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DIY Backyard Games For Kids

Kids Activities

DIY Backyard Games For Kids

Activities for Kids

Holidays can be so fun and at the same time morning! You have to go to outings or museums or parks with your friends during the holidays. But nowadays everyone spends time in their house most of the time, that’s why holidays become boring at some point right! But we don’t let you waste your precious time and talent like this. So, here K4 craft came with some amazing DIY backyard games that you never thought of. 

These games will make your days with their fun and easy structure. You can easily set them up and enjoy them with your friends and family. So, what are we going to learn? Let’s see more!

DIY Backyard Games For Kids

Fun Angry Birds Game in Your Backyard

You must’ve played Angry Birds on your phone right! It’s so fun. So, how about creating a big angry birds game in your backyard. It will be so fun.

Image Source/Tutorial: my4mistersandtheirsister

  • Difficulty level: Hard
  • Materials Required: Big Boxes, pig balloons, permanent markers, decors, big, colors, a bog sling with rope, and big pillars.

little kiddos can take adults to help to set up this game. Follow the picture and set up the game with angry birds like balloons. Then put a big sling away from it in your yard and hit the balloons with another balloon. You can get all the materials at any tool shop.

Giant Game Board in Backyard

A Giant Game Board!  Sounds cool Right! It also looks very cool. So pass your boredom with this game. It will be so fun to play with friends and family.

Image Source/Tutorial: The 36th Avenue

  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Materials Required:: A pair of DIY Wood Dice, masking tape to make the game board, and chalk.

You will make the giant board using tape by following the picture. After the board is ready write in every part with the chalk, fun activities which you have to do while playing. So, this part is up to you. Then you will need a pair of wood dice to start the game.

A Big Bananagrams Game in Backyard

BANANAGRAMS Games are just basically a Scrabble game without aboard. You’re going to make this very largely in your backyard, which will be so fun!

Image Source/Tutorial: Constantly Love Struck

  • Difficulty level: Easy 
  • Materials Required:144, 12inch square pieces from a big masonite piece, white paint, and permanent marker.

You need to set up the masonite pieces where you will write the alphabet with the paint and markers. Then you will set up the pieces and play.

A Giant Lawn Checkers Game

Checkers games are so fun and interesting right! But if we create on a large scale just think how cool it would be. And you’re going to do this right away. How? Let’s see.

Image Source/Tutorial: Hallmark Channel

  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Materials Required: 12′ x 12′ astroturf rug, 5-gallon bucket Lids (24 for pieces and a couple extra for Kings), Red spray paint (2), Black spray paint (2), White spray paint (2), Primer spray paint (2), Painters Tape, Clear acrylic spray paint, Hot Glue, and Goo Gone.

You will lay the paint lid and remove the labels with goo gone. Then paint with a spray. Lay the rug as your checkerboard, paint every box like the checkerboard. Then play!

A Tight-Rope and Give Away Activity in Backyard

Let’s be a checker for a day! If you want to go through the rope then you have to pay. Sounds fun right! So, let’s begin.

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Materials Required: Tight ropes and hot glue.

You need to set up the rope and down then play with them don’t let anybody go through it.

SPRAY Crab Soccer In Your Backyard

Have heard about crab soccer yet? If not then let us tell you it’s just a simple soccer game just you have to play it by making a crab position! Sounds fun right!

Image Source/Tutorial: Kween Mama

  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Materials Required: A big water cloth and a ball.

You just need to lay down the water cloth in your backyard. Then take a crab-like position with your friends and play soccer in that position. It will be super crazy and fun.

Big Yard Dominos Game

Dominos is a fun family game that you play with dice or dominoes but you’re going to play this game on a large level in your backyard!

Image Source/Tutorial: So You Think You’re Crafty

  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Materials Required: Big Dominos.

This will be just ordinary Dominoes or dice just you will be playing them with these big dominoes. Have fun!

Big Disk Tic-Tac-Toe Game in Backyard

Have you ever heard about a Tic-tac-toe? It’s a very fun game you all must have played in your spare time in a notebook with friends! But this game will be a lot more fun as it’s going to be so large!

Image Source/Tutorial: BHG

  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Materials Required: Flying disks and a shower curtain, spray paint, and duct tape.

The game will be placed on the shower curtain and divided into the area of the games with duct tape. Use the flying disk as the dice of the game. Divide the team by using colors and it will be so fun.

Fun Bottle Billiards Game in Backyard

Billiards are a type of game anyone will never be bored of. You mustn’t play this game in your backyard before. It will be so fun!

Image Source/Tutorial: Makezine

  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Materials Required: Water Bottles, paint, brush, permanent markers, and a big ball.

You need to color the water bottles just like the picture with some lady and a man with air with dice in hand. Then pick up a ball set up the bottles and play billiards.

A Giant DIY Jenga Yard Game

A Jenga game required so much contraction and intelligence. So, by playing this game your skills are going to increase a lot. And this game will be more fun as you’re going to play it on a longer scale.

Image Source/Tutorial: Creative Green Living

  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Materials Required: 4 pieces of 2x3x8 lumber, Table saw or compound miter saw (hardware stores have some to rent if you don’t want to buy), Mouse sander, Work gloves, Eye protection, Pen or pencil measuring tape.

