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Pumpkin Crafts and Activities for Kids

Pumpkin Crafts & Activities for Kids


Pumpkin Crafts and Activities for Kids

Pumpkin crafts are a great way to get kids involved in the autumn season and have some fun! Kids of all ages can enjoy pumpkin-themed activities, from preschoolers to teens. Here are some fun pumpkin crafts activities for kids to try this fall.

When I see pumpkin the first thing popped into my mind is Halloween. It’s more famous in America than in other countries because Ireland migrated people. Rather than other festivals this Halloween is somewhat different because during other festivals we’ll wear good and new dress and will go to churches or temples or mosques but on Halloween people wear ghost costumes. Carving pumpkins into Jack-o-lantern is one of the activities. Initially, turnip is the one used but later it was replaced by pumpkin as pumpkin is most available in America. Here we have some easy and wonderful pumpkin crafts for your kids. Let’s take a look into this.

19 Pumpkin Kid’s Craft For Halloween

Making Pumpkin Craft Using Paper For Kids

Making Pumpkin Craft Using Paper For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

Making pumpkin crafts with paper is a great way for kids to get creative. It’s easy, fun, and a great way to spend some quality time with the family. It’s also a great way to get into the Fall spirit.

How To Make Balloon Toy Craft For Halloween Parties

How To Make Balloon Toy Craft For Halloween Parties

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

This craft is perfect for Halloween parties! Learn how to make a fun balloon toy with a few simple materials. It is easy to make and sure to be a hit with kids. Get ready to have some spooky fun!

Puffy Pumpkin Craft For Preschoolers:

This is an easy and simple craft so the suitable age to assign this craft is preschoolers or even toddlers. The materials required are a paper plate, shaving cream, orange paint or food colouring, bowl, paintbrush, green cardstock or card foam, white glue and scissors. If you are a kindergarten teacher looking for this craft then you can assign this in your classroom to all your kindergarten kids. Instead of teaching them with an image given in the book, teach them with fun activities. This helps the classroom engagement which helps every kid to open up in the classroom as well as helps to improve socializing among kids.

Puffy Pumpkin Craft For Preschoolers - 19 Pumpkin Kid's Craft For Halloween

Image Source/Tutorial: Preschool Inspirations

2. Halloween Pumpkin Nightlight:

Any age category can do this wonderful and superb craft. Kids also can do this Halloween pumpkin night lamp. Things needed are a small mason jar or baby food jar, orange tissue paper, green pipe cleaner, black construction paper, flameless candles, glue dots and a brush. Why do you need to buy a nightlight if you can make it by yourself more attractively than in shops? I could say this craft is a recycled craft as most things are available at our home. We can also gift this to our friends. This craft gives the idea of recycling things. I would say this is a spectacular craft. Try this at your home and enjoy the spooky glow!

Halloween Pumpkin Nightlight - 19 Pumpkin Kid's Craft For Halloween

Image Source/Tutorial: Fireflies And Mudpies

3. Pumpkin Playdough Craft For Preschooler Kids:

Toddlers and preschoolers are the right fit for this playdough. To make pumpkin playdough you need flour, salt, cream of tartar, pumpkin pie spice, orange food colour and oil.  Struggling to make your kids sit and listen to your words? Are you worrying about their listening skill? No worries, with the help of this pumpkin dough you can solve all those doubts. This playdough will improve the kid’s sensory skills. Make the pumpkin dough at home and present it to your kid to have fun. With the help of a cookie cutter ask your kid to draw different shapes and objects in the pumpkin playdough. Playdough is great for toddlers and preschoolers as it helps with fine motor skills as well as creativity.

Pumpkin Playdough Craft For Preschooler Kids - 19 Pumpkin Kid's Craft For Halloween

Image Source/Tutorial: Natural Beach Living

4. Pumpkin Paint For Kids:

It’s kind of different and easy because we are making pumpkin by using apple-HAHA! Tell about Halloween to your kids by doing this craft. The things needed to make this artwork are apple, orange and green paint, a brush, white paper and a knife. This Pumpkin paint is the right fit for toddlers and preschoolers. Teach them the different parts of a drawing. Is that any condition to use pumpkin for Halloween? so try with apple. After making the pumpkin apple stamp, draw Jack-o-lanterns with a black marker and have Halloween fun!

