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DIY Lettuce Stamp Roses Painting Art For Beginners

DIY Lettuce Stamp Roses Painting Art For Beginners

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DIY Lettuce Stamp Roses Painting Art For Beginners

Create a beautiful and unique piece of artwork with this easy DIY lettuce stamp roses painting art project for beginners. Learn how to make roses with a simple lettuce stamp and other materials. Perfect for creating a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Roses are always known to be eternal symbols of love. You can give roses to anyone you love or who holds a special place in your heart. If you have received a rose even once in your lifetime, believe me, you are special. And even if you haven’t received any roses, we are here to take care of that because everyone here is special and deserves every kind of flower. Let’s get started!

Grab all these materials and follow the teeny tiny steps to make your own rose painting.

Simple Lettuce Stamp Roses Painting Art

DIY Lettuce Stamp Roses Painting Art For Beginners

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Materials Required

  • White Craft Paper
  • Lettuce
  • Knife
  • Red Poster Colour
  • Green Poster Colour
  • Paintbrush


Step 1: Cutting Your Lettuce In Half With A Knife

Cut your lettuce in half with knife-Crafting a Lettuce Stamped Rose Picture for Novices

Your first step is to take a white colored craft paper. The white colored craft paper should be in a circle shape. Then, take a lettuce vegetable and with the help of the knife, cut the lettuce from its stem part as shown.

Step 2: Adding Red Poster Colour To Lettuce

Add red poster colour to lettuce-Making a Lettuce-Printed Rose Artwork for Newbies

Now, take the red poster color and the small part of the stem of the lettuce which you have cut. After taking the red poster color, paint the red poster color on the small stem part of the lettuce with a paintbrush, which you have cut in the above step with a knife.

Step 3: Placing The Painted Part On White Craft Paper

Place the painted part on white craft paper- Creating a Lettuce-Impressed Rose Painting for Newcomers

Place the painted lettuce stem part which you have painted with red poster color on the white colored craft paper. So that you will get the shape of the lettuce stem that will look like a rose.

Step 4: Making More Stamps Of Red Poster Colour On White Craft Paper

Make more stamps of red poster colour on white craft paper- Newbies Making a Rose Picture with a Lettuce Stamp

By repeating the same step as above, with the help of the red poster and lettuce stem part, make more stamps from the red poster color on the white colored craft paper to make roses

Step 5: Filing The Whole White Craft Paper

Fill the whole white craft paper- How to Make a Lettuce-Stamped Rose Painting for Beginners

You have to make the red stamps from the red poster color and the lettuce stem till the whole white craft paper is filled as shown in the picture.

Step 6: Making Leaves From Green Poster Colour

Make leaves from green poster colour.- DIY Rose Art Using a Lettuce Stamp for the Novice

Now, with the help of the green poster color, make leaves of the roses which you made with the help of the red poster color the lettuce stem. Make at least two leaves for each rose flower as shown.

Your Lettuce Stamp Roses Painting Art Is Ready!!

Your Craft IS Ready- Painting a Rose with a Lettuce Stamp for Beginners

Finally your roses your ready which you had always deserved. This painting is pretty simple and easy to make. Anyone can try this painting as it will definitely look amazing once you make it. From this craft, you can learn many things, like how to paint, the importance of vegetables, and how even vegetables can be used in paintings and stuff. This painting will really change your perspective on things and you will see everything from creative eyes.

So, if you think you deserve roses too, then you should definitely try this painting by just following the few super easy steps.

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