You need to cut the wood in a 7.5″ long size with the sander and measuring tape. Don’t forget to put on working gloves and not hurt yourself. Cut out 12 Kenya from every 4 pieces of board. There will be a total of 48 pieces.  With all these pieces you’re ready to play Jenga.

DIY Key and Ball Puller Game in Backyard

If you pull a key then some colorful balls will be out from a machine! You must guess it right it is a Key and ball puller game. It will be fun to play in your backyard.

Image Source/Tutorial: All Parenting

  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Materials Required: A stool with a square hole in the middle, a big wide net pipe, coloring balls, and pencil sticks.

You need to put up the net over the stool and put pencil sticks in it in the middle of a lot of pencils and fill gaps. Then put the coloring balls over it. Then start the game by pulling off the sticks. Let’s see who wins!

Big DIY Monster Boards in Backyard

This activity will be the best part so you can celebrate your birthday in the backyard. These will be cute monster boards! Your friends are gonna love them!

Image Source/Tutorial: Missy Ballance

  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Materials Required: Stick stands, big cardboard, monsters printed big picture with a big open mouth, cutter, hot glue, and hammer, and kneel.

You need to put up the cardboard in between two sticks with a hammer and kneel and set it up in the backyard. Then paste the monster picture and cut out the mouth area. It will be ready.

Fun Mud Run Game in Backyard

Running over mud will be the best refreshing idea to do in summer. Your boring hot summer days will be so much fun with this activity.

Image Source/Tutorial: Ashley and photography

  • Difficulty level:  Easy
  • Materials Required: Ropes, scissors, and glue.

For the Mud race, you need to find a place where you can see mud then put the ropes over there like military training. Then you will start the game but don’t fall in the mud.

Giant Pick-up Stick Game in Backyard

Do you remember this game? If not let us remind you in this game you have to pick up a stick from many disorganized sticks without moving one stick! Sounds fun right it will be way more fun than you imagine as it will be a huge one. So, let’s start!

Image Source/Tutorial: I Heart Nap Time

  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Materials Required: 24-36 Bamboo yard stakes, paint, and brush/ spray paint.

You need to color the sticks with paint or spray paint. Then just follow the rules and set them up and enjoy!

Giant Othello Game in Backyard

The Othello game is also an old-fashioned game, you all heard or might have seen. This game is going to be a super fun giant that you’re gonna love.

Image Source/Tutorial: Home Depot in

  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Materials Required: A big Board with a stand and multiple holes, and blue and white circles.

The game will be set up on the board and you’ll play them with multiple circles. It will be fun!

Spring Time Tic- Tac- Toe Game in Garden

We have already mentioned the tic-tac-toe game in a previous section. But this game will be a little different as this gonna take you to a spring day. Why? Let’s see then.

Image Source/Tutorial: Chicken Scratch NY

  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Materials Required: large, rounded river rocks, Red, Black, and Yellow paint, Paint Brush, and wood round (or something for your board)

You need to color the rocks with paints like five red and yellow bug-like shapes. Then draw areas on a wood round or bord with black paint and enjoy the game.

A Big Backyard Water Wall

Water walls are the most fun thing to have on hot summer days. If you can’t buy one you a make one right! It will be the soul of your backyard in the summertime.

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Materials Required: Plastic bottles, hoses, and containers, large containers, scoops, staple gun, scissors, or Exacto knife, hole punch, zip ties.

The waterfall will be placed on a wall follow the picture and set up the water wall like the picture.

Giant DIY Water Blob Game

Water Blob game is the best game to play in summer! So let’s see how your cloud enjoys them in your backyard.

Image Source/Tutorial: Clumsy Crafter

  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Materials Required: Plastic sheeting at least 4 mils thick, Duct tape, Blue food coloring, Measuring tape, Iron/Ironing board, and Parchment paper.

At first, you will chop Your plastic sheet and cut your plastic sheet to your wished proportion, and then start latching your blob. Then tape the corners and seal properly. Then fill the blob with water. Have fun!

Giant DIY Yard Yahtzee

Gaint yard Yahtzee sounds very amazing right! It will also look very amazing as you’re going to put your best efforts into this. Just follow this article!

Image Source/Tutorial: The Pinning Mama

  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Materials Required: Wooden 4×4 cubes, Acrylic Craft Paint, Round sponge brush, and Sealant.

You just need to collect the wooden cubes of mentioned sizes and color them according to the picture.  We hope our kiddos will lot of effort into making them. It will be so cool.

DIY Summer Twister

This is a very fun game you might hear about. There are circles of four colors and you need to share a circle with one hand or foot each. The referee shouts hand or foot and a color. Every player then endeavors to position that body part onto an open area for that particular color. Sounds fun right! But in general, people used the cream on the circles but you’re going to use colors as you’re going to play it in the backyard.

Image Source/Tutorial: Eucharisteo

  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Materials Required: Spray color of red, blue, yellow, and green and power color.

You need to make the row of each color like the picture with the help of the color spray and powder in your backyard. Then with the rules, you will start the game. It will be super fun.

These are quite some interesting backyard game ideas that you can do while spending your boring holiday time. We hope you find this article useful. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Keep smiling and creating with us.

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