Pumpkin Paint For Kids - 19 Pumpkin Kid's Craft For Halloween

Image Source/Tutorial: Frugal Mom Eh

5. Salt Diy Pumpkin Craft For Kids:

Who can do this: Kids of any age can do this, from toddlers to older children.

Difficulty level: It’s super easy to make so thus kids can do

Ingredients: Black cardstock, salt, white coloured pencil, white glue, liquid watercolours or watercolour pallet and paintbrush or pipette.

This process helps your child’s drawing activity as well as fine motor skills. Are you thinking to make crafts with kitchen stuff? If so, then here is the post you are searching for! You know what, if you teach your kid to make crafts in the kitchen or waste useless stuff then they will think and create different crafts on their own. To be honest, the salt craft is new to me and I was way curious about how can we make crafts with salt. If you are also like me then click here to know the procedure.

Salt Diy Pumpkin Craft For Kids - 19 Pumpkin Kid's Craft For Halloween

Image Source/Tutorial: Rhythms Of Play

6. Tissue Paper Pumpkin Art:

Who can do this: Toddlers and preschoolers can make this craft.

Utensils required: White paper, black marker, colourful tissue paper and scissors (optional).

If you give a paper to a toddler or preschooler to ask them to write, mostly they’ll tear the paper or scribble some other thing other than ABCD…HAHA! so why don’t you devise the craft according to them? Are you thinking about how can i create a craft based on their action? We have the idea for your children but not the whole process can be assigned to them. Because you have half of the craft part if your kid is not enough to draw fruits shape. As this is Halloween special we are here with pumpkins, one good idea is to teach this way the flags of different countries. Hands-on practice always places a special place in learning.

Tissue Paper Pumpkin Art - 19 Pumpkin Kid's Craft For Halloween

Image Source/Tutorial: Arty Crafty Kids

7. Easy Paperbag Pumpkin Craft For Kids:

Who can do this: This is for any small-age kids

Things needed are brown lunch paper bags, orange and green tempera paint, green pipe cleaner, useless papers and a brush.

Are you thinking about what can children learn from this? Are you getting the point of usual fine motor skills, artwork, blah blah blah? Of course, yes, but you can teach discipline and neatness through this craft. Keeping our place clean is essential then only they’ll keep every public place clean which is a good habit, isn’t it? This craft is just colouring the paper bag full of newspaper like a pumpkin and if want can make it into a jack-o-lantern. But make your kids know this way to create dustbin bags and should not throw unwanted things anywhere, instead put them into this bag. Rather than simply instructing this thing, make a fun and engaging craft and teach them the good things.

Easy Paperbag Pumpkin Craft For Kids - 19 Pumpkin Kid's Craft For Halloween

Image Source/Tutorial: Kid-Friendly Things To Do

8. Bead Pumpkin Craft For Kids:

Materials needed: 5 orange and 1 green pipe cleaner, orange and green(optional) pony beads and scissors.

Who can do it: it’s easy to craft so kids of all ages can do this.

It’s one of the different methods to make pumpkin fruit. With just a twist and turn you can make this craft in a minute. This bead pumpkin shape reminds me of the DNA structure. Use this craft time as a teaching thing to your kid and give the knowledge of DNA, human evolution, and ancient history if your kid is old enough to understand those things. Otherwise, teach them the fruits name by creating bead fruit crafts and also how healthy it is. Make the craft time more valuable by teaching these lessons. If you are a teacher handling classes for kids then give this craft in the classroom and make those kiddos engageable.

Bead Pumpkin Craft For Kids - 19 Pumpkin Kid's Craft For Halloween

Image Source/Tutorial: Glue Sticks And Gum Drops

9. Smilling And Scary Pumpkin Craft For Halloween:

Things needed: Paper plate, acrylic paint, brush, black marker, scissor, construction paper(optional), brad pin and glue.

Age level: kids of age 6-13 are suitable

Have you noticed that ‘Though the brain decides the mood swing and every action, eyes and mouth are the edges of showing expression’? Here we are gonna make an emotional changer pumpkin but here we are going to shift the emotions of the pumpkin rather than the pumpkin itself- LOL! If you haven’t noticed, observe this smiling and scary pumpkin. Use this craft for Halloween and show the expression changer to our friends.

