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Family Tree For Kids Project – DIY Ideas for School Children

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Learn to make easy family tree project for your school with these DIY ideas for kids – suitable for all age groups be it kindergarten or elementary school student. Also, find downloadable templates & printables.

Making a family tree in kids scrapbook is a common school project because it helps your kids to know your genealogy. In addition to seeing the connections of family members to the child through the creation of a simple family tree, the child learns about what makes their family unique by recording one unique detail about each chosen family member.

In this modern era, however small the social media may portray the world to be, the truth is that there are miles of distance between two people. It is the responsibility of us adults to make our kids familiar with the concept and importance of family and relations. The following Family Tree Project Ideas will help you in inculcating family values in kids.

Suitable for ages 5 to 11 years, these crafts shall not only help in the development of creative skills but also help them in the very important process of socialization.

Family Tree Project Ideas for Kids

A family which lives together can achieve anything and everything in this world. The key is to stay together in tough times. Not only our family encourages us to do more but also motivates us when we feel low. They are always there in both the happy and the sad moments. To sow the seed of the family love in your kid’s brain, you can start with telling stories about your ancestors. Appreciate their efforts towards making their grandparents smile and loved.

Even small things like sharing food and providing a helpful in household chores can make them feel the bond. Apart from these, you can help them craft a family tree project so that they can know and remember their family bloodline. We have listed some of the family tree project ideas which can help you and your kid in crafting the same.

Foliage inspired family tree project idea for kindergarten kids

The family tree must have strong roots and stems, thus representing strong bonds in the family of love and care. You can ask your kid to draw a simple tree without leaves and to color it or paint it. Then cut it and paste it on a plain white sheet. Then cut out leaves’ shape of different shades to make the tree colorful.

Also, make some circles and use them as borders for every family members’ photo. You can cut-out more creative cut-outs like birds and hearts for this family tree project idea. Add a small red heart at the base of the tree to show that the love stems at the base.

Halloween inspired family tree project idea

As the November month is approaching, so is the craze for Halloween is increasing. Thus, you can represent this occasion in terms of a family tree. Draw a dark brown tree with different craft materials such that it has a spooky look. Then cut out leaves of red and yellow color and one owl for every family member.

Paste all of these with the photos on the tree. This autumn-inspired family tree project idea is also a great fit for the Halloween family discourse. You can also write a few messages in this family tree project idea.

Colorful and bright family tree project idea

Hands’ impression has so much to do with the love we hold for them in our heart. You can craft this family tree by first drawing and coloring a bare tree which has no leaves. Then, use the hand impression of every family member as shown in the image. You can also write a quotes to signify the bond that the family shares and get this craft framed.

This family tree idea is simple and colorful both and contains a personal touch of every family member. The personal touch makes this personal tree idea great. You can get these family trees framed and hang them in your living room.

Fingerprinting family tree project idea

In the previous idea, we have used the hands’ impression to represent the upper portion of the tree. Another way is using the fingerprints to signify leaves of small size. In this family tree project idea, we have used yellow and green prints to represent leaves after making the bare tree. And the red prints are for family members with their names.

Remember to draw a good number of branches for the covering the white sheet. This family tree project idea will be really close to the heart of every family member as it carries forward their personal touch.

Family tree project idea with family photographs

We can also use group photos of the family members or photos with memories to remember. In this family tree project idea, you can use straight branches and yellow-orange leaves to represent autumn.

Also, you can write about the memories associated with that photograph in one or two lines. This is a very descriptive form of family tree project idea. You can make it more artistic by using sticky notes to write on of the color which is the specific family member’s favorite.

Large sized family tree project idea for kids

If you have any empty wall in your house which you are going to use to craft a family tree on it, make sure that the background color is enhancing the beauty of your tree.

For this large sized tree, cut out oval shaped pieces from a green colored paper for the leaves. Paste photos or group photos of your family members on it. You can use squares and rectangles of the same length for the stem of the tree as shown in the image. Cut out strips of brown color for the branches.

