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Learn to make Bubble Wrap Printed Pomegranate Craft

Learn to make Bubble Wrap Printed Pomegranate Craft

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Learn to make Bubble Wrap Printed Pomegranate Craft

A healthy craft for your little one! This pomegranate craft is the perfect kid to teach your kiddos the benefits of eating their veggies and fruits in a fun and creative way! 

Pomegranate has an immense number of nutrients and health benefits! But kids are in denial of eating them?! Don’t worry we have a crafty solution! This pomegranate craft will be a fun learning way of teaching kids the benefits of eating pomegranates! They will enjoy the process of making this craft and will be keen to consume them afterward! The star material for this craft is bubble wrap! Bubble wrap will give the perfect easy texture of pomegranate in no time! You will just have to paint the bubbles over the wrap to make them look like pomegranate seeds! See, easy peasy, try it out now!

Simple Bubble Wrap Printed Pomegranate Craft

Learn to make Bubble Wrap Printed Pomegranate Craft

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Materials Required

  • White And Green Colored Paper Sheet
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Paintbrush
  • Paints (Red, Yellow, And Orange)
  • Black Marker


Step 1: Pasting Bubble Wrap Circles

Pasting Bubble Wrap Circles-

To begin this craft, take a white paper sheet and using scissors, cut it down in a circle. Now, take a bubble wrap and cut it into 3 small circles using scissors and using glue, and paste them over the white sheet closely.

Step 2: Painting The Bubble Wrap Bubbles

Painting The Bubble Wrap Bubbles-

Dip a paintbrush into red paint and start painting the bubble wrap bubbles from it. These will become the pomegranate seeds.

Step 3: Completing Painting The Bubbles

Completing Painting The Bubbles-

Continue painting the bubbles till you paint each and every bubble over the wrap and complete all the pomegranate seeds.

Step 4: Painting Boundary Over The Bubble Wrap Circles

Painting Boundary Over The Bubble Wrap Circles-

Dip the paintbrush into yellow paint and paint the boundary of the circular bubble wraps.

Step 5: Making The Pomegranate Peel

Making The Pomegranate Peel-

Again boundary the yellow paint with orange paint to make them look like the pomegranate peel.

Step 6: Making The Pomegranate Crown

Making The Pomegranate Crown-

Paint the pomegranate crown over the peel randomly as shown.

Step 7: Pasting Leaves Of The Pomegranate

Pasting Leaves Of The Pomegranate-

Make leaves by cutting them out from a green paper sheet and detailing the veins and outline using a black marker. Paste these leaves in the middle of every 2 pomegranates.

Now, The Final Look Of Your Pomegranate Craft Painting!

Now, The Final Look Of Your Pomegranate Craft Painting!-

Yummy! Look at these juicy pomegranates! They look so fine!

This pomegranate craft was a fun learning activity for kiddos! They learned more about pomegranates through the process and also had a sensory crafting activity! Multiple benefits in one craft! This healthy craft will be beneficial in every way for your little one! You can hang over this craftwork in your kitchen or you can even use it as your school project!

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