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Science Projects for Grade 6 Students


Science Projects for Grade 6 Students

Activities for Kids

At any age, hands-on science is the best way to learn. You truly grasp topics when you see them in action. These sixth-grade science activities contain both classroom experiments and projects suitable for the upcoming scientific fair. Let the science begin!

These sixth-grade scientific projects are a great way for students to learn about science, technology, engineering, and math while having fun (STEM). These sixth-grade projects are prepared and evaluated by scientists and are designed exclusively for sixth grade kids. Students can either follow the scientific experiment exactly as given or add their own twist to it. Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of science projects for grade 6 students like ferris wheel, wire dancers, launcher , volleyball machine, phone stand, diy sorting machine, model to detect earthquake effects, project based on hooke’s , law, 3-d projects, spinning pens, magnetic car, wind turbine, project on energy transformation, hydropower, baking soda bottle, building structures, robotic, grasshopper, wiggle bot, solar car, project based on archimedes’ principle, project-based on force and motion and biodome.

Science Projects for Grade 6 Students

Science Projects for Grade 6 Students

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Ferris Wheel Project

Science Projects for Grade 6 Students Ferris Wheel Project

Image Source/Tutorial: EHow

Most of your students have definitely experienced a Ferris Wheel, but can they construct one? Get some wood craft sticks and try it out! Allow them to experiment with various designs to find which one works best.

Project Based on Newton’s Law

Science Projects for Grade 6 Students Project Based on Newton's Law

Image Source/Tutorial: Feel-Good Teaching

Potential and kinetic energy, as well as Newton’s third law of motion, are explored in this engineering assignment. Kids will enjoy making an apple wrecking ball to knock down marker pins while measuring the force and accuracy of their creations.

Wire Dancers

Science Projects for Grade 6 Students Wire Dancers

Image Source/Tutorial: Babble Dabble Do

Make small spinning wire dancers with a homopolar motor. Getting it correctly requires some practice.
It’s really simple to create and just requires a few easily obtained things. Homopolar motors are only used in science studies, but they highlight several interesting concepts and are entertaining to watch! They’re also a fantastic way to learn about electricity and electromagnetism.

Launcher Project

Science Projects for Grade 6 Students Launcher Project

Image Source/Tutorial: Science Buddies

Make an attempt at this engineering problem. Can you design a “launcher” that will send a ball as far as possible and a “receiver” that will catch it? The addition of a receiver to a standard catapult project adds a new dimension to the project. Increase the difficulty by building your machine with a limited collection of materials and calculating a score based on your throw distance and materials used.

Volleyball Machine Project

Science Projects for Grade 6 Students Volleyball Machine Project

Image Source/Tutorial: Science Buddies

Is it possible to construct a volleyball machine? One part will launch a ping pong ball over a net, while the other will return the ball. Can you get as many back-and-forth volleys as possible before the ball hits the ground? Try out this fun volleyball machine project.

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Phone Stand

Science Projects for Grade 6 Students Phone Stand

Image Source/Tutorial: Science Buddies

When you let your sixth-grade science students to use their phones in class, they will be ecstatic! Challenge them to design and build a cell phone stand using their engineering abilities and a limited supply of materials.

DIY Sorting Machine

Science Projects for Grade 6 Students DIY Sorting Machine

Image Source/Tutorial: Science Buddies

Students can learn about the engineering design process through creative DIY STEM projects like creating a sorting machine. Furthermore, hands-on science exercises like these are engaging in the classroom and provide students with a practical problem to address.

Model to detect earthquake effects

Science Projects for Grade 6 Students Model to detect earthquake effects

Image Source/Tutorial: Science Love to Know

Build small model structures and then test them to see how earthquakes affect them. Various models demonstrate how engineers may produce buildings that can resist severe shocks—or not

Project based on Hooke’s Law

 Science Projects for Grade 6 Students Project based on Hooke's Law

Image Source/Tutorial: Science Buddies

According to Hooke’s law, the opposing force of a spring is proportional to the amount by which it is stretched. How well does Hooke’s law describe how real springs behave? Is it possible to construct precise scales for weighing objects out of springs? Get started on this project and find out for yourself.

Lifting Objects Project

Science Projects for Grade 6 Students Lifting Objects Project

Image Source/Tutorial: Science Buddies

People used muscle power to move and raise big objects before the Industrial Revolution. This project demonstrates how to utilize your thoughts to make heavy lifting less taxing on your muscles–and your back!

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3-D Projects

Science Projects for Grade 6 Students 3-D Projects

Image Source/Tutorial: Go ,Science Girls,

If you wish to boost your child’s thinking skills and, in particular, their STEM future. To teach your children through a couple of hands-on activities, try ‘Building 3d structures and shapes.’

