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Rabbit Craft Ideas for Kids

Rabbit Craft Ideas for Kids

DIY and Crafts

Rabbit Craft Ideas for Kids

Activities for Kids

Rabbit the cutest animal of all. His cute long ears, attractive fur, little teeth attract everyone. Kids love to play with rabbits as they are very sweet. We should make animals craft as it will help kids to know about the animals and their habitat.

Art & craft also utilize their valuable time which otherwise they will spend in any useless activity. Now they have this opportunity to learn art & craft from the internet through such articles, they should grab these opportunities. Prior 9-10 years there is no such facility available to enhance our skills. But now we have such facility so don’t waste it. Let’s explore some of the bunny art and crafts!

Easy Rabbit Craft Ideas For Kids

Making a Paper Bunny Craft For Project

Making a Paper Bunny Craft For Project

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

Making a paper bunny craft is a great project to do with kids. It’s fun, simple, and encourages creativity. All you need is paper, scissors, and glue to make a cute bunny in no time. It’s a great project for a rainy day or just to pass the time.

Easy Process Paper Cup Bunny Craft At Home

Easy Process Paper Cup Bunny Craft At Home

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

This fun and easy paper cup bunny craft is perfect for kids of all ages. With minimal supplies needed, it’s a great craft to do at home with your children. It’s sure to be a hit with everyone!

Crafting a Rabbit with a Reused Egg Carton with Little Ones

Crafting a Rabbit with a Reused Egg Carton with Little Ones

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

Crafting a rabbit out of a reused egg carton is a great way to teach little ones about recycling and upcycling. It’s also a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy. Plus, the end result makes a great addition to any Easter decorations.

Making a Paper Bunny Craft for Kids

Making a Paper Bunny Craft for Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

Making a Paper Bunny Craft for Kids is an easy and fun activity. It’s simple to cut out the pieces and put them together. Kids will enjoy creating their own unique bunny and having something to show for their hard work.

A Bunny Puppet

Rabbit Craft Ideas for Kids A BUNNY PUPPET

Bunnies are very sweet and cute. Now the puppet show is very interesting to watch. With the help of paper, we can make a bunny puppet as given in this picture. These puppets can make birthday parties or any party of kids more interesting. Especially kids of age (7-12) age group will love it.

Fun Paper Cup Bunny Activity for Kids

Fun Paper Cup Bunny Activity for Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

This fun paper cup bunny activity is a great way to keep kids entertained. They can create their own bunny out of paper cups and decorate it with markers and other materials. It’s an easy and fun craft to do with the whole family!

Paper Plate Rabbits

Rabbit Craft Ideas for Kids PAPER PLATE RABBITS

A new creative bunny art. Such arts will make reuse of paper plates which otherwise become a waste. You can make these rabbits very easily. Just cut the plate in a semi-circle, paste the cutting off ears and moustaches and artificial eyes and your bunny is ready. Best suitable for the age group (4-9) years.

Little Bunnies

Rabbit Craft Ideas for Kids LITTLE BUNNIES

Bunnies are very cute and lovely to watch. So we make a little bunny box with the help of paper to keep our things in it. Kids can gift it as a token of love or wish to their loved ones. This gift will be very special for someone as it is given by their little kids. So kids can make such attractive and unique arts.

Paper Dummy

A most unique rabbit dummy made of paper strips. These arts are very beautiful and affordable. Kids can make such arts very easily and can be used to decorate their rooms and classrooms. Best suitable for kids of age group (5-9) years. Just cut the paper strips and paste it together as given in the image in two different circles. Now paste the circle together and make its eyes, nose and teeth. Your bunny is ready.

Tissue Roll Rabbits

Rabbit Craft Ideas for Kids TISSUE ROLL RABBITS

An empty tissue roll which is a waste product and we usually don’t think that it can be used or not, we just throw it away. But anyone thinks out of this very special art form that tissue roll. Such cute bunnies carved out on the tissue roll by making eyes, nose, teeth and ears and paste some green grass below it. It can be used as a pencil holder by covering its one side from cardboard.

Cup Bunny

Rabbit Craft Ideas for Kids CUP BUNNY

Another best out of waste art made with the use of disposable cups. Very simple but pretty innovative art and use of cups. We can never think to make a bunny out of a cup. But here is an art for all the kids to try this at home. Such arts will tell them that bunny is fond of carrots, have such type of teeth etc.

Bunny Roll


We can make bunny rolls like given in this picture. Teachers can give such creative homework under the subject art & craft to enhance their creativity and brush up their skills. Most suitable for the kids of primary school. This will make them more productive.

Bunny – The Thing Keeper


Now we can make the best out of waste as given in this picture. This bunny can be used to keep our small things together and also make our room looks good. We can use a bottle cutting, color it, paste a bunny head cutting and use it. This can be made by kids of age (8-12) years to make use of waste products in an innovative way.

A Rabbit Scarecrow

Usually, the scarecrows are scary and ugly used to threaten the birds. But here we have a cute bunny scarecrow that will make gardens or fields look beautiful and also keep birds away from the fields. Kids of age group (8-12) years can make such art and put it in their school or house gardens to protect them from birds.

Dotted Rabbits

These are some rabbits made of the beautiful dotted pattern. There are uncountable patterns in the art, the dotted pattern is one of them. By making such arts, kids can know more about pattern art and can develop more pattern by themselves. Also, this art makes use of empty tissue roll.

Rabbit Family


Every family is always best and beautiful in itself. So here we present a rabbit family made of cardboards. It is the best way to recycle cardboard by converting them into beautiful art. Such arts can be used to teach kids about rabbits and do a fun activity with it like storytelling.

Cute White Bunny


This bunny is just a copy of a real bunny, showing every detailing of it. Kids can learn more about the rabbit and its structure through this art. Also, this art utilizes waste tissue roll and converts it in a rabbit.

Rabbit Wall Hangings Craft


A very unique and funny wall hanging for the kids room. I must say that it is a very different art of wall hanging showing that rabbits are eating a carrot. Rabbits are very fond of carrots. Such wall hanging is very easy to make and used to decorate a kid’s room and classes. Best suitable for kids of age group (8-12) years.

Rabbit DIY Cards


Rabbit cards will be the best idea to gift anyone as a birthday wish card or get well soon card etc. A kid can prepare a card by themselves for their loved ones to make them feel special and bring a smile on their face. Rabbit card is very easy to make as it only needs paper and pen to make it. Keep making such arts to brush up your skills.

Let’s wind up this article by a short summary of it. All I want to say that always be creative and innovative. See these bunnies, how many craft we can make only of a single animal. This will help to utilize our skills and time. The above pictures will help you a lot for that. So I hope this article will help to enhance your art & skills. Always enjoy art making, it will make you feel happy and enthusiastic.

Keep crafting & enjoy the art. I hope you will like the article, please do comment and give your reviews.

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