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Classroom Anchor Charts for Grade 2


Classroom Anchor Charts for Grade 2

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Anchor charts are a great way to share information among students. These are visual tools that are designed according to our ideas to reinforce out-of-the-box thoughts. Anchor charts are to be made with the students to achieve the maximum out of the activity. Anchor charts are an important element of education and not only second graders but all grades of students should know how to make anchor charts for themselves.

There are lots of anchors we are going to discuss in this article. Anchor charts related to growth, discipline, organizing, reading, grammar, mindset, and more are mentioned here to help students to excel in any field of life. Letting them make anchor charts and fill out the points for themselves promotes conceptual skills, develops an analytical mindset, and promotes overall development. Let’s explore them one by one. Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of Classroom Anchor Charts for Grade 2 like bucket filling classroom reminder, what good readers do, parts of a plant, daily goals, growth mindset, main topic, personal narrative, grammar learning, theme development, notebook version, character traits, time telling, my rights as a reader, desk organizing, plot analyser, pronouns learning, classroom promises and learning to count

Classroom Anchor Charts for Grade 2

Classroom Anchor Charts for Grade 2

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Bucket Filling Classroom Reminder

Classroom Anchor Charts for Grade 2 Bucket Filling Classroom Reminder

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafting-Connections

The chart speaks about the actions that fill the bucket and actions that drip the bucket. I assume you have heard about ‘bucket filling’ and ‘bucket dripping’ activities. This chart will remind students the whole year to put on the right actions, thoughts, and emotions for another person and eliminate negative, mean, and rude thoughts. Create the chart and put it up on the classroom wall.

“WHAT Good Readers Do” Anchor Chart

Classroom Anchor Charts for Grade 2 "WHAT Good Readers Do"

Image Source/Tutorial: Ms Third Grade

This chart will remind students about why reading is important and what good readers do. Take a look at the above picture it says that a good reader works hard to become a better reader. Make out this chart by engaging with the students and making the best out of it.

Parts of a Plant Anchor Chart

Classroom Anchor Charts for Grade 2 Parts of a Plant

Image Source/Tutorial: Blend Space

Do this one, make the chart and put it up in the classroom so that kids might never forget what are the parts of a plant. They should remember the purpose of each plant so that when they plant a tree they know when to water and how to care. Just put it up and it will be the topic of discussion for them.

Daily Goals Anchor Chart

Classroom Anchor Charts for Grade 2 Daily Goals

Image Source/Tutorial: What I Have Learned Teaching

Make anchor charts that set daily goals for students so that they know the important tasks for the day. This one talks about reading independently and highlights important points to achieve that. These types of charts will lead a child towards becoming a better reader, listener, and learner.

Growth Mindset Anchor Chart

Classroom Anchor Charts for Grade 2 Growth Mindset

Image Source/Tutorial: Where The Magic Happens Teaching

Where the mindset is correct, there the growth begins. The anchor chart will help second graders to put up a mindset to never give up, to keep trying, to give all in, to get up and try again, and all positive thoughts, that will make them a better and hard-working person with a strong character.

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Main Topic Anchor Chart

Classroom Anchor Charts for Grade 2 Main Topic

Image Source/Tutorial: Elementary Nest

This anchor chart idea teaches how to find any important information behind any data. The chart revolves around the idea of the main topic and ways to recognize it. If kids look at this and try to understand what it means they will surely learn how to find it.

Personal Narrative anchor chart

Classroom Anchor Charts for Grade 2 Personal Narrative

Image Source/Tutorial: Literacy Ideas

There are times when kids find it difficult to narrate an incident they experienced or things they desire. This anchor chart speaks about all the important points that a child should consider while writing a narration. It teaches everything from starting to end to create the perfect narration. Discuss with the students once, they will learn faster.

Grammar Learning Anchor Charts

Classroom Anchor Charts for Grade 2 Grammar Learning

Image Source/Tutorial: The Lemonadest And Teacher

Grammar anchor charts will teach second-graders core language standards. The idea is suitable when students are studying language standards. Like when they are starting to study verbs – how to use them, and form a sentence  – this anchor chart will come in handy.

