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Creative Dandelions Painting Art Using Sketch Pens Tutorial

Creative Dandelions Painting Art Using Sketch Pens Tutorial

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Creative Dandelions Painting Art Using Sketch Pens Tutorial

Learn how to create beautiful art with sketch pens, following this step-by-step tutorial for painting creative dandelions. Perfect for artists of all levels!

Colors excite kids and even adults! So this dandelion artwork is full of vibrant colors that will surely catch your eye! This artwork is made from sketch pen painting which may be a new topic for some! This tutorial will be an easy guide for making these pretty flowers in a new way! Your kids will definitely be the concept and will be keen to use the new technique to paint! Let your kiddos explore the world of art with lots of new experiences and innovations! Grab your art supplies and let’s get started on this arty journey with us!

Creative Dandelions Painting Artwork For Kids

Creative Dandelions Painting Art Using Sketch Pens Tutorial

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Materials Required

  • White Circular Paper Sheet
  • Rounded Paintbrush
  • Water
  • Colorful Sketch Pens
  • Black Pen


Step 1: Making An Orange Flower Pattern

Making An Orange Flower Pattern-Using Sketch Pens Tutorial

To begin this artwork, grab a white circular paper sheet and an orange and yellow sketch pen. Now, make a circle from the orange sketch pen and another small circle in it from the yellow sketch pen. Take a rounded paintbrush, dip it into the water, and paint over the spiral to let the sketch pen spread and make a flower pattern.

Step 2: Making More Flowers And A Leaf Pattern

Making More Flowers And A Leaf Pattern-Creative Dandelions Painting

Follow the same previous step and make 2 more flowers making circles of pink and blue sketch pens. Now, for the leaves, take a green sketch pen and make a leaf pattern as shown.

Step 3: Making More Leaf Patterns

Making More Leaf Patterns-Dandelions Painting

Draw more leaves below the flowers using a green sketch pen and using paint over them with water and a paintbrush to spread the color.

Step 4: Making Dandelion Petals

Making Dandelion Petals-Dandelions Painting Art

Now, take a black pen and draw circular curved dandelion petals inside the flower pattern.

Step 5: Detailing The Petals

Detailing The Petals-Using Sketch Pens

Draw slanting lines on each side of the end of curved petals to detail the petals.

Step 6: Making A Dotted Center Of The Flower

Making A Dotted Center Of The Flower-Sketch Pens Tutorial

Using the black pen, make random dots in the middle of the flower in a circle to form the center of the flower.

Step 7: Making Stem And Leaves

Making Stem And Leaves-Painting Art

Draw an irregular stem of the flower and also form leaves by enclosing the leaf pattern inside the black pen curved leaf drawing and also form slanting lines in the leaf to form its veins.

Step 8: Making Sketch Pen Dots

Making Sketch Pen Dots-Creative

Follow the sa previous steps to complete all the flower patterns into flowers. Now, using a blue sketch pen and a green sketch pen make random dots below the flowers at the end.

Step 9: Painting The Dots With Water

Painting The Dots With Water-Painting Art

Dip the paintbrush into the water and paint over the dots to spread the color.

Step 10: Making More Colorful Dots

Making More Colorful Dots-Using Sketch Pen

Make more dots of pink, green, and yellow sketch pen and spread the color with the water paintbrush.

Step 11: Making Dandelion Petals Flying Around

Making Dandelion Petals Flying Around-Creative art

Draw some dandelion petals over the white sheet to make them look like they are flying around using the black pen.

Congratulations! The Final Look Of Your Dandelion Flower Painting

Congratulations! The Final Look Of Your Dandelion Flower Painting-Tutorial

For the last step, make dots with the black pen over the white sheet.

Congratulations! Your Dandelion Artwork is ready in no time! Now you can take a minute to gaze at this beautiful piece of art! The colorful dandelions and the uneven texture look absolutely stunning! The details with the black pen are highlighted over the vibrant colors which make this craft even more attractive! Show off your creation to your friends and family!

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