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Bee Flowers Clay Craft Tutorial For Beginners

Bee Flowers Clay Craft Idea For Beginners

Clay Crafts

Bee Flowers Clay Craft Tutorial For Beginners

Are you new to clay crafting and want to make something easy and fun? Try this bee flower clay craft! We have a simple guide to help you make a beautiful piece of art to show off at home.

We welcome you to this tutorial craft of flowers and buzzy bees! You will definitely love the unique idea of creating this craft using colored clay! This craft is also full of motor skills as kids will be playing with clay throughout the process, they will be stunned to create such beautiful shapes and designs on their own! Let them unleash their creativity and skills with this craft making! This tutorial guide involves some basic and easy steps to create a shape using clay, how to dough it, and everything else! Let’s start to find out!

Bee Flowers Clay Craft For Kids

Bee Flowers Clay Craft Idea For Beginners

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Materials Required

  • Red-colored Circular Paper Sheet
  • Colored Clay (Pink, Yellow, And Green)
  • Black And Red Marker


Step 1: Doughing Yellow Clay

Doughing Yellow Clay-Bees and Flowers - A Great Starting Point for a Pottery Project

Let’s begin with this craft by taking a red colored circular paper sheet. Now, take yellow clay and start doughing it to make petal shapes.

Step 2: Sticking Petal Shapes

Sticking Petal Shapes-Beginner's Guide to Utilizing Beeswax and Blossoms for Pottery

Start sticking the petal shapes over the red paper sheet by pressing the clay over it.

Step 3: Making Bees

Making Bees-Creating Pottery from Beeswax and Blooms - A Good Plan for Novices

Using a black marker, draw over the yellow petals, bee textures, and eyes, and over the sheet draw antennas and the back spike attached to the bee. Now, using a red marker, make a dot below the eyes to make a blush.

Step 4: Making Wings

Making Wings-Bee Wax and Floral Designs - A Great Idea for Ceramics Novices

Dough a green-colored clay into 2 big-small wing shapes and stick both of them to the bee by pressing them over the sheet.

Step 5: Making Flower Petals

Making Flower Petals-Beginner Ceramicists Can Utilize Beeswax and Flowers for Crafting

Take pink-colored clay and dough it into small balls. Arrange the balls closely in a circle and start pressing them over the paper towards the middle of the circle to form petals.

Step 6: Completing Petals To Form Flower

Completing Petals To Form Flower-Making Art from Beeswax and Blossoms - An Ideal Activity for Beginners

Press all the clay balls toward to middle of the circle to complete all the petals and finally form a flower.

Step 7: Adding Leaves And More Flowers

Adding Leaves And More Flowers-Pottery Crafting with Beeswax and Flowers - A Great Beginner Project

Complete the flower look by pressing a yellow clay ball in the middle of the flower. Follow the same to make more flowers randomly over the paper. Add leaves to the flowers by pressing a green clay ball beside the flower to look like leaves.

Your Clay Flowers And Bees Craft Is Ready!

Your Clay Flowers And Bees Craft Is Ready!-Ceramicists Starting Out Can Make Use of Beeswax and Blooms for Their Art

For the final touch, press small random balls over the paper to fill in the major gaps.

Voila! Your bees and flowers clay craft is ready! You definitely loved the final look, the vibrant flowers, and bees look stunning! You can now decorate your piece of work in your room and show it off to everyone who passes by! You can also use this as your school craft project and stun everyone in the classroom with this amazing project!

Playing with clay dough is a fun activity and more if you create something beautiful out of it!!!!

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