Fuller and heavy family tree project idea

The family tree can be of various sizes. The smaller the size, you can easily frame them. And the large ones can be installed on the empty walls. In the above fully and heavy family tree project idea, you can get the normal photos printed in the passport size and then right the names of the members just below their photo as shown. This beautiful family tree project is a great idea to inculcate the whole family in very less time.

Beautiful family tree project idea for kids

In case you are not willing to paste the photographs of your family members onto the family tree project, you can use this family tree project idea to showcase the creativity with only the names of the members. Try to make the stem and the branches rough with the help of colored sheets, tissue paper or hard cloth. Then cut out colored flowers or clouds to write the names of your family members on the cut out shapes using permanent markers.

Large circular leaves family tree project idea

This family tree project idea has its own uniqueness and attraction. Its beauty stems from the fact that it can be beautifully used as a wall decoration. All you have to do is cut out different sized circles of various shades of green color. Make sure you have the large circles as much as the number of members in your family  so that you can paste their photographs on these. You can use plain sheets of paper for the stems and the bushes.

Realistic family tree project idea

The reason we are calling this family tree project idea as realistic because the leaves are of the different sizes and the branches are also uneven, just like in a real tree. The rough appearance of the stems and the branches can be made with the help of glue, ice-cream popsicles and tissue paper. You can also use clothes or rough sheets available in the market. Keep the paper for the leaves smooth with different shades of green.

Innovative family tree project idea

This can be the best family tree project idea of the list. It has everything in it such as creativity, art, aesthetics and even a fun game. The material to be used for this project must be hard and stiff so that it can stand on the table even against the fan wind.

You can use woodwork, thermacol with a heavy base or multiple cardboard sheets stacked together. Instead of using the sticks, straws of appropriate length and strength can also be used. Add small dolls to represent the various family members.

Beautiful hangings inspired family tree project idea for kids

Ending the list with this amazing hanging family tree project idea. We have used owls to represent the family members but you can also use other birds like sparrows, pigeons, dove or parrot. Add your family’s photographs to the bird shapes. As the weight of the hangings is heavy, the material used is cardboard sheets which are of considerable thickness. And, the stand at the bottom is made out of wood.

Flip Flop

Let your kids paste a few colorful sheets on their wall to make a tree figure. Stick some labelled flip flop cards with a picture of your family members. This will help them revise playfully and recognize easily.

Window Tree

For young artists, this is an easy option. Cut out windows within a tree craft and let your little ones use their imagination to draw and color each family member. This adorable art is the purest form of love.

The Hierarchy

This tree is helpful in understanding one’s family chronology. As the branches get divided below and integrated on the top, kids learn the importance of staying closely knit together despite the varying distances.

Apples Of The Same Basket

This apple tree is a reminder that even if everyone is different in a family, we are ultimately fruits of the same tree. This cute craft speaks volumes in itself and is simple and quick to prepare.

Family Tree Greeting

Let your love for your family be known to know to them by gifting this precious greeting. Add your message for them in the tiny cards to give it some customization.

Toddler Tree

Who said little kids can’t make family tree crafts?  Here is a very simple trick. Use handprints to make the branches and leaves of the tree. Add a cute, little butterfly with the help of footprints and make a scene as beautiful as you wish. This is fun to make and quite relaxing in nature.

Hand Print DIY Family Tree

This one is not simply a craft but a precious memory worth cherishing. Take handprints of all your family members in a tree formation and get it framed to achieve memories of a lifetime.

Ready To Make Printable Family Trees



For the ones seeking a shortcut through hefty craft, we have multiple ready to make options here. These are well labelled, creatively designed and warmly painted for your convenience. Just get a print and have all the fun crafting your own family tree.

These crafts provide a modern and innovative approach to traditional learning. We hope you liked all these bright and beautiful family tree projects mentioned here. Share your feedback in the comments section below. We will soon come up with more such ideas. You can check out other related articles. Visit our website for more content prepared with love just for you.

Wish you a creative day ahead!

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