Smilling And Scary Pumpkin Craft For Halloween - 19 Pumpkin Kid's Craft For Halloween

Image Source/Tutorial: Hello Wonderful

10. Kids Easy Pumpkin Suncatcher:

Age level: all ages of kids can do it. Based on kids’ age give them the scissoring work.

Things required: Orange card, scissor, cellophane, black paper, needle and thread(optional), contact paper(sticky back paper) and washi tape or sellotape.

This suncatcher reminds me of the experiment which bewildered me when I was a kid. It was placing the match stick next to the magnifying glass in the direction of sun rays. In a few minutes, the matchstick started to burn. Though this is the simple science of converging sunrays at one point, it was new and interesting to me in my childhood before old enough to understand the concept behind it. Here we are making suncatcher with easily available things. After you are done with the craft with the help of instruction given in the link place the craft on the window side and enjoy the beauty of your kid’s work.

Kids Easy Pumpkin Suncatcher - 19 Pumpkin Kid's Craft For Halloween

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafts On Sea

11. Pumpkin Paint For Toddlers:

Age: Toddler and preschooler

Things required: White paper, orange and green paint, a few pieces of pool noodles and a plastic spoon.

Being a kindergarten teacher are you thinking about what interesting project you can give to your little students? Try this craft to teach them the colours as well as fruits and vegetables. Managing and making those little kids engage in the classroom is a tedious process. I was wondering if I couldn’t manage my nephew- who is 4 years old- how kindergarten teachers manage all those little naughty kids LOL! This task is simple and needs less amount of things to do so this may right fit for your thinking. Try this out and comment on this page.

Pumpkin Paint For Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: Toddler Approved

12. Yarn-Wrapped Jack-O-Lantern For Halloween:

Age level: Preschoolers

Things required: orange yarn, cardboard, green paint or green wool, black felt or paper, scissor and glue.

To say in short, cutting the cardboard and spinning yarn around that makes half the process and pasting eyes and mouth gives the finishing touch. This helps fine motor skills. Preparing for Halloween? Try making Jack-O-Lantern crafts and fill the house with those spooky crafts. Among them hang this yarn-wrapped pumpkin in both smiling and scary faces. It would be fun and make this Halloween different from other years.

Yarn-Wrapped Jack-O-Lantern For Halloween

Image Source/Tutorial: Red Ted Art

13. Balloon Pumpkin Craft For Kids:

Age level: toddler and preschooler.

Things required: an orange colour balloon and a black marker.

All children love balloons and why not adults too but maybe the size and version vary like people love to fly on the parachute – it’s a balloon of big size-LOL. Make a jack-o-lantern balloon and fill them with water then play water balloon games- it’s super fun, isn’t it? Or else draw a jack-o-lantern in the half-air filler balloon and make it fly over to your friend’s shoulder and make a ghost sound while Halloween, test is that scary? for fun.

Balloon Pumpkin Craft For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Little Bins For Little Hands

14. Easy Pumpkin Painting For Kids:

Age level: Toddlers

Things required: Orange and brown paint, Lego Duplo blocks, white paper, black marker and scissors.

Bored of building Lego Duplo blocks? Let’s think about what to do with these blocks. Got the idea! Halloween is here so what if we mix Halloween and blocks and design a craft for kids? Interesting isn’t it? The easy and interesting thing for kids is colours and painting. So make a pumpkin shape and colour it with the blocks. Not only for pumpkins, try other fruits and vegetables. This will make a fun and engaging learning moment.

Easy Pumpkin Painting For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Every Little Adventure

15. Drip Pumpkin Painting For Kids:

Age level: Toddlers and preschoolers

Materials required: Milk paint (most preferable) or acrylic paint, white pumpkin(can use yellow too) and a hand wipe.

