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Rock Art Ideas For Kids – Creative Rock Painting Ideas

Amazing Rock Craft Ideas For Kids

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Rock Art Ideas For Kids – Creative Rock Painting Ideas

Activities for Kids

It is said that “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. And when it comes to finding beauty in stones and rocks, beauty definitely lies in the eyes of the beholder. Yes, we are talking about rocks, stones, art, and craft ideas in this article. Who would think of using stones and rocks for home decor, gifting, or even authentic art and craft? Reading this article can change your view of looking at stones and rocks. You will start thinking of them as mediums of art and craft. Not taking any more time let’s get started with some amazing art and craft activities with rocks and stones.

Amazing Rock Painting Art Ideas for Kids, Parents, Teachers, and almost everyone!

Amazing Rock Craft Ideas For Kids

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Rock Painting With Glitter

Image Source/Tutorial: Totally The Bomb

Painting stones and rocks, as an art activity is known to some of us. Here we have added some shimmer. This shimmering rock art will definitely make your room sparkle. Using glitters can make rock and stone art look stunning. You can use these creative and shining decorative articles for home decor.

Word Building With Stone Print

Image Source/Tutorial: Sugar Aunts

Have you ever thought that u stones could also be useful in creating a Word-building game? Yes, that’s possible. This printed stone word-building game can make you have an amazing time indoors or outdoors along with your friends and family. This is truly an educative activity and could help in training the brain. We recommend all, regardless of age, to try making a word-building game using stones, today.

Green Turtles Or Tortoises’ Stone Art

Image Source/Tutorial: Kitchen Floor Crafts

We all know practicing an eco-friendly lifestyle is a good choice. Making turtles and tortoises out of small and medium-sized stones can be your chance to make eco-friendly articles. You can either use them for decorating your own home or office or gift them to someone else. This way you can also create awareness about our environment. These green turtles and tortoises are sure to impress everyone.  These turtles and tortoises are a cool way to start making your eco-friendly decor items.

Colorful Mandala Stone Art Ring

Image Source/Tutorial: Itsy Bitsy Fun

This colorful mandala stone art ring is sure to grab the attention of all, be it your friends, family, or colleagues. Whether you are having a party or you are at a formal meeting wearing this stylish finger ring with mandala art will raise your style quotient to the next level. Remember to post your pictures along with the ring on your social media handles and don’t forget to tag us too.  This pretty ring is an interesting way to adorn your look.

Rock And Stone Emoticons

Image Source/Tutorial: Jay Lee Painting

These colorful stone faces and emoticons with googly eyes are fun. Making these simple yet fun-filled emoticons will add happiness to the air. You can decorate your room or table with them and cheer all day. Using your creativity you can make many such creative faces and beings.

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Animal Theme Pebble Painting

Image Source/Tutorial: The Craft Train

This pebble painting activity will recreate a jungle scene inside your own house. You may also create your own barn too, the choice is all yours. The whiskers, nose, eyes, ears, and completed faces of animals painted on pebbles look astonishing. Go wild best with this pebble painting activity.

Rock Art For Any Age

Image Source/Tutorial: Edventures With Kids

This rock art activity is a must-try for all. It doesn’t matter whether you are an artist or an amateur. Just get your creativity flowing. This activity seems to be therapeutic too. So, don’t think about what your rock art will look like. Just keep doing more and more rock art and we are pretty sure that you are going to rock this show.

Nameplate Using Stone Art

Image Source/Tutorial: Mamapapabubba

Can you believe that you can get your own nameplate from rock art? Yes is the answer. This colorful nameplate rock art is one unique idea. We insist on you trying this out for your own house. You can also pleasantly surprise your best friend on the next visit. Thinking of gifting this? We would highly recommend it.  Using a dash of rainbow colors you can make the nameplate look dazzling.

Family Cartoons And Caricatures On Stones

Image Source/Tutorial: Sandy Toes & Popsicles

Impress your friends with this collection of cartoon characters painted on stones and rocks of different sizes and shapes. You can also make caricatures. To give it a personalized appearance, you can make an interesting set of all your family members’ caricatures. Have fun doing this activity with family and friends.

Rock Collage And Modern Art

Image Source/Tutorial: MidPac

Use the floor and carve out your modern rock art. Remember to frame it. This rock art looks easy. So whether you are a toddler, teenager, or old with a young heart, this is for you. Find a place and start making your collage art using rocks right now.

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Cute Minions Stone Creatives

Image Source/Tutorial: Mum In The Madhouse

None of us would leave the Minions behind when it comes to painting our favorite cartoon characters on the stones. These yellow and blue Minions are sure to surprise everyone. Doing this will be lots of fun. Showcasing them will add cheerfulness. You can also invite your friends to paint the Minions along with you and enjoy a fantastic get-together.

