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Easy Red Chilies Painting Tutorial For Beginners

Easy Red Chilies Painting Tutorial For Beginners

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Easy Red Chilies Painting Tutorial For Beginners

Activities for Kids

This art can be a hot and spicy addition to your art collection! This tutorial covers each and every step to guide you in making these red chilies! 

Let’s make this hot and spicy drawing today! This tutorial contains step-by-step instructions for creating this red chilies artwork using up some tips and tricks for painting! This art is a hands-on activity for the kiddos to drive their motor skills and creativity while making it! This artwork is pretty easy to make and only requires some minimal art supplies which your already have at your home! Create this artwork in minutes and show it off to everyone! This artwork can be the perfect decoration for your kitchen or you can even use it as your school art project!

DIY Red Chilies Painting For Kids

Easy Red Chilies Painting Tutorial For Beginners

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Materials Required

  • Circular Cardboard
  • Thin Rounded Paintbrush
  • Paint Colors (Red, White, Light Green, And Dark Green)


Step 1: Making A Green Branch

Making A Green Branch-A Simple Guide to Coloring Hot Peppers for Kids

To begin this artwork, take a circular cardboard as the base for the artwork and a rounded paintbrush. Dip the paintbrush into green paint and make a curved branch coming from the left side of the base.

Step 2: Making Red Chilies

Making Red Chilies-A Step-by-Step Guide to Painting Red Chilies for Beginners

Dip your finger into red paint and start to make wavy and curvy lines below the branch to make red chilies.

Step 3: Making More Red Chilies

Making More Red Chilies-Starter's Guide to Painting Hot Chilies

Continue to make red chilies even above the branch to give a leaf-like pattern, also make a curved chili at the end of the branch and some fallen chilies at the bottom of the base.

Step 4: Making The Crown Of The Chilies

Making The Crown Of The Chilies- Beginner's Guide to Creating Red Chili Art

Dip the paintbrush into dark and light green paint at the same time and start making the crown from the top of the chilies attached to the branch. And also make the crown of the fallen chilies.

Step 5: Making White Strokes

Making White Strokes-Easy Steps to Painting Red Chilies for the Kids

Now, dip the paintbrush into white paint and make strokes over one side of the chilies to make them look shiny.

The Final Look Of Your Spicy Red Chilies!

Easy Red Chilies Painting Tutorial For Kids

Congratulations! You have finally created your red chilies!

They look as if they are real, the white strokes give these chilies a realistic effect and also make them look shiny! Show off your painting to your friends and family and flaunt your painting skills by teaching them to make it too! You can also use the same tutorial for converting these red chilies into green or even yellow! All you have to do is use green and yellow colored paint instead of red and your artwork will be created in minutes!

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