Actually, this is an easy and simple aesthetic pumpkin craft. When you look at this image you may think there is a big work went on this craft BUT trust me it’s a very simple toddler’s doable pumpkin craft this craft DOESN’T need any pattern to paint. You just need 3 things which are listed above and this is a messy craft so be ready with hand wipes to avoid accidental paint on the floor. Have you noticed when you give the colours or any other things to kids, they’ll mess up and create extra work for you-LOL? So give the messier craft to them. Just pouring and drying the paint makes a wonderful craft here. Try this with your kid and leave a comment here. Have a wonderful Halloween!

Drip Pumpkin Painting For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Mom Dot

16. Pom Pom Painted Pumpkin Craft:

Age level: kids of age 6-14

Materials required: White paper, pom pom, wood clothespin, orange craft paint, black and green sharpie marker, pumpkin patch template printable(given in the image link) and a paper plate.

There are more ways to make a craft so I could say two ways of making this pom-pom painted craft. One is given in the link which is using pom paint the pumpkin shape in the template printed paper. This is for preschoolers. If your kid is old enough to paint woods and green leaves as in the template, go ahead with the second way. Ask your kid to paint on white paper as in the template which will help them to improvise their drawing skills. Now make a pom pom or buy it from the store and directly paste the pom pom on the drawing as shown in the below image and use wiggle eye to make it more adorable.

Pom Pom Painted Pumpkin Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Glued To My Crafts

17. Shaving Foam Easy Pumpkin Craft For Kids:

Age level: kids of any age but best suited for preschoolers

Materials required: Cardboard, shaving foam, food colouring or water colouring yellow and orange, white paper, pencil, scissors and black marker(optional).

The process of making the craft is simple. Pouring the shaving foam and yellow and orange food colouring and pressing the pumpkin template towards it during the process. With the help of a black marker, you can draw on the pumpkin or with black paper you can cut and paste it. Make a spooky pumpkin and have fun.

Shaving Foam Easy Pumpkin Craft For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Nurture Store

18. Slime Pumpkin:

Age level: Toddlers

Things required: Clear glue, water, baking soda, airtight container, orange food colouring, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin pie fragrance oil, contact solution and a small bowl.

After seeing this image Are you thinking “Is this misplaced in Halloween special pumpkin craft?” HAHA! This is pumpkin slime. The preparation process is for parents and the instruction is given in the below image. Once you are done with the slime, give it to your kids. As we are adding pumpkin seeds and orange colouring we could say it’s pumpkin craft-LOL…

Slime Pumpkin

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafty Morning

19. Mosaic Pumpkin Craft For Toddlers:

Age level: Toddlers and preschoolers

Materials required: White and black cardstock, glue, scissor and paper mosaic squares or colourful construction paper.

This craft is super easy. Always the mosaic square paper craft makes very attractive and gives a professional-level look. It’s not necessary to arrange the papers evenly, beauty also lies in imperfection so allow your children to paste those papers in any manner. The colour of the pumpkin is orange but it’s not wrong if we make it colourfully. Finally, pasting the eyes, nose and mouth make the jack-o-lantern look.

Mosaic Pumpkin Craft For Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: Toddler Approved

More Pumpkin Crafts

1. Pumpkin Painting: Get the kids excited about fall with a pumpkin painting activity. Gather some pumpkins, paints, and brushes and let the kids create their own unique designs.

2. Pumpkin Suncatcher: Create a beautiful suncatcher with some construction paper, scissors, and markers. Trace the outline of a pumpkin onto some orange construction paper and cut it out. Then, decorate with markers, glitter, and other embellishments.

3. Pumpkin Collage: Gather some old magazines, scissors, and glue and create a pumpkin collage. Let the kids cut out pieces of paper to paste onto a pumpkin shape to create a unique decorative piece.

4. Pumpkin Soup: Get the kids in the kitchen with this fun pumpkin-themed recipe. Have them help you measure, mix, and stir all the ingredients together to make a delicious pumpkin soup.

5. Pumpkin Seed Necklace: Make a festive pumpkin-themed necklace with some string and a few pumpkin seeds. Have the kids string the pumpkin seeds onto a piece of yarn or string and then wear their necklaces around the house.

These are just a few of the many pumpkin crafts activities for kids you can try this fall. Have fun and get creative!

We hope you enjoyed all these craft ideas with your kids. Try these craft items and leave a comment below. Visit the K4craft website for more crafts under various categories. Become one in our community. Have a good day and Happy Halloween!

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