Theme Development Anchor Chart

Classroom Anchor Charts for Grade 2 Theme Development

Image Source/Tutorial: The  Applicious Teacher

This chart is useful when students are studying a new topic, a story-like text. The theme can be highlighted by group work, and details can be written on a sticky note. This chart will make them attentive to the main topic of the text that they are currently reading, facilitating better understanding and learning.

Notebook Version Anchor Charts

Classroom Anchor Charts for Grade 2 Notebook Version

Image Source/Tutorial: Upper Elementary Snapshots

At times when you run out of space on the wall, then where to put anchor charts? Well, not a big deal, you can make smaller anchor charts, or get smaller versions printed and stick them to students’ notebooks. They will have easy access to their own personal version of anchor charts.

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Character Traits Anchor Charts

Classroom Anchor Charts for Grade 2 Character Traits

Image Source/Tutorial: Teaching With Simplicity

When students are learning about new characters from texts then this anchor chart is very helpful in making them remember the features and qualities of the characters. By making them sketch out character trait anchor charts for themselves we can make the activity even more helpful. Help them add the words and stick them in their notebooks.

Time Telling Anchor Chart

Classroom Anchor Charts for Grade 2 Time Telling

Image Source/Tutorial: The Simply Organized Teacher

A.M does not always mean day, and P.M does not always mean night. This chart exactly tells the difference between A.M or Ante Meridiem and P.M or Post Meridiem. The chart highlights at what time of the day is A.M and at what time it is P.M. This chart will help students clear their confusion about time, and it will be better if everyone makes it for themselves.

My Rights as a Reader

Classroom Anchor Charts for Grade 2 My Rights as a Reader

Image Source/Tutorial: Teach Starter

As a reader, students should know what are their reader rights. This chart will anchor kids about their reading rights allowing them to explore the ways they could read. Making a large chart and putting it up in the class will make them look at it every day and remember their rights while reading.

Desk Organizing Anchor Chart

 Classroom Anchor Charts for Grade 2 Desk Organizing

Image Source/Tutorial: Mr. Swills Kindergarten

What it feels like when every morning students are confused about their belongings, that they are not able to find them. This chart teaches them how to arrange their belongings under the desk in an organized manner. The chart specifically

Plot Analyser Anchor Chart

Classroom Anchor Charts for Grade 2 Plot Analyser

Image Source/Tutorial: The Classroom Creative

This chart will help kids remember the plot of a story they read about. This chart will make them a good grasp of the definition of the plot, as it indicates the beginning, middle, and ending, through a roller kids will learn fast and will remember it for a long time. Have them draw this chart and learn.

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Pronouns Learning Anchor Charts

Classroom Anchor Charts for Grade 2 Pronouns Learning

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafting-Connections

This chart is helpful for lower elementary grade students who are going to study pronouns. This chart highlights three boxes that contain pronouns, every child should be given an opportunity to fill a pronoun in any box. Then using sticky notes they should fill in the correct word in the blank spaces of each sentence. They will learn the correct what are pronouns and how to use them. Learning pronouns will be so fun.

Classroom Promises Anchor Chart

Classroom Anchor Charts for Grade 2 Classroom Promises

Image Source/Tutorial: Teacher Trap

This chart includes all the promises students would make to follow before the beginning of the year. These are not rules but shared agreements by all the students of the class. This chart will remind them of the foundation of their classroom and how they want their classroom to be throughout the year. The points should be noted by brainstorming ideas.

Learning to Count Anchor Chart

 Classroom Anchor Charts for Grade 2 Learning to Count

Image Source/Tutorial: Teacher Trap

This chart teaches students how to count and multiply. Students will write about the things that count up to that number inbox of the corresponding
number. Like if the number is 7 then the answer should be continents, weeks, wonders of the world, etc. Students can brainstorm ideas and come up with their answers.

I hope that the anchor charts were of lots of use to the entire class. Students were able to develop the habit they needed and learned how to make anchor charts. If you like the ideas we develop for kids then keep visiting us, and take time to explore more activities meant for toddlers, kids, and kindergartners.
Do comment below on the best actor chart made by your class and Visit again.
Thank You!

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