Spinning Pens

Science Projects for Grade 6 Students Spinning Pens

Image Source/Tutorial: Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls

To balance the pen by magnetism, a simple experience involves many science abilities from investigation, trial, research, and more. Sounds simple, right? Your kids’ idea for a perfect balance would require a lot of magnet size tweaking.

Magnetic Car

Science Projects for Grade 6 Students Magnetic Car

Image Source/Tutorial: The Science Kiddo

Make a magnet-powered automobile to make science more enjoyable. Make a road and see how far you can push/pull your automobile without touching it. This simple science experiment is quick to set up and gives hours of exploration and amusement for kids.

Wind Turbine Project

Science Projects for Grade 6 Students Wind Turbine Project

Image Source/Tutorial:

This study examines whether birds can distinguish between patterned and unpatterned anemometers while deciding where to feed. The objective is for the student to apply scientific approach to discover an anemometer pattern that birds will avoid.

Project on Energy Transformation

Science Projects for Grade 6 Students Project on Energy Transformation

Image Source/Tutorial:

The conversion of one form of energy into another is known as energy transfer. It can also refer to the transfer of energy from one location to another. Solar panels, for example, allow light energy to be converted into heat and electricity.

Consider the possibility of powering a useful machine with energy that is already being used. Consider how energy can be transmitted to create motion or power a machine in this thinking experiment. Consider how energy can be used to do valuable tasks with the assistance of a machine.

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Hydropower Project

Science Projects for Grade 6 Students Hydropower Project

Image Source/Tutorial: Science Buddies

Earth is a wonderful world. It provides us with everything we require: food, shelter, and water. Sure, we need water to drink, but have you considered how water may be used to generate energy? All we have to do is harness the energy contained in moving water. The Grand Canyon was formed by flowing water. That required a lot of effort! You will demonstrate the power of water in this science fair project by turning the kinetic energy in running water into mechanical energy, which will raise a small weight.

Baking Soda Bottle

Science Projects for Grade 6 Students Baking Soda Bottle

Image Source/Tutorial: KiwiCo

Zoom, zoom, zoom! This baking soda experiment boat is simple to construct and race. The chemical reaction used here is the same as when you put a fizzy pill into a cup of water or make a baking soda volcano.

Building Structures

Science Projects for Grade 6 Students Building Structures

Image Source/Tutorial: Science Buddies

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Wow, that’s so cool!” when looking up at a skyscraper? It takes more than simply walls, windows, and floors to construct a skyscraper or any construction. To protect a structure from collapsing, it must have a foundation. This is especially true when constructing a structure on a hill or a slope. You will construct a tower on various slopes in this science assignment. You’ll figure out how deep you need to dig the foundation for each slope angle. Your mission is to keep your structure from collapsing!

Robotic Grasshopper

Science Projects for Grade 6 Students Robotic Grasshopper

Image Source/Tutorial: Science Buddies

When put near any light, a frightening robot grasshopper vibrates (solar energy). WHAT?!? Record the grasshopper’s movement under various light and solar power conditions to show your pupils how it works.

Solar Car

Science Projects for Grade 6 Students Solar Car

Image Source/Tutorial: Science Buddies

Do you want to construct a solar-powered vehicle? Why not enter it in a contest and compete against other people’s creations? If that’s the case, this is the project for you. Start working on a solar-powered vehicle to submit in a scientific or engineering fair. Experience is not required. You can even enter the Junior Solar Sprint, a regional competition for solar-powered automobiles, if you desire.

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Wiggle Bot

Science Projects for Grade 6 Students Wiggle Bot

Image Source/Tutorial: Research Parent

Introduce this first ‘robot’ to your learner. The materials needed are simple to come by and effective in creating a tiny mini creature that can sketch (and keep your kids guessing about what will happen next?). Power, electrical energy, and its sources can be discussed through this project.

Project based on Archimedes’ Principle

Science Projects for Grade 6 Students Project based on Archimedes' Principle

Image Source/Tutorial: Science Buddies

In this hydrodynamic project, students will create spherical aluminium foil ‘boats’ to test Archimedes’ theory, just as professional engineers who build steel ships that float using this idea. Do your students get the concept? Eureka!

Project-based on force and motion

Science Projects for Grade 6 Students Project-based on force and motion

Image Source/Tutorial: Steve Spangler Science

Use this force and motion activity to start teaching. This force and motion activity should assist you with covering themes such as texture, gravity, inclination, and simple devices.

Biodome Project for kids

Science Projects for Grade 6 Students Biodome Project for kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Teach Engineering

This sixth-grade science assignment is jam-packed with information. To learn more about different settings and ecosystems, decomposition, the food web, and other topics, kids create a scale-model biodome.

I hope that you had a great time reading and trying to make these Science Projects for Grade 6 Students. And if you want more ideas then read more posts and let me know which Science Project you like the most.

Thank you and have a nice day!

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