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Train Party Games & Activities for Kids


Train Party Games & Activities for Kids

Activities for Kids

It could be that your child has reached the age where Thomas, the little blue engine, has entered their lives and taken over their entire world. Or maybe you’ve got the makings of a future Conductor on your hands? In any case, if your child is fascinated with trains, railroads, steam, and tracks, here are some fun and great train-themed party ideas that they will enjoy for their next party.

So, today, we’ve gathered some fantastic train-themed party ideas, including recommendations for decor, cakes, food, and more. The nicest aspect about a train party is that it can be tailored to any age group – from toddlers to teenagers! So let’s get this party started!

Train Party Games & Activities for Kids

Train Party Games & Activities for Kids

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Thomas The Train Birthday Party Idea

Train Party Games & Activities for Kids Thomas The Train Birthday Party Idea

Image Source/Tutorial: Just A Girl And Her Blog

Kids, I know everyone loves Thomas the Train, so design your own and have fun with it. This is an excellent idea for a birthday celebration or any other occasion where you want to make your day more special and pleasant.

Vintage Theme Birthday Party

Train Party Games & Activities for Kids Vintage Theme Birthday Party

Image Source/Tutorial: Kara’s Party Ideas

Now organize a Vintage train theme birthday party to make your dream come true of enjoying the vintage trains. Decorate your party with Vintage train ornaments and set up snacks according to the theme of the party, now enjoy your party to the fullest!

A Thomas The Train Birthday Party!

Train Party Games & Activities for Kids A Thomas The Train Birthday Party!

Image Source/Tutorial: Kristine’s Kitchen

The theme of this party is based on the fact that children enjoy playing with automobiles, trucks, and trains. Instead of giving your child a vehicle or truck-themed birthday party, throw a train-themed party for them. When the youngsters saw the Thomas supplies, they were overjoyed and kept saying, “Thomas Train! Thomas Train!” As a result, plan a Thomas the Train birthday party for your child.

Thomas Train Party Snacks

Train Party Games & Activities for Kids Thomas Train Party Snacks

Image Source/Tutorial: View From The Fridge

Kids if you are a train lover then definitely throw a train theme party to your friends and serve the tempting snacks to them to make your party joyful and perfect. I recommend you use this idea and plan a perfect train theme party.

Train Party

Train Party Games & Activities for Kids Train Party

Image Source/Tutorial: fakecrab

The train engine was chocolate, the vehicle was butter, and the caboose was strawberry, so you can make a birthday cake. Baked in bread pans and put together like a train. For the smokestack, Oreos with m&m’s for the wheels, and Oreos for the coal, use an ice cream cone. Connectors and the top edge of the car should be made out of fruity Twizzlers. A party store had some adorable miniature train candles.

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Train Party Snacks

Train Party Games & Activities for Kids Train Party Snacks

Image Source/Tutorial: Diary of a Preppy Mom

Kids just decorate the fruits according to your train party theme. This idea of decorating fruit perfectly goes with the theme and looks very attractive. So kid, Don’t think too much, just take some fruits and start decorating them according to the theme of the party.

Cardboard Box Train

Train Party Games & Activities for Kids Cardboard Box Train

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

At this point, I suppose I’m going to need some assistance with my cardboard box hoarding! This weekend, I was able to create a cardboard box train out of a few of the smaller cosmetic boxes. A simple painted pull-along train that will have you pretending to be a choo choo train for hours. This craft is only three steps long: glue, paint, and draw. Let’s go to work on it!

Thomas Train Craft

Train Party Games & Activities for Kids Thomas Train Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: PBS

Kids may now construct their own Thomas train crafts using only the most basic materials that are commonly found around the house. This craft is so much fun to do, and the kids will love playing with it. So, gather your materials and get ready to make this craft with your pals.

Cutest Toilet Paper Roll Train Craft

Train Party Games & Activities for Kids Cutest Toilet Paper Roll Train Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

Let’s create a train out of toilet paper rolls today! This easy paper train craft uses recycled materials to create a fun activity for kids of all ages in the classroom or at home. If your youngster likes trains, this could be the ideal simple craft for them. This DIY train craft for kids is simple enough for kids of all ages to enjoy, and everything you need to build it is probably already in your recycling bin!

Train Theme Party

Train Theme Party

Image Source/Tutorial: Learnist

Kids If you’re stumped on what to do for your birthday parties’ decorations and themes, this training theme is ideal. If you enjoy trains and viewing them, you should construct a training mask, a train theme cap, and a variety of other train-themed accessories.

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DIY Project For Your Train-Loving, Car-Racing Kid

DIY Project For Your Train-Loving, Car-Racing Kid

Image Source/Tutorial: Celebrate Every Day With Me

Trains are a favorite among children. They frequently enjoy Thomas the Train and Chuggington! But one of my favorite train toy purchases wasn’t anything you could buy in a store. It was only a plain cardboard box that had been transformed into train tunnels, caves and highways for his cars. What’s the best part? You can probably make it with what you already have on hand. No special abilities are required!

Train Craft

Train Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Sweet Sewn Stitches

Kids we are here with wonderful train crafts and games. It was a fantastic Train craft that was a lot of fun to prepare, but the most important thing was that the kids had a great time celebrating their birthdays with this training activity because they were small and full of energy and wit.

Thomas Pasta Train

Thomas Pasta Train

Image Source/Tutorial: PBS

Be innovative! and make this wonderful Thomas pasta train. If you are a fan of the Thomas train then you should make this Thomas pasta train which is very easy to make and, look marvelous. So kids, definitely try to make this train.

Thomas And Friends Costumes

Thomas And Friends Costumes

Image Source/Tutorial: HelloWonderful

There are some pretty beautiful Thomas the Train costumes out there (see here and here), but I needed a costume that was simple enough to put together for a large number of Thomas buddies because I wanted to make one for every one of the party visitors. If you want to do the same thing for numerous kids, here’s a simple Thomas and Friends costume DIY.

DIY Steam Train Table Tent

DIY Steam Train Table Tent

Image Source/Tutorial: Craftulate

With the help of your family or friends, you can now create your table tent. First and foremost, you should measure the table — you may use the tiny one we gave F for Christmas as a starting point. Then cut a piece for the tabletop and four pieces for each side from the foundation cloth. Don’t bother with measurements unless you have a table that is the same size! You may simply build this craft by following a few additional basic steps.

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Thomas The Train Engine Cookies

Thomas The Train Engine Cookies

Image Source/Tutorial: Passion For Savings

If you have a fan of Thomas & Friends in your house, these Thomas the Train Engine Cookies will be a hit! In light of the debut of Thomas & Friends’ new Journey to Rewards Program, I thought you might like this Sugar Cookie Recipe with step-by-step directions for making your own Thomas the Train Engine Cookies!

Train Craft With Waste Materials

Train Craft With Waste Materials

Image Source/Tutorial: The Photog Blog

Make this charming small train out of scrap materials since it looks so cute and the youngsters will like playing with it. Now, gather your materials and begin making this craft with your pals, enjoying yourself to the utmost.

Thomas And Friends Theme Paper Bag

Thomas And Friends Theme Paper Bag

Image Source/Tutorial: Catch My Party

Kids do you like Thomas and friends’ cartoon show? When I was a kid I love watching this how and admire these trains a lot. So kids, now make your won favorite character in the Thomas and Friends cartoon show in for of a paper bag! try to make these paper bags.

I hope you like our Train Party Ideas for kids and will try to make some of them. If you want more craft ideas then read more posts on and let me know in the comment section which idea you like the most.

Thank you and have a nice day!

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