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Fresh Oranges Over Tree Painting Step by Step Tutorial

Fresh Oranges Over Tree Painting Step by Step Tutorial


Fresh Oranges Over Tree Painting Step by Step Tutorial

Learn how to paint a beautiful scene of fresh oranges hanging from a tree with this step-by-step tutorial. This tutorial will teach you the basics of painting and give you the skills to create your own masterpiece.

Let’s make a summertime juicy art! Oranges! Fresh and right over the trees for you! This artwork will be an easy and creative journey for you as this artwork is made by paint stamping, which will make it even easier to make the whole painting! This painting is also beginner-friendly and if you are new to art, this is the best fit for you! You will love your creation and the results will motivate you even more to get involved in painting and artwork! Kids will love the process through this tutorial! So, grab your paint supplies and roll on!

Simple Oranges Over Tree Painting

Fresh Oranges Over Tree Painting Step by Step Tutorial

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Materials Required

  • White Circular Paper Sheet
  • Colored Paints
  • Thin And Thick Rounded Paintbrushes


Step 1: Stamping Oranges

Stamping Oranges-ver Tree Painting

To begin this artwork, you have to take a white circular paper sheet and a circle stamp. Paint the stamp with orange paint and a little yellow paint in the middle. Now, stamp on the paper to make oranges.

Step 2: Making More Oranges

Making More Oranges-Over Tree Painting Step by Step Tutorial

Using the same, randomly make more oranges over the paper.

Step 3: Making Tree Branches

Making Tree Branches-Step by Step Tutorial

Using a thin rounded brush, make 2 main uneven branches around and attached to the oranges from brown paint.

Step 4: Making More Branches

Making More Branches-Fresh Oranges Over Tree

Connect each and every orange with a branch.

Step 5: Making Pedicels On Oranges

Making Pedicels On Oranges-Over Tree Painting

Using the same paint and brush, make a small dot-like point on the oranges opposite the branch to form pedicels over them.

Step 6: Making Leaves

Making Leaves-Over Tree Painting

Using a thick rounded paintbrush, make leaves attached to the branches from dark green paint.

Now, Your Oranges Over Tree Are Ready!

Now, Your Oranges Over Tree Are Ready!-Step by Step

Voila! Look at the juicy outcome! The oranges look real and ready to be eaten!

Through this painting journey, you can teach your kids the benefits of eating oranges! If your kiddos show tantrums in eating healthy fruits and veggies this can be the perfect way to resolve your problem! Through this tutorial, you were able to make juicy oranges that even look realistic!

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