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Mushroom Drawing Step by Step Tutorial For Kids

Mushroom Drawing Step by Step Tutorial For Kids


Mushroom Drawing Step by Step Tutorial For Kids

This step-by-step tutorial will teach children how to draw a mushroom in a few simple steps. With easy-to-follow instructions and illustrations, kids will be sure to enjoy this creative activity.

Kids love drawing and coloring but these budding artists don’t know from where and how to start! Here, we have a solution to their problem. This step-by-step mushroom drawing will teach kids how to draw. Young artists can draw this beautiful and easy drawing at home, classroom, or on the go! This will promote creativity in your kids and help them develop their artistic abilities. So, without wasting much time, let’s start with the drawing!

Easy to Make Mushroom Drawing Craft Idea For Kids

Mushroom Drawing Step by Step Tutorial For Kids

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Materials Required

  • White sheet
  • Black marker
  • Colors (any)
  • Blue sketch pen


Step-1: Drawing Mushrooms

Drawing Mushrooms Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Mushroom Sketch for Children

Let’s start this creative drawing by taking a white sheet and a black marker. Draw 3 mushrooms over land as shown in the image over the sheet using the marker.

Step 2: Detailing The Mushrooms

Detailing The Mushrooms How to Create a Mushroom Picture Step-by-Step for Little Ones

Add details of the mushrooms i.e. random polka dots over their crown and the facial features like eyes and smile.

Step 3: Drawing Leaves And Flowers

Drawing Leaves And Flowers A Step-by-Step Guide on Drawing a Mushroom for Kids

Draw leaves and flowers around the mushrooms. Also, draw some grass over the land.

Coloring The Drawing

Coloring The Drawing A Tutorial on Drawing a Mushroom for Youngsters Step-by-Step

Color the drawing with any colors as per your preference. Also, draw some clouds in the sky using a blue sketch pen. That’s it! You have created a beautiful drawing!

This drawing idea is perfect for young artists which help them to utilize their idle time and help them develop their creativity. Keep your kids entertained and engaged during the summer vacations with this drawing idea. Get your kid’s little hands messy while drawing and coloring these mushrooms!

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