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Math and Measurements Worksheets For Kids

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Math and Measurements Worksheets For Kids

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Today, we are here with interesting worksheet ideas for your kids to understand math and measurements. Once your child enters first and second grade, reinforce basic arithmetic, counting, and measurement skills with these ideas. Math and measurement skills form the base of logical thinking and ensure development of reasoning skills among children. So, don’t wait and get some inspirations for these worksheet ideas to make your kids ready for learning adventure!

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Math and Measurements Worksheets

Simple Addition

Simple Subtraction

Two Digit Addition

Two Digit Subtraction

Count the Money and Write the amount on the line

Measurement Worksheet Ideas

Look at each item next to the ruler and write down how many centimeters each item is.

Look at each measurement. Circle how much of the measurements to the right can fill it.

Read the number of inches in a foot. Write how much that would bein feet and yards. The first one is done for you.

Look at each item next to the ruler. Write down how many inches each item is to the 1/2 inch.

Hope you like these kids math and measurements worksheets.

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