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How to Make Easy Paper Frog Craft Tutorial For Kids

How to Make Easy Paper Frog Craft For Kids

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How to Make Easy Paper Frog Craft Tutorial For Kids

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This fun paper craft is the perfect activity for kids! Learn how to make an easy paper frog craft that is sure to bring a smile to your child’s face. We provide simple step-by-step instructions to help make the process easier.

A cute frog face can be the perfect fit for decorating over the wall of your little one! Kids love animals and crafts make them even cute and adorable which they find fascinating! So, making this frog face for their room will be a fun activity for them! This can also be a creative learning experience for them as they will definitely be keen to know more about frogs during this craft-making! They will be motivated to make this frog face on their own and what’s better if they add their touch of creativity to it!? Just grab your crafty supplies and let’s get started!

Easy to Make Paper Frog Craft For Kids

How to Make Easy Paper Frog Craft For Kids

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Materials Required

  • Colored Paper Sheet (White, Black, Green, Yellow, and Pink)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Black Marker


Step 1: Pasting Eyeballs

Pasting Eye Balls-to Make Easy Paper Frog

For the first step, take a green and white paper sheet, using scissors, cut down the green sheet into a circle for the face of the frog and cut out 2 small circles for the eyeballs of the white paper sheet. Using glue, paste the eyeballs half over the circumference of the green circle.

Step 2: Pasting Pupils

Pasting Pupils-Make Easy Paper Frog

Using scissors, cut out 2 circles from a black-colored sheet for the pupils of the eyeballs and paste them over using glue.

Step 3: Adding Shine To The Eyes

Adding Shine To The Eyes-Frog Craft For Kids

From the white sheet, cut out 2-2 very small circles as shown in the image, and paste them over the black pupils using glue to make it look like the shine of the eyes.

Step 4: Adding A Crown

Adding A Crown-Frog Craft For Kids

Cut out a small crown from a yellow paper sheet using scissors and using glue paste it in between the eyes over the circumference of the face.

Step 5: Adding Heart Blush On Cheeks

Adding Heart Blush On Cheeks-Craft For Kids

Cut out 2 small hearts from a pink paper sheet and use glue to paste them on each side of the face in the middle to make the heart blush over the cheeks of the frog.

Step 6: Drawing Nostrils And Smile

Drawing Nostrils And Smile-For Kids

Take a black marker and draw 2 dots below the crown to make the nostrils of the frog. Also, make a giant ‘U’ shaped smile in between the blush of the frog’s face.

Wow! The Frog Face Is Ready

Wow! The Frog Face Is Ready- for the kids

Woohooo! Your frog price face is ready with a crown over his head!

This craft was inspired by the fairytale of a Princess and a frog prince! This craft was beginner-friendly and was suitable for little kids to make on their own! The outcome will definitely bring smiles to the little ones’ faces and they will love to decorate their frog prince in their room and will be keen to show it off to everyone! Motivate them by appreciating their craftwork!

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