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Cute Peacock Handprint Art & Craft Tutorial For Kids

Cute Peacock Handprint Art & Craft Idea For Kids

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Cute Peacock Handprint Art & Craft Tutorial For Kids

Make a beautiful art piece with your kids using this enjoyable peacock handprint craft. This simple and imaginative craft is suitable for people of all ages and will look great in your home. Gather the necessary items and follow the instructions to make your own peacock artwork.

We all know that peacock have cute and shiny colored feathers and it has so many different colors, which gives pleasant for our eyes. Draw a peacock and creating peacock crafts are quite challenging, because you have to use so many colors and it may take more time to make. But with some simple steps and using very few colors you can create it very easily. Here, we going to teach you how to draw peacock very easily.

Easy Peacock Handprint Art & Craft

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Materials Required

  • White sheet
  • Blue color acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Doll eyes
  • Green, Sky blue, Yellow &Black color sketch


Step 1: Painting Blue Color Paint On Your Paw To Draw A Peacock

Painting blue color paint on your paw to draw a peacock- An Adorable Peacock Handprint Artwork Project For Children

First of all, wash your left hand and let it dry. Then start to paint blue color on your paw completely and even on your fingers.

Step 2: Putting Your Paw On The White Sheet

Putting your paw on the white sheet- A Creative Peacock Handprint Art Activity For Youngsters

Before the paint dries, spread all your fingers and put your paw onto white sheet, you thumb should facing top as peacock’s head.

Step 3: Pasting Peacock Eyes

Pasting peacock eyes- A Sweet Peacock Handprint Art & Craft Scheme For Kids

After the paint dries, paste one doll eyes onto your thumb fingerprint as shown in the image.

Step 4: Drawing Peak For Peacock

Drawing peak for peacock- A Sweet Peacock Handprint Art & Craft Scheme For Kids

Near to the doll eye, draw peacock’s peak using black sketch and then draw legs for peacock under the paw print as shown in the image and also draw foot.

Step 5: Drawing Peacock Feathers

Drawing peacock feathers- A Darling Peacock Handprint Art & Craft Thought For Kids

Draw feathers on every fingerprint except thumb fingerprint, draw more hair to highlight those feathers.

Step 6: Drawing Patterns Of Feathers

Drawing patterns of feathers- A Pretty Peacock Handprint Art & Craft Plan For Children

At the top of all the fingerprint except thumb, draw pattern for feathers as shown in the image and also give patterns at the top of peacock’s head and use blue color sketch to color the pattern.

Step 7: Coloring All The Feather Patterns

Coloring all the feather patterns- A Delightful Peacock Handprint Art & Craft Idea For Little Ones

Using blue sketch, color all the feather patterns as shown.

Your Artwork Is Ready!!

Highlighting all the patterns- An Enchanting Peacock Handprint Art & Craft Concept For Children

After color the feather pattern with blue color sketch, also use yellow color sketch to color it and draw a small circle in the center of the pattern using green sketch and complete the drawing. Don’t forgot wash your hands.

This is a simple and interesting peacock drawing using simple steps and we give step-by-step instructions to draw this art. Kids will enjoy to draw it and if you are an adult, you can try this art when you get bored, and this will be fun to draw and also you don’t have to use more fancy colors to draw it. We hope you enjoy this art and if want to create more crafts and arts like this, do visit our website for more.

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