Colorful Rock Art Rainbow Or Trail

Image Source/Tutorial: Smart School House

This is an interesting idea to make beautiful home decor. And it’s easy. Colorful rock art arranged in a line looks like a rainbow. Go ahead and create your own rock art rainbow today.

Vegetable Basket Rock Art

Image Source/Tutorial: Adventure In A Box

This decorative and hand-painted vegetable basket is going to be the next talk of the town. Place this on your dinner table at the center to make the meal time fun and interesting. Bon appetite

Yellow Chicks With Red Beaks

Image Source/Tutorial: Inner Child Fun

Rocks can be hard. But painting them into these adorable and cute chicks can make them look unbelievably soft. Try to make these beautiful yellow chicks and let everyone take a look at them. We are sure that your audience will love your creation from the bottom of their hearts.

Alphabet Rock Art Set

Image Source/Tutorial: Bargain Hoot

Create an alphabet set with rock art and help your toddlers or kids get into the learning mode. You can share the pictures of your alphabet set with other parents and see what they comment. Keep learning and creating. Teachers can also use this idea in their classroom for teaching or as an art and craft activity.

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Colorful Caterpillar Using Different Stones

Image Source/Tutorial: Nellie Bellie

Make an amazing caterpillar using different stones painted in different colors. The sweet smile on the caterpillar’s face and its antennas make it look adorable. Display it near a window.

Small Butterfly Rock Art

Image Source/Tutorial: Happy Hooliganstterfly rock art

If you want to make badges or rock art with natural entities, this butterfly rock art is your option. Impress everyone by using your creativity to make a badge today. Post its picture on social media handles and see how many likes you get for being a badge bearer or a nature lover. We hope you get loads of likes.

A Beautiful Scene Of Rock Art

Image Source/Tutorial: ZingZing Tree

Think of turning rock art into landscape art. Leave everyone stunned with your creation.  The idea shared here of a tiny bird on a pile of stones looking at a fly can make you famous. So, don’t waste any more time. Frame your creativity and impress all.

Rock Art Tic Tac Toe

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

Turn your rock art into a fun-filled tic tac toe game. We are sure you can come up with ideas for making many such games using rock but we suggest you start with making a tic tac toe. Have fun with your friends and family with this artistic tic tac toe. Next, you can try using rock art in a game of hopscotch.

Simple And Easy Rock Art

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

Sometimes in life, we just have to go with the flow. This rock art represents just that. We would call this activity Rock art made easy. It would also be like a stepping stone activity into the world of rock art. So, get set to create some amazing pieces of rock art.

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Designer Cactus Rock Art

Image Source/Tutorial: Salt And Pepper Moms

Cacti could be seen as prickly and dull. But Cactus rock art can be smooth and artistic. We assure you that once you have made this cactus rock art for your home, it’s going to be the center of attraction. You can also gift it to your friends who are fond of having low-maintenance eco-friendly articles in their homes.

Squeaky Mouse Rock Art

Image Source/Tutorial: Iheartcraftythings

These rock art mice may not sound squeaky but they sure look adorable. Whether you keep them on the table or floor for decor will be your choice. This pair of mice is definitely worth doing rock art. Post its pictures on social media to get some interesting or funny comments.

Garden Decor Rock Art

Image Source/Tutorial: Boxofideas

If you have never thought of rocks being useful in garden decor, here is your chance to rethink. Look at this stunning rock art that can turn your garden into an art gallery for your visitors. And we are sure they will spend some extra time in your garden. So, set up a rock art in your garden today.

Rock Art Family and Friends

Image Source/Tutorial: You Clever Monkey

 How interesting it would be to look at a family rock art next to a family portrait? Start making your own family rock art now to get everyone in the family smiling. You can add rock art to represent all your dear and near ones. Remember to tag us on your social media handles when you post lovely pictures of your family and friends’ rock art.

Snakes and Snails Rock Art

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Craft Room

Everyone thinks snakes are scary and snails are boring but this snake and snail rock art is a breakthrough. Imagine having a cute snake rock art paired with an even more adorable snail rock art is a must-have in your studio. Whether you make snakes look more beautiful than your snails is all up to you.

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Funtime with Story Stones

Image Source/Tutorial: Craftsonsea

Ever thought of going beyond storybooks or puppets to narrate a story? Now you can. Enjoy a wonderful time with Story stones. Painting the characters, scenes and other nitty-gritty of the story on stones will be so much fun.

Rock art with a Mandala

Image Source/Tutorial: Arty Crafty Kids

Art and craft always involve creativity. This rock art with a mandala twist is an example of such creativity. The rock art and a hand-painted mandala look splendid. Simplicity is beautiful. This rock art is definitely simple yet beautiful. So, go ahead and make this unique rock and mandala art combo today.

