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DIY Paper Spinner Toy For Kids To Play Craft Tutorial

DIY Paper Spinner Toy For Kids To Play

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DIY Paper Spinner Toy For Kids To Play Craft Tutorial

Activities for Kids

Looking for a cool artwork toy! We got you covered! Create a super fun paper spinner toy craft with us through this step-by-step tutorial! 

We welcome you here on this easy and unique craft toy to make! A paper spinner! Yes, you heard it right! You can make a spinner using the paper! With this step-by-step tutorial, you will make it easy and just in the blink of an eye! This tutorial will guide you on each and every step of this craft making. This craft is perfect for the kiddos to make their own budget-friendly spinner toy and even customize it in the way they like! Open the doors of creativity and let us begin!

Handmade Paper Spinner Toy Craft Activity For Kids

DIY Paper Spinner Toy For Kids To Play

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Materials Required

  • White Paper Sheet
  • Scissors
  • Colored Markers
  • Compass
  • Pencil
  • A Coin


Step 1: Making A Circle Using Compass

Making A Circle Using Compass-Making your own Paper Spinner Toy for Children to Enjoy

Begin this craft by taking a white paper sheet and a compass with a pencil in it. Using the compass, draw a circle over the paper sheet.

Step 2: Drawing A Spiral

Drawing A Spiral-Construct a Paper Spinner Toy for Kids to Have Fun With

Using a red sketch marker, draw a spiral over the circle.

Step 3: Cutting Out The Extra Part

Cutting Out The Extra Part-Create a Paper Spinner Toy for Kids to Have Fun With

Using scissors, cut out the extra part coming out of the spiral but make sure to keep the space of the circle in the perfect circle form only.

Step 4: Inserting A Coin In The Paper

Inserting A Coin In The Paper-Manufacture a Paper Spinner Toy for Kids to Play With

Make a thin and long cut in the center of the circle and insert a coin in the long hole. Stick the coin to the paper using glue. Make are that the coin is inserted in a way that it is half-half on both sides.

Step 5: Making A Rainbow

Making A Rainbow-Assemble a Paper Spinner Toy for Children to Entertain Themselves

Flip the paper and using the rainbow-colored sketch marker, make a thick rainbow on the circle paper’s upper half.

Your Paper Spinner Toy Is Ready!

Your Paper Spinner Toy Is Ready!-Fabricate a Paper Spinner Toy for Little Ones to Entertain Themselves

Congratulations! You have succeeded in making your paper spinner toy just in time! Spin it from the coin and see the rainbow color moving!

What a fun craft it was! You can enjoy playing with it anytime you want! Show off your paper spinner to your friends and family and flaunt your crafting skills while teaching them to make it! Have fun while creating more and more spinners with your family and friends! You can even customize your spinner by making various designs on it from various colors! Oh wait I have got an idea! What if you decorate your paper spinner using craft stones!? What a stunning creation it would be!? Try it out now!

Hope you liked the article and share it as much as you can! Also, give your feedback in the comments sections! We would love to hear from you!

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