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Paper Plate Crafts & Activities for Kids

Paper Plate Crafts & Activities for Kids

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Paper Plate Crafts & Activities for Kids

I think it is safe to say that paper plates are one of my favorite crafting materials. We love to do crafts and activities using paper plates because they are such simple materials to find and very easy for toddlers to hold onto. They are also easy to use and reuse and store since they stack well.

Creative Paper Plate Crafts & Activities For Kids

Creative Paper Plate Crafts & Activities For Kids

Creativity is exploring thoughts or ideas that are new or different in some way from previous thoughts and ideas. Exploring thoughts and ideas can be expressed by people in many ways. It can be expressed through drawing, writing, singing, or even doing something. Creativity is different for everyone, but everyone is creative in their own ways. Being creative has several benefits as it acts as therapy or many, children learn new skills and ideas, they also develop manual dexterity and spatial skills. In this post, you will get to learn about how to make a craft out of disposable paper plates.

1. The Sun

Creative Paper Plate Crafts & Activities for Kids The Sun

To make this Sun, take a paper plate and color it using yellow paint. Then cut small equal pieces from straw and stick it to the paper sun. With a sketch, pen make a happy face. With this craft, you can teach kids/ students about the circle shape, its properties, and also that the sun is the biggest star. Teach things to children through this fun activity.

2. The Dove

Creative Paper Plate Crafts & Activities for Kids The Dove

Make this lovely dove by cutting out semicircles and triangles. Use oval shaped cutting for the body. Attach semicircle as shown to make the wings and a small circle for the head. Tell kids that the Dove is a symbol of peace and peace is a virtue of life.  Teach kids about all these shapes and how they can make such interesting crafts with minimum items and efforts and maximum creativity. It will also help in better brain and hand coordination of children.

3. The Christmas Tree

Creative Paper Plate Crafts & Activities for Kids The Christmas Tree

Create this small Christmas tree on this paper plate by following the method as shown in the picture, using beads and paper cuttings. Tell kids about the festival and use the craft to decorate on your Christmas tree or at your door. If you wish to make more Christmas crafts, check out the posts on our website with some absolutely wonderful ideas of how to decorate your festivals.

4. The Paper Plate Cow

Creative Paper Plate Crafts & Activities for Kids The Paper Plate Cow

Make this lovely paper plate cow by following the procedure shown in the picture. Use heart-shaped cuttings to decorate the face of the cow. Tell kids about this animal and that the young ones are called a calf. This fun learning-oriented process to learn about shapes, symmetry, and animals. Also, decorate your kid’s room and school playing area with these crafts.

5. The Ninja Turtle

Creative Paper Plate Crafts & Activities for Kids The Ninja Turtle

Make this absolutely cute and amazing ninja turtle by cutting the paper plate and then by painting it with green color. Use red paint and paper cutting to give this ninja look to the turtle. Tell kids stories and also about the animals. Ask children to make one animal craft of their choice and narrate a story of their own. This is a very effective way of improving the imagination skills of children.

6. The Fish Paper Plate Craft

Creative Paper Plate Crafts & Activities for Kids The Fish Paper Plate Craft

Make this awesome fish using a paper plate. Paint it with the color of your choice and cut it in the manner shown below. Use translucent sheets to make the fish scales, color some of the orange. Such creativity and activities make life interesting and fulfilling. Kids feel involved and they can express themselves better and also be socially expressive.

7. The Paper Plate Butterfly

The Paper Plate butterfly

Make this stunning butterfly by cutting out semicircles from a paper plate. Join them together as shown below in the picture. Use cotton balls to make the body and to decorate the butterfly wings. Color it with different colors. Tell kids that butterflies not only add to the aesthetic beauty of the environment but also play a major role in the pollination of plants. Many people also see the butterfly as a symbol of resurrection and hope. Tell all these things to kids while making this craft.

8. The Paper Plate Owl

The Paper Plate Owl

Make this fascinating craft by just using a paper plate and artificial feathers for the wings. Make eyes and beak from paper cuttings. Along with it, make stars and hang them in your kid’s room. Use this idea to decorate kids’ rooms with less cost and more brain development.

9. The Colorful Fish

The Colorful Fish
Create this interesting paper plate fish with a paper plate and small round cuttings from colorful scrap paper. An excellent way to teach colors to kids of 4-6 years of age and also about shapes and fishes. This age is also considered to be a very important time where kids inculcate what they learn. So, when they will be expressive and creative, it will help to develop them socially as well as academically.

10. The Paper Plate Honey Bee

he Paper Plate Honey Bee
To make this cute little honey bee, cover a paper plate with a yellow sheet of paper or paint it using yellow color. Stick or paint black stripes on it. Use two small cuttings from tissue paper or butter paper to make the wings as shown in the picture. Stick these crafts on your kids’ cupboards and doors to decorate their room.

When kids make such crafts and decorate them in their rooms, they feel more accepted and valued. The things that kids learn through these crafts, it remains with them lifelong because they learn without even realizing the learning process. These are also fun and amazing ways of keeping children involved in something productive. Also, when kids cannot step out nowadays, it is more required that they have a learning environment at home.

Moreover, such crafts help you to cut down expenses on a budget as you can decorate your house on your own. Try these crafts and share your experience with us in the comment section. Also, check out many such amazing ideas related to kids, crafts, and festivals on our website.

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  • Paper Plate Crafts & Activities for Kids
  • Creative Paper Plate Crafts & Activities For Kids
  • Paper Plate Crafts & Activities for Kids
  • Creative Paper Plate Crafts & Activities For Kids
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