterfly touch to your pencil holder this time. Even if you already have a readymade holder just stick the butterfly with the very holder as referred to in the above image. This hardly will take much of your time and the cherry on the top is it is easy to make.

A Pencil Holder Made Up Of Pencil Colours

A pencil holder made up of pencil colours


Don’t throw those pencil colours that you don’t need anymore. By creating this you will learn the art of “reuse” and by learning this concept you are indirectly supporting in the initiative of not throwing trash on open roads.

Use Those Tins For Making Pencil Holders

Use those tins fo making pencil holders

Stop your mom from throwing those tins that she no longer use. Instead, ask her to give those to you and make very productive use of the tins. If you do not fancy the upper case of the tin, cover it with a paper that consists of your favorite manuscript after printing them out.

These were some of the ways on how you can make holders for your pencil, sketch pens, and all other art pens. All the craft require is some basic skills or lowkey advanced skills and then you can craft your pencil holder all up. Also, give it all you have to make holders and draw and design them in a way that goes with your personality.

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