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Math Games And Activities for Kids


Math Games And Activities for Kids

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Math and calculation play a basic role in the everyday life of every individual. Children on the other hand learn through practical things in hand. Tuning kids into mathematical operation is not as tricky as it may sound. Learning math at early stages helps children to develop and understand spatial arrangement and awareness.  The following article is all about how you can make the simplest of crafts to explain so-called complex and difficult math problems and calculations.

Math Games And Activities for Kids

Math Games And Activities for Kids

1. Crocodile Says

Math Games And Activities for Kids

The crocodile says it’s a craft that will help children to learn how to compare between less and more. Like in mathematics we say 2 >1, basically we are making it a bit playful throught he tutorial.

2. Math scale

Math Games And Activities for Kids

The following craft is such that you can build it with children. It is fun and like a learning machine for little Einsteins, to easily understand the basic operations.

3. Digits on cardboard


Math Games And Activities for Kids

For the craft you ll be needing your sketch pens and some cardboard. As we promise that most of our crafts are affordable this one surely is. The tutorial will teach you how you can make math operations turn into simple and likable board game for children.

4. Digit Grape Chart

Math Games And Activities for Kids

Measuring and calculating is fun when done right! This craft will help children to count and create an art which they will enjoy and remember.

5. Math at the Diner

Math Games And Activities for Kids

For this craft, we have simply used some plastic disposable spoons to make children learn the basics of measurement. Children learn best in a stimulating environment, so why not make one along with them.

6. Calculate and place

Math Games And Activities for Kids

The craft given in the tutorial is made using empty paper rolls. Being it a best out of waste craft, we have used some ice cream sticks too. This will help children to learn arrangement and calculation down right.

7. Math cones

Math conesIt’s a fun activity, to learn and grow using art and craft. In the given art piece we are arranging ice cones to learn basic maths. Hope you will love the idea.

8. Lock the Sum

Lock the SumLock the sum is a fun activity for children. This activity could easily be arranged at homes or schools. It is fun and will help children with spatial and visual skill development.

9. Fun with Cards

Math Games And Activities for Kids

Cards are the basics of board game nights and indoor fun games. Now you can have your young one involved in the same by making slight changes to the arrangement and patterns. Children and parents will get family time this way, as this won’t count as study time yet children end up learning.

10. Digit Caterpillar

Digit Caterpillar

Children love to play and get involved in colourful crafts. The given tutorial is a fun activity that can be done individually as well as in groups. These crafts are fun and stimulating for kindergarteners when learning measurements.

11. DIY Calculating charts

DIY Calculating charts

These charts will help children to figure out basic calculations effectively and with ease. These crafts can prove to be, a fun to make and easy to handle deals when it comes to teaching math operation to kids. They can be hung on walls or kept for some fun play sessions.

12. Math Monopoly

Math Monopoly

Monopoly is a board game involved with business play and fun. This tutorial will teach you how to make your own monopoly with a twist of math! It will prove not only a great learning opportunity but an enjoyable board game among children.

So, we are finally up with the daily craft ideas. Every week we bring to you the best of ideas for every occasion and festival. Do let us know how it turned out for you. We’d be waiting! Liked the craft?

Amazing! Ping us on our mail with your suggestions or comment down below, we will get back to you positively. CHECKOUT our other craft ideas for your special occasion on our website below, HURRY!

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