Fantastic Flamingo Pebble Art

Image Source/Tutorial: Hellowonderful

Now you can have your own Flamingo? Sounds surprising? Yes, with flamingos being a rare sight for most of us, it really would sound surprising if someone said that we can have our own Flamingo. But it’s true. Look at this beautiful creation. This time we are not going to insist on you try doing it. Cause we are sure, just looking at it you will start making it.

Creative Articles using Rock Art

Image Source/Tutorial: Buggyandbuddy

This set of creatives is not just going to enhance the beauty of your house but also turn you into an outstanding artist. This irresistible rock art can be used for home decor, workspace, play area, or even gifting. Go ahead and experiment with this unique rock art idea for yourself and your dear ones.

In Windy spider Rock Art

Image Source/Tutorial: Kidscraftroom

This rock art idea is going to be the kids’ favorite. Whether you teach them to make or you gift them, it will surely bring a smile to their face. You could also recite the rhyme ‘Incy wincy spider and have a fun session with the kids.

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Fun and Frolicking Finger Ring

Image Source/Tutorial: Red Ted Art

This is going to be a jewel in your art and craft collection. Just do it, is what we would say. Making this finger ring is going to be an extravagant experience as would be wearing it. We would also recommend you to make a special gift box along with this ring because either everyone is going to want to have a look at it or want it as a gift from you.

Soft Fluffy Pet Rocks

Image Source/Tutorial: The Craft Train

This is going to be the most adorable of all the other rock arts. These soft and fluffy pet rocks can be like some beautiful add-ons to your family. We would love to see your pictures with these creatives. Hope you post them soon, cause we are all eyes.

Tiny Green Cactus Pet Rocks

Image Source/Tutorial: Thebestideasforkids

These low-maintenance Tiny green cacti pet rocks are a must-have for every household. So whether you are a child or a parent, make a cactus per rock creative and impress everyone with your eco-friendly and easy-to-maintain home decor idea.

Tini Mini Hedgehog Rock Art

Image Source/Tutorial: Easy Peasy And Fun

Nature is full of delightful creatures. Hedgehogs are one such creation. Now, get closer to nature and create your own
Tini mini hedgehog rock art. Spread the message of love for nature and care for animals.

Cutie Pie Panda Rock Art

Image Source/Tutorial: Firefliesandmudpies

Young to old, this Cute Panda Rock Art will be loved by all. Simple and easy Panda rock art is something we all should try once. The cuteness of this Panda is definitely going to win loads of heart. So, make an adorable Panda rock art and spread love and cuteness.

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Cool Aliens Rock Art

Image Source/Tutorial: Easy Peasy And Fun

How would you imagine an alien in a creative way? Here are some super exciting ideas to create some cool extraterrestrial creations. Design your alien today. Make this a family activity and let each one make an alien. Have fun with these spatial creatives.

Minions in a Different Style

Image Source/Tutorial: Non Toy Gifts

If you are a fan of the Minions, you can be creative to make these not-so-sober yet sweetheart Minions. We are sure they can be helpful in making you a better artist. And your closet into a creative display of your articles.

Think Tank Sharks Rock

Image Source/Tutorial: Ourkidthings

These sharks look sweet and smiling. Are they made using rock art? Yes. Take a good look at these tiny sharks and let us know if you would want to make some for your home decor. You can also suggest to us if you want us to share about any other sea animals’ rock art. You can post your feedback or comments on this article.

Arabian Nights’ Rock Art

Image Source/Tutorial: Colormadehappy

Arabian nights rock art is a unique art and craft idea. You may not have come across any such scenic rock art. Here we are sharing the secrets of Arabian night’s rock art, especially for you. Get ready to enter a fantasy world with this rock art.

Pretend and play with Rock Cakes

Image Source/Tutorial: The craft train

Toddlers and children are going to love this idea of making rock cakes that look delicious and yum. Yet we should know that these cakes are just for pretend and play. Parents, teachers, and even grandparents can have a lovely time with their young ones involved in playing with these colorful rock cakes. This could also be a super idea for kitchen decor.

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Tic Tac Toe on a Rock

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

Convert rock art into play with this superb tic tac toe game. This game is sure to spread cheers and happiness wherever you play. It looks spectacular. You should try your hand at doing this fun-filled tic tac toe rock art.

Rock Art Graffiti Wall

Image Source/Tutorial: Twitchetts

Graffiti interests one and all. And here is a special way to make graffiti. Choose rock art graffiti to write messages, quotes, or anything special. Tell us about your experience. Remember to invite all your friends and family to quote something of their own. This rock art graffiti can be used in various events.

That’s a long list of rock art ideas and articles. Now, it’s your chance to explore rock art. We look forward to seeing your posts on rock art. So, tag us every time you post a picture of your creation. Also, keep looking for new and exciting art and craft ideas and activities on our website. Let’s stay creative